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    I only know how to eat ’em not how to make ’em, lol.

    just kidding, I knew that donuts are fried, I just misspoke.


    it looked like a donut before I clicked the “send post” button. Then it seems to have gotten flattened out while in transit to YWN’s servers. 🙁

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    rabbosei, nisht alz vos min tracht darf min shreiben oif der internet. Rav Avigdor Miller ZTL hut dus gezugt in a beis medrash nisht oif der internet. Iz zeier nisht gut far unz az yedden nochri zol meinin az yidden don’t care oib a nochri shtarbt.

    moderators: if this stuff was (wisely) removed from the kid swallowing batteries thread why is it being allowed here?

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    oh well, some of the spaces got truncated and the donut flopped. You’ll all have to bake your own.

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    here’s a donut for the chanuka party. If you’re still hungry and want another, please copy and paste. and yea, I know I need to get a life, lol.




       /    —-    

      |    /        |

      |        /    |

           —-    /




    Edited donut to make it work 🙂 – YW Moderator 42

    in reply to: Our Society And a Developing Crisis #629841

    Its overly simplistic to say that we as a community need a 50/50 split between workers and learners in order to remain solvent.

    many investors and workers at Lehman, Bear Stearns etc lost their jobs and savings.

    many wealthy individuals and tzedakas who invested in the stock market in general lost millions. With Madoff many lost Billions.

    When will we learn that parnassa is min hashamayim?

    When we learn that we will never know if the Yissachars are helping the Zevuluns (by causing them to have siyata dishmaya and make more money) more than the Zevuluns are helping the Yissachars (by writing a check to a kollel or supporting their kollel kids)?

    Yes, we must do our hishtadlus. Yes, in Europe there never was a kollel system as there is bli ayin horah today. But tremendous people like Rav Ahron Kotler ZTL created this revolution because they saw that this is what Klal Yisroel needed. When our Gedolim say that we have too many Yissachars and not enough Zevuluns then the system will need to be changed. Until then, the more kollel yungerleit there are, the better off we all are. Does that mean noone should go work? Of course not. Each person should get advice from his rebbe/rosh yeshiva on what is right for him.

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    hey Editor,

    if I have multiple personalities and I’m really all the moderators shouldn’t I be getting multiple salaries?


    thanks for pointing that out! 🙂

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    charlie, you??? no way! unless you’re confusing yourself and you usually post under a different name… perhaps a more chashuva name that starts with an “M”?!?!


    starts with M and ends with which number?

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    what makes you so sure there is only one of us, errr – them?

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    you really need to get a life, lol. (just kidding)

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    it was neither an admittance nor a deniance …..


    is that 12.5 people? Who is the half?

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    what you’ve written in this thread makes a lot of sense. I agree with you and thats why I never let any of my kids have cellphones.

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    I don’t make the cut???

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    thanks for the compliment. As for the answer to your question, umm, gotta go.

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    was that supposed to be on some other thread or am I missing something here?

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    you mean there’s something that’s faster than dial up????


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    referring to you by number would end the intelligent/intellegent debate. What would people argue about then? 🙂

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    Unless you have a kid off the derech YOU SHOULD ALL KEEP QUIET.


    I second that.

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    I’m waiting with baited breath for your final decision! lol.

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    I think everyone should call you intell*gent. This way they don’t have to take sides on this important issue.

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    wow, intellegent, what do you do for fun besides algebra? lol

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    anon for this,

    I think intellegent was sarcastically saying that she’s too intelligent to care whether she’s addressed as intelligent or as intellegent.

    am I correct, intellegent?

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    Not all of us are too young to remember. Just make sure the elevator doesn’t close on your nose, Max.

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    it depends on thne situation. I agree with you that no kiruv person would outright tell someone to drive on shabbos, and I agree also that if asked they would tell the person that its better to stay home. However if the person doesn’t ask specifically about this then I’d agree with SJSin NYC that if the person would find it hard to break from the conservative congretation he’s belonged to for years then it may be better to take it slow and not tell them right away to stop driving there. Maybe first get them comfortable keeping shabbos on friday night, then maybe dropping the saturday afternoon trip to the mall or the movies, and only then dropping the drive to the conservative temple on shabbos morning.

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    Y.W. Editor

    Key Master

    One thing Joseph is not, is a moderator for YWN.

    Just wanted to set the record straight here


    ahhh, he’s not a mod, but is he the editor himself?

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    Anyone has the right to argue on Rav Moshe on halacha, but it is rather silly to do so if one hasn’t learned the entire shas, tur and shulchan oruch hundreds of times as he did. If your rabbi did, then kol hakavod! You mentioned that having a different opinion than Rav Moshe on halacha is like having a different opinion than anyone about any other topic. You are correct. A pulpit rabbi who doesn’t know shas and poskim inside out and then goes and argues on rav moshe is like a layman who once read a couple of science books walking into NASA and giving his opinion about how they should build the next space shuttle. He is free to express his opinions on the matter but nobody will take him seriously.


    and thanks to you for getting all this started! I’d say you’re the one who’s a good man.

    in reply to: Budgeting #626855


    tzippi is unfortunately right. Budgeting alone does not always make the expenses become less than the income. Sometimes you need to figure out a way to increase the income in addition to decreasing the espenses. Its not that easy though. Maybe your wife can get a job, maybe you can find a higher paying job, start a side business or get a part time job for the evenings or sundays etc.

    I’m not trying to downplay budgeting though. No matter how much money a person makes it will never be enough if they don’t budget.

    I’ll BL”N take beitza for round 2.

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    yw mod-72

    chalav akum with that coffee or cholov yisroel? What’s your hashkafic affiliation?

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    lol. Still fighting chaos, huh?

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    wow! you moderators are fast! That message appeared on this thread less than a minute after I hit submit!

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    I live next door to my neighbor’s house.

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    happy b’day and also I hope you find a job soon if you didn’t yet.

    in reply to: What is Your Hashkafic Affiliation? #626894

    Will Hill,

    some ideas for future threads you may want to start…

    …What is your occupation?

    …What is your annual income?

    …Which bank do you use and what is you account number nad current balance?

    …What is your social security number?

    anyone else have ideas?

    in reply to: Screen Names #1175429


    teenager has written in another thread that she’s stopped doing drugs, alcohol, talking to guys and started keeping shabbos and kosher again. Do you consider completely turning your life around to be a sign of immaturity? How many bad habits have you dropped over the past few months?

    It would seem that your condescending attitude shows who’s really the immature one around here.

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    look a bit later in siman 37, I think se’if yud, that the shulchan oruch paskens that its a mitzvah for the father not to do so. There is a machlokes between the the bais shmuel and the chelkas mechokek whether the shulchan oruch paskens normally that its assur or if its only a mitzvah not to but not assur, but there is certainly at least a mitzvah not to.

    the fact that if someone did so it works and she becomes an eishes ish, and yes that kidushei biah works too to make her an eishes ish – doesn’t mean that its encouraged or that chazal thought it was a good idea. In general the gemara says that nobody should be mekadesh with biah even with an older girl.

    in reply to: Rambam on Marriage #626264

    take it easy everyone. The Gemara (Kiddushin 41a) says outright that it is assur for a father to marry off his daughter before bas mitzvah.

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    if you’d have a name then maybe he wouldn’t have forgotten you. 🙂

    in reply to: How old are you? #870247

    I was born during the Nixon Administration. Did everyone here learn about him in elementary school too? 🙂

    in reply to: A mitzvah for an aveira? or at someone else’s expense? #626766


    you’re paying to get from place A to place B not for the seat, even if there are no seats and you end up standing you still have to pay, so it wouldn’t seem to be a case of chisaron kis. Secondly, besides for hidur if its a sakana for the old or expectant person to stand the whole way and possibly fall then there would seem to be a chiyuv (lo sa’amod al dam rey’echa?), not just middas chasidus.

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    31 in hex?

    in reply to: How old are you? #870235

    according to wikipedia I was 4 when I was born in the 1950s and I’m now 8.5

    in reply to: Screen Names #1175419


    is your real name lucy?

    in reply to: A mitzvah for an aveira? or at someone else’s expense? #626745

    there are reputable rabbonim who allow shaking hands in a business situation. Someone told me that he asked Rav Shimon Schwab ZT”L and he said its ok. I’m not suggesting anyone rely on a third hand quote to be matir but on the other hand don’t assume its assur and risk insulting your boss and losing your job because someone online said (in all caps) that its assur. Ask your LOR.


    only 5 times per hour?

    in reply to: Are there limits to respect for parents? #632915

    The Wolf,

    I agree with you 100%.


    the problem is that its a catch-22. For most people who have parents like that, if one doesn’t back away somewhat then they won’t have the strength to fight any nisayon, let alone one as difficult as this one. i’m sure there are exceptions though, people to whom Hashem has given an unusually large dose of emotional strength.


    I don’t know these people of course, but from my experience its probably not that they think its normal, its probably more like they were brainwashed to feel like they don’t deserve any better treatment. But if they know that you are there for them you never know if at some time they will finally feel like they have had enough and you can give them suport to help them recover.


    I know exactly what you mean, I have the same situation. You have to set limits, but what works for me is to call as often as I can get myself to even though its extremely difficult and just tell yourself that you are doing this l’shem mitzvah and that you won’t take all the putting down seriously or let it affect your self esteem. Tell yourself that its caused by their shortcomings not yours and be proud of yourself for calling. Also if you remove any expectation from your heart that it will ever be different then it won’t be dissapointing every time you call or visit that nothing has changed. Also in my case when I’m told how much I fall short, if I just say sorry (even though I’m not), instead of defending myself, that ends the ranting much quicker.

    in reply to: Are there limits to respect for parents? #632904

    jO jO,

    thanks for posting this article, I grew up with such a parent. Dr. Adahan’s decription of the symptoms as well as the effects they have on the person’s kids are so amazingly accurate, much more accurate than I could have ever described it despite having lived though it myself. Is there anyone else here in the coffee room who went thru this?


    don’t feel bad about not being more persistent. Part of the problem is that the Borderline thinks he/she is perfect so I don’t see any way to get such a person to agree to go to therapy. But perhaps you can somehow get the spouse and kids to get therapy so they can deal with it without it destroying them emotionally. And give them lots of chizuk and support.

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    feif un,

    I hope you don’t mind if I play Joseph for second. (Joseph I hope you don’t mind either)….

    how dare you compare the heilige syms which has separate sections for men and women (‘s clothing) to treif mixed hangouts such as concerts and pizza shops???

    … /joseph_imitation

    in reply to: The Bowling Alley #625536


    I would assume that justask was addressing his comments to lgbg, the original poster on this thread. There was discussion fairly recently here in the coffee room about her chasuna – I think someone here offered to make her a sheva brachos – which would mean she isn’t a middle aged woman in the bowling alley with her family. Perhaps justask didn’t know that, but maybe he/she should have just asked.

    in reply to: The Bowling Alley #625533

    just ask,

    do you seriously think it would be a good idea for a frum girl to walk up to a group of bochurim in a bar and start shmoozing with them to try to figure out why they’re there???

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