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    Meno: Vaccines no longer contain thimerosal. That makes most of your 157 studies irrelevant.

    Wrong! Thimerosal was NOT removed. It was shuffled around. When it was EXPOSED that the amount of
    mercury in vaccines exceeded EPA safety guidelines, Vaccine Makers said they would remove thimerosal.
    But they did NOT. Instead FDA allowed Vaccines labeled “Thimerosal Free” to contain up to 1 mcg of thimerosal – even though it is against the law to say something is “free” from a substance to contain even “trace amounts”.
    Then CDC INCREASED the number of vaccines so these “trace amounts” ADD UP. Then CDC recommended that PREGNANT women (!) and babies get FLU Vaccines which contain 25 mcg of Thimerosal. Plus the amount of Aluminum babies were getting increased as well. This is how CDC tried to cover up that Thimerosal caused Autism – with TRICKERY that made sure the number of babies who developed Autism Increased after they
    PRETENDED to remove Thimerosal. CDC and Vaccine Makers are Modern Day Nazis committing Atrocities!!!


    Health says antivaxxers are rodfim because they spread disease to others. But recently Vaccinated of LIVE
    viruses shed the disease for weeks and there HAVE been cases of people catching disease from VACCINATED
    people! Therefore, it may be the VACCINATED who are the Rodfim! And people who are vaccinated can catch the disease from the vaccine – documented cases!

    Online Article: Public Health Officials Know: Recently Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease: Excerpts below:

    1. Johns Hopkins Patient Guide warns the immunocompromised to โ€œAvoid contact with children who are recently vaccinated,โ€ and to โ€œTell friends and family who are sick, or have recently had a live vaccine (such as chicken pox, measles, rubella, intranasal influenza, polio or smallpox) not to visit
    2. Adults have contracted polio from recently vaccinated infants. A father from Staten Island ended up in a wheel chair after contracting polio while changing his daughterโ€™s diaper. He received a 22.5 million dollar award in 2009.

    Online Article: The Emerging Risks of Live Virus & Virus Vectored Vaccines: Vaccine Strain Virus Infection, Shedding & Transmission: Excerpts below

    1, the Department of Defense in 2002 renewed a mandatory smallpox vaccination program for active duty
    military service members. As a result, vaccinia virus infection, shedding and transmission became an issue
    in the U.S. and has been documented among close contacts of recently vaccinated military personnel

    2. In 2010, the CDC reported cases of vaccinia virus infection in women whose partners serving in the military had received smallpox vaccine:

    3. In 2007, a soldier transmitted vaccinia virus to his two year old child and the child nearly
    died from eczema vaccinatum!

    4. In 2010, a case report was published in Pediatrics describing a 30 month old healthy boy who had never received rotavirus vaccine and was infected with vaccine strain rotavirus. He ended up in the emergency room with severe gastroenteritis 10 days after his healthy two month old brother was given a dose of Merckโ€™s RotaTeq vaccine.

    5. There are also a few reports of measles vaccine strain virus shedding and lab confirmed infection
    in children following MMR vaccination.

    6. 2002, there was a published report by researchers in France of a child presenting with fever 8 days after vaccination with a measles mumps rubella vaccine. Measles virus was isolated in a throat swab taken 4 days after fever onset. This virus was then further genetically characterized as a vaccine type virus.โ€

    Another online article: Studies Show that Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease Excerpts:

    1. Study: Detection of Measles Virus RNA in Urine Specimens from Vaccine Recipients

    2. Study: Comparison of the Safety, Vaccine Virus Shedding and Immunogenicity of Influenza Virus Vaccine, Trivalent, Types A and B, Live Cold-Adapted, Administered to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)-Infected and Non-HIV Infected Adults

    3. Study: Sibling Transmission of Vaccine-Derived Rotavirus (RotaTeq) Associated with Rotavirus Gastroenteritis

    4. News: Case of Vaccine-Associated Measles 5 Weeks Post Immunisation. The child who was vaccinated caught measles from the vaccine!

    5. Study: Comparison of Shedding Characteristics of Seasonal Influenza Virus

    6. Study: Epigenetics of Hostโ€“Pathogen Interactions: The Road Ahead and the Road Behind

    7. Study: Animal Models for Influenza Virus Pathogenesis and Transmission

    8. Study: Acellular pertussis vaccines protect against disease but fail to prevent infection and transmission in a nonhuman primate mode

    Studies Show that Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease


    2Scents: Dooms, I admire your persistence, despite being proven incorrect you still keep on repeating the same statements as if they are facts.

    Talking to yourself? Aren’t you the one who repeated the Lie: “There are NO studies linking Vaccines with Autism except for the fraudulent study by Wakefield.”

    And when I PROVE that there ARE over 150 studies showing a link between Vaccines and Autism, you and
    your fellow Liars/ProVaxxers just double down on the Lie. Absolutely shameless!


    Yserbius: [regarding 157 research papers showing link between vaccines and autism]
    Itโ€™s not that the studies arenโ€™t valid, itโ€™s just that 95% of them donโ€™t actually have anything to do with vaccines and/or autism.

    Another LIE! Here are the first 10 of the 157 papers in order (i did not pick them out). They DO show a link between Autism and Vaccines but ProVaxxers claim they have NOTHING to do with Vaccines or Autism:

    1. Increased risk of Developmental neurologic IMPAIRMENT after high exposure to THIMEROSAL containing VACCINE in first month of life.
    2. Pilot comparative study on health of VACCINATED and unvaccinated 6-12 year old US children
    3. Hepatitus B VACCINATION of Male Neonates and AUTISM Diagnosis
    4. Associations of prenatal and early childhood MERCURY exposure with AUTISTIC Behaviors at 5 years
    5. The Association between MERCURY Exposure and AUTISM spectrum disorders
    6. The putative role of environmental MERCURY in the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of AUTISM
    7. Blood MERCURY, arsenic, cadmium and lead in children with AUTISM spectrum disorder.
    8. Protective role of alpha-lipoic acid in IMPAIRMENTS in social and stereotypical behaviors induced by early
    post-natal administration of THIMEROSAL in male rats.
    9. Gender selective toxicity of THIMEROSAL.
    10. MERCURY toxicokinetics – – dependency on strain and gender.


    SomeCommonSense: Welcome to the religion of โ€œMedical Freedomersโ€;

    If anything is a religion it is the ProVaxxers who just ignore that AFTER the CDC tripled the Vaccine Schedule – AFTER the Pharmaceutical got IMMUNITY from lawsuits from death/injury from Vaccines – the Autism rate
    went from 1:10,000 to 1:50 and this is the SICKEST GENERATION in the History of USA! Rates of Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Allergies, Asthma, Ear Infections, Epilepsy, Diabetes and Cancer are all skyrocketing!

    The CDC REFUSES to do a Retrospective Study on Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated that was demanded by Congressmen. Because such a study would PROVE that Vaccines cause Permanent Injury and are not worth the risk. There have been several such studies (CDC LIES that there aren’t any) that show that Children who are UNvaccinated are much healthier then Vaccinated Children.


    2scents: These children are victims of their parentsโ€™ nonsensical belief that is based on garbage science.

    The Unvaccinated Children who got Measles are 100% recovered – even the ones who got pneumonia.
    Unlike the Vaccinated Children who Do NOT recover from vaccined but are the SICKEST Generation in the History of the United States – They are the Victims of MANDATED Vaccines. If Vaccines were not Mandated many Parents would not vaccinate.
    If Vaccines are SO WONDERFUL how come we need the GOVERNMENT to FORCE it on everyone???!!!

    The Children who are FORCIBLY Vaccinated suffer from:
    1:6 children are learning disabled
    1:6 children are allergic
    1:13 children have asthma
    1:15 children have ADHD
    1:5 teens had episode of mental illness
    1:8 children have IBS
    1:59 children have autism
    1:100 children have epilepsy
    1:250 children have tourettes syndrome
    1:400 children have diabetes
    1:775 babies die of SIDS
    1:1,000 children have Celiac Disease
    1:5,560 children have CANCER

    168 Deaths following vaccines reported to VAERS every year (really THOUSANDS 0nly 1-13% reported)
    ZERO deaths from Measles (in USA).


    Hey ProVaxxers who attack Dr. Scheibner for not being a Medical Doctor (but she is a research scientist in geology). Do you use Light Bulbs? Do you know Light Bulbs were invented by someone was NOT AN ENGINEER! Didn’t even go to College! Didn’t even go to High School! Didn’t even go to Elementary School!

    America’s Greatest Inventor, THOMAS EDISON, was SELF EDUCATED. Taught at home by his mother after a School Teacher told his mother that Edison was “addled” i.e. Mentally ill. Mostly Self Taught. The Socialist Leftist won’t accept anything from someone who was not TRAINED in their Indoctrination Factories (Colleges) where if you don’t toe the Socialist Line (or at least pretend to) you cannot get a Degree. That is how they ensure that all “EXPERTS” spout whatever propaganda they were trained to spout. And those who disagree are trained to keep QUIET and not speak out!


    baishillel: One thing that impresses me is that it appears that doomsday has done her homework concerning this issue, while the pro vaxxers are just content with vilifying her by mocking and calling her various names.

    THANK YOU for your support. Attacking the person and not the argument is what one does when one
    cannot refute the argument. The ProVaxxers are just like the Democrat Socialists – instead of debating
    ISSUES with Republican Candidates they just call names “Racist” “Nazi” “Homophobe”.

    This was especially true when I brought up Dr. Scheibner who invented a device to record babies breathing in the crib (also known as a cot) called Cotwatch. Dr. Scheiber discovered that AFTER receiving DPT vaccine some babies developed Apnea (stopped breathing) and Shallow breathing! This was proof that DPT vaccine causes SIDS. Dr. Scheibner wrote a study. And there were Other studies written up in the most prestigious medical journals that supported Dr. Scheibner’s findings. Many parents won compensation for SIDS using Dr. Scheibner and her research. And to win compensation you have to PROVE that Vaccine caused SIDS by Preponderance of Evidence.

    Well the Provaxxers went crazy attacking Dr. Scheibner because she was not a Medical Doctor or a Medical Researcher but a GEOLOGIST! As if that matters! The ProVaxxers could not refute what Dr. Scheibner
    PROVED so they resorted to attacking Dr. Scheibner.

    It’s almost like they were trained by Government who seeks to destroy doctors or scientists who produces evidence against vaccines – and the ProVaxxers pretend not to understand that many AntiVax Doctors and Scientists are AFRAID (and rightly so!) to come out PUBLICLY against Vaccines. Although 13% of doctors said they will not vaccinate THEIR children according to CDC Schedule – that’s about 143,000 doctors – but only 150 Doctors criticize vaccines openly. And some of them have lost their license or were targets of criminal investigations.


    Syog: The fact that you seem to interchange autism and vegetative state shows your ignorance.

    LA Mom posted that two of her friends children fell into a vegetative state after vaccination.
    I Did Not Interchange Autism and Vegetative State as you Lie!


    Yserbius: used faulty logic to be motzei shem ra that Iโ€™m a liar. Do you know why myself and @2cents are saying there arenโ€™t any studies backing up your assertions? Because there arenโ€™t!

    Folks, it is Very Sad that Yserbius is incapable of understanding that just because He or the CDC does not AGREE with the 157 Studies Linking Vaccines to Autism, it is still a LIE to say There AREN’T any studies linking
    Vaccines to Autism. Of course, there are.


    LA Mother: A lady I know had a kid become vegetative after a vaccine. She then had 2 normal kids she didnt vaccine. Then in another kid she was convinced by doc to vaccine again. Once again became vegetative for life after..just sayinโ€

    Syog L’chochma: I have a very hard time believing that this story happened in the way you present it.

    Actually it totally makes sense. Even CDC Studies acknowledge that Siblings of Autistic Children have a much greater risk of developing Autism. A gene called MTHFR which if damaged causes the children to have difficulty expelling toxins from the body. (Vaccines contain toxins). The women’s children probably all have
    this MTHFR Mutation. The first Child was vaccinated and became a vegetable R”L. The next two children probably also had the MTHFR Mutation but because the Mother did NOT VACCINATE – those children remained healthy. Then a doctor persuaded Mother to vaccinate her Fourth Child – and once again, another of her children became a vegetable after Vaccination, R”L.
    But Doctors are G-ds and we must blindly obey them, right Syog?


    LA Mother: I dare anyone still pro vax and vax is only way to go, to just listen to Some rational arguments against them. Take an hour or two of your life. Look at the videos and back up proofs of anti vax experts.

    Bravo LA Mother. That is all I am trying to do – is prove that anti-vaxxers are not irrational crazies like the
    CDC lies about us. We are Parents who are very concerned about our children’s SAFETY and who cannot
    just ignore the EPIDEMIC of chronic illnesses in children that is raging around us, cannot just ignore the
    reports of thousands of parents that their children were 100% Normal and Unhealthy until they had a
    Vaccine Reaction and became Autistic or Dropped Dead!
    We are not sheep who just blindly obey The Government but people who take the TIME to Research
    the Safety of Vaccines. And we are vehemently opposed to the Government’s POWER GRAB to take
    away Parental Rights – which will lead to Bris Milah being abolished as well!


    2cents: From 1992 to 2001, the postneonatal SIDS rate dropped by an average annual rate of 8.6%. However, other causes of sudden unexpected infant death (SUID) increased.

    You just answered your own question on what caused the number of SIDS to drop – they started
    attributing Babies dying in their sleep to OTHER causes such as “UNKNOWN Cause”

    2cents, can you tell me the Difference between “SIDS” and “Unknown Cause”?
    They also started blaming babies dying in their sleep on “accidental suffocation / strangulation”

    When you add up SIDS + Unknown Causes (what’s difference?) + accidental suffocation / strangulation
    you will the number of HEALTHY Babies dying in their sleep BARELY CHANGED!
    Yet the CDC is using the “Proof” that SIDS dramatically declined (NO, IT DID NOT) as Proof that
    Vaccines do not cause SIDS – it’s sleeping on the stomach that causes SIDS. (No, it’s the Vaccines)
    But in truth the Number of Babies DYING in their Sleep Did NOT GO DOWN.

    If you google “SIDS or Vaccine Induced Death” you can see the charts that the Number of Babies
    Dying in their Sleep was basically the Same – even after the “Back to Sleep” Campaign!


    Ubiquitin: Ok for argumentโ€™s sake lets say you have the right to endanger your children. Why do you have the right to endanger others?

    The thread debate has been whether vaccines are dangerous. Let’s now focus on your point –
    Are the UNVACCINATED a Danger to others?

    1. Per Vaccine Inserts, Newly VACCINATED children can shed (spread) the Disease for SIX WEEKS following Vaccination.
    2. The John Hopkins Patient Guide warns the Immuno-Compromised to avoid Newly VACCINATED
    Children. Please note: the Guide does NOT warn the Immuno-Compromised to avoid UNVACCINATED
    Ubiquitin, Should Yeshivas/BY ban Newly VACCINATED Children for SIX WEEKS following Vaccination?
    And if not, please explain your reasoning WHY NOT?


    Yserbius: Do you contend that there are 157 studies showing a link between vaccines and autism?
    โ€œVaccines and autism: A thorough review of the evidenceโ€ from the blog โ€œThe Logic of Scienceโ€
    โ€œAbout Those Research Papers Supporting the Vaccine/Autism Linkโ€ from the blog โ€œVaxopediaโ€

    YES – there ARE 157 studies showing a link between vaccines and autism. Whether or not CDC agrees
    with those studies they DO exist and it is a LIE to say “There are NO studies showing a link between
    Vaccines and Autism except for Dr. Wakefield’s Study”
    as 2Scents and CDC keep Lying.
    NO, I have not had the time to to study those links. I am one person responding to 5 ProVaxxers.
    I will look at your links when I get a chance.


    Yserbisus: Now your big raya is some geologist who claimed to have done a study on SIDS. Why stick with one study when you have your big 157 studies to back you up?

    The 157 studies found a link between vaccines and AUTISM.
    Dr. Scheibner discovered PROOF that vaccines cause SIDS. The 157 studies are not about SIDS.
    Get it???


    Some Common Sense: I feel I can answer on Yom Kippur for my decision to vaccinate my children

    All we Medical Freedomers want is the same RIGHT as you to make a Medical Decision for OUR children.
    SCS, do you support the right of PARENTS to make medical decisions for OUR children? Or do you support the Government ABOLISHING Parental Rights?

    SCS, even if TODAY you are ProVaccine, in the FUTURE you may change your mind. Don’t you want the
    FREEDOM to do that? There are 271 MORE Vaccines that are about to be unleashed. Do you want to be
    FORCED to inject 271 MORE vaccines into your children – or do you want the FREEDOM to make that decision?
    The Autism rate went from 1:10,000 to 1:166 to 1:88 to 1:50 – today. Maybe when the autism rate for vaccinated children go to 1:5 you will want to change your mind about vaccinating your children.
    But if you don’t oppose MANDATORY vaccines, you will lose that FREEDOM FOREVER!


    Health: โ€œI would encourage you to read the last page of this opinion โ€œIn this case, I have concluded that petitioners have presented sufficient evidence and testimony to entitle them to compensation in the hen it comes Vaccine Program. I have not concluded that vaccines present a substantial risk of SIDS. In fact, the evidence is to the contrary. โ€œ

    In Vaccine Court, the Parents are not suing the Vaccine Maker but the US Government is the Plaintiff, AND the US Government is also the Judge! How is that for UNBIASED? (Not!) So of course, the US Judge who wrote the opinion is saying even though the Parents of Dead Babies brought sufficient evidence to Prove that Vaccines caused their babies of deaths (preponderance of evidence), the US government still will not admit that Vaccines causes SIDS because “the evidence is to the contrary”.

    How can a Judge say the Parents brought sufficient proof that it is most likely their babies SIDS were caused by vaccines and in the same breath deny that vaccines present a substantial risk of SIDS??? Does anyone notice that the Judge is contradicting himself???

    The “evidence” the Judge is referring to that Vaccines don’t cause Healthy babies to die in their sleep (SIDS) are the FAKE studies that the CDC hires. And I have pointed out an example – the Danish Study – of the Fraud committed by the researcher to get a false conclusion.


    Folks, the ProVaxxers can’t dispute the PROOF that Dr. Scheibner produced: Computer Recordings of babies developing Apnea (stopped breathing!) and shallow breathing AFTER getting DPT Vaccine. The ProVaxxers can’t dispute that studies published in the Most Prestigious Medical Journals all support Dr. Scheibner’s findings.

    So the Provaxxers resort to mocking Dr. Scheibner, which doesn’t prove anything, but they are desperate
    to cover up that Vaccines are very dangerous. HOW EVIL!!!


    Millhouse 0.25 per 1,000 of babies who got Pediarix died; the normal rate of SIDS in the US over that period was 1.2 per 1,000. 1.2 over the course of the few months in which SIDS is common is very compatible with 0.25 over the course of 30 days out of those few months.

    Correct. 0.25 per 1,000 died of Pediarix ALONE. But US Babies get MULTIPLE vaccines at 2 months, 4 months,
    and 6 months so their SIDS rate was even higher then babies who only got Pediarix in the vaccine trials.
    And 90% of SIDS death “just happen” to occur during the 6 months when newborn babies are given multiple vaccines three times. What a Coincidence (Not!). Just like it is a “Coincidence” that Children get Autism right after their vaccinations (Not!).

    Millhouse: 1:4000 is indeed not 1:1M. Nobody ever said it was. Nobody ever suggested that measles is as deadly as all the various unknown risks that together make up the SIDS death rate.

    ProVaxxers claim that vaccines only cause 1 in a Million deaths. But the vaccine trials of ONE vaccine showed a death rate 1:4,000. That’s a lot more then 1:1 Million. And Babies don’t get one vaccine at a time but 7-8 vaccines at a time so the death rate from vaccine is even higher then 1:4,000!

    Millhouse: all the various unknown risks that together make up the SIDS death rate.

    CDC and Vaccine Industry know what is causing SIDS. It’s the Vaccines!
    Why was the term SIDS invented? all it means is “Cause Unknown”
    Prior to 1960s when Infant Vaccines became widespread, “crib death” as it was known was so RARE that it wasn’t even listed in infant mortality statistics!But when babies started dying after getting vaccines they couldn’t tell parents “we don’t know why your healthy baby died but it definitely wasn’t the Vaccine” Instead they told the parents that the baby died of “SIDS” – which made it sound like the baby had a defect.
    As an Anti-Vax doctor said, they should have named it “โ€˜Baby Mysteriously Die of Anything but a Vaccine Injury Syndromeโ€™ (BMDAVIS).โ€


    2scents: As the study I posted earlier details the decline we see in sIDS yet more children receive vaccines than before, which demonstrates that SIDS have nothing to do with vaccines.

    How CDC covered up that Vaccines Cause SIDS
    90% of SIDS occurs in first 6 months – when babies are vaccinated at 2 months, 4 months and 6 months.*
    To cover up that vaccines cause SIDS, in 1992 a “back to sleep” campaign was started. It was then announced that after the “back to sleep campaign” the number of SIDS deaths fell sharply. This is used by ProVaxxers as proof that vaccines did not cause SIDS.

    But this was CDC Trickery. THE NUMBER OF BABIES DYING IN THEIR SLEEP REMAINED THE SAME. But instead of labeling all these Deaths SIDS, 1/3 were labeled “unknown cause” and 1/3 were labeled
    Accidental Suffucation/Strangulation. But the number of babies dying in their sleep did NOT go down!
    This is how CDC covers up that Vaccines cause SIDS!!!

    *It is a “coincidence” that SIDS occurs at the same time as vaccinations. Just like it’s a “coincidence” that autism occurs after vaccination<sarcasm>


    Dr. Scheibner and her husband invented a baby breathing monitor “cotwatch” that RECORDS the babies breathing in the crib. It is known that SIDS is caused by the baby ceasing to breathe in its sleep.The computer recording show that AFTER the DTP shot, babies began experiencing apnea and shallow breathing; which was RECORDED by Cotwatch. This is PROOF that DTP causes SIDS!
    The Journal of the American Medical Association, the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine have all published reports that support her findings.

    Vaccinator & Millhouse, you think you are more qualified to verify Dr. Scheibner’s findings then the most respected Medical Journals in the country???

    in reply to: The Anti-Vaxxers are Causing a Chillul Hashem #1637548

    Millhouse: Congress requested from the CDC a Vaxxed vs Unvaxxed Study, but the CDC refuses.

    This is a specific, provable claim, so you have a chance to verify your credibility. When did Congress make this request? In other words, on what date did the joint resolution pass either house, and what is its number? Was there any response from the CDC, and if so when, and what was it? Put up or shut up.

    “Congressman Bill Posey from Florida was just as bad as Burton, demanding a study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children [from CDC]” Forbes Magazine 2012

    CDC has refused to comply with doing a vaxxed vs unvaxxed study (because it will prove that CDC and
    Vaccine Industry knowingly harmed millions of children). So Congressman Posey is taking the further step of introducing a bill requiring the study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children. It is H.R. 1757, and Representative Carolyn Maloney is a co-sponsor.

    So Millhouse, are you going to admit I have credibility or continue to Lie?

    in reply to: The Anti-Vaxxers are Causing a Chillul Hashem #1637527

    Right. We have a Religious obligation to Protect our health and the health of our children.
    And that is OUR decision and not your.
    Vaccine Industry has ANOTHER 271 vaccines about to be released.
    So, y’all gonna line up for 271 MORE vaccines?

    in reply to: The Anti-Vaxxers are Causing a Chillul Hashem #1637510

    Right. Vaccination is a RELIGION and you are NOT ALLOWED to question Vaccines, you Heretics!


    USA has one of the highest infant mortality of developed nations. US babies get twice as many
    vaccines as Sweden and Japan – and has nearly THREE Times the Infant Mortality Rate of Japan and Finland.
    Even Cuba has better Infant Mortality!

    So More Vaccines correlates with Sky High Infant Mortality!


    Millhouse: . She would have no clue how to conduct a scientific study on a medical question.

    Are you claiming you know more then these Prestigious Medical Journals, Millhouse?
    The Journal of the American Medical Association, the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine have all published reports that support her findings.


    2scents – find me where I quoted from an MMR insert – I NEVER did.

    I quoted from the Merck MANUAL which explains the causes of encephalitis as:

    โ€œA virus directly infects the brain.
    A virus that caused an infection in the past becomes reactivated and directly damages the brain.
    A virus or vaccine triggers a reaction that makes the immune system attack brain tissue (an autoimmune reaction).โ€


    Viera Scheibner is a PHd professional researcher. And she has evidence generated from a computerized monitor showing CHANGE in breathing patterns right AFTER the DTP vaccine. The Journal of the American Medical Association, the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine have all published reports that support her findings.


    Basically youโ€™re a deliberate liar, actively trying to persuade people to kill their children by ignoring all the evidence and blindly trusting known Corrupt Corporations and their Bribed Government Puppets.
    Shame on you, Millhouse


    In a scientific study of SIDS, authored by Scheibner, episodes of apnea (cessation of breathing) and hypopnea (abnormally shallow breathing) were measured before and after DPT vaccinations. โ€œCotwatchโ€ was used, and the computer printouts it generated were analyzed. The data clearly showed that vaccination caused an extraordinary increase in episodes where breathing either nearly ceased or stopped completely. These episodes continued for months following vaccinations.

    This shows that right AFTER DPT Shots there was a change in babies breathing patterns – that weren’t
    there BEFORE the vaccines! This is from a computer printout of a baby breathing monitor!


    I quoted from the Pediarix Insert, Not the MMR insert, 2scents!


    Proof 95% of SIDS caused by Vaccines – MUST READ!

    Dr. Scheibner…invented a computerized breathing monitor for babies which they called โ€œCotwatchโ€, short for โ€˜watching the cotโ€™. In Australia, SIDS is also called Cot Death, because they call their cribs cots.

    …Many parents opted for monitoring their newborn babiesโ€™ breathing at home, and Scheibner and her husband collected feedback from all parents who used the monitor in this research.

    In a scientific study of SIDS, authored by Scheibner, episodes of apnea (cessation of breathing) and hypopnea (abnormally shallow breathing) were measured before and after DPT vaccinations. โ€œCotwatchโ€ was used, and the computer printouts it generated were analyzed. The data clearly showed that vaccination caused an extraordinary increase in episodes where breathing either nearly ceased or stopped completely. These episodes continued for months following vaccinations.

    SIDS occurs among babies who have suffered a physical insult to their vulnerable bodies. Scheibner and Karlsson learned that the most common physical insult suffered by SIDS babies was routine vaccinations. Printouts from their monitor illuminated patterns that indicated critical days after vaccinations.

    Scheibner, concluded that โ€œvaccination is the single most prevalent and most preventable cause of infant deaths.โ€ They โ€œsoon established that the vaccines are killing babies, and Crib Deaths (SIDS) are 95% vaccine deaths

    โ€œOur breathing monitor scientifically established the causal link between vaccines and sudden infant death,โ€ said Dr. Scheibner.

    Once they had proven to themselves the causal link between vaccines and SIDS and had appropriately analyzed and documented their findings, Scheibner and Karlsson submitted their work to the medical community for peer review. Rather than attempt to duplicate their work or alter public health policy to protect infants, the majority of the medical communityโ€™s members chose to protect the interests of vaccine manufacturers.

    Vaccine advocates cannot debate Dr. Scheibner, nor can they defend their motives because the very scientific journals upon which they depend for support, The Journal of the American Medical Association, the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine have all published reports that support her findings.

    The bottom line to Dr. Scheibner’s scientifically flawless arguments is that those who are designing and implementing vaccine policy are doing so with the full knowledge that their policies are killing babies


    Vaccinator, I have skin in the game. I have relatives with little children whom I worry about.
    My nephew regressed into Autism following 7 vaccinations in one day. I will have grandchildren
    who may be subject to Mandatory Vaccination – NO EXEMPTIONS. This is a matter of grave concern to me.


    Pediarix Vaccine kills 1:4,000 Babies – Per Pediarix Vaccine Insert!
    Quote from Pediarix Insert:
    The rate of sids among all recipients of pediarix across the 14 trials was 0.25/1,000

    1:4,000 is NOT 1:Million as CDC LIES! And that is just from ONE vaccine – but babies get MULTIPLE vaccines
    at one time so the rate is likely higher. Pediarix Vaccine is more dangerous then MEASLES which only
    kills 1:10,000!

    in reply to: The Anti-Vaxxers are Causing a Chillul Hashem #1637207

    Reb Yid: If there were no clear answer, it would be up to the children, not the parents. Children are people, not property.
    Children are not competent to make decisions. That is why Hashem created Parents to make those decisions.

    in reply to: The Anti-Vaxxers are Causing a Chillul Hashem #1637168

    Ubiquiton: The question isnt what [Rabbi Kaminetsky] holds, the question is from a religious standpoint

    Another on these threads said she asked an elderly godol a SHAYLA on whether she should vaccinate her
    children and the answer was NO. She said this was asked two weeks (during the current outbreak).
    Parents have a Religious obligation to keep their children safe. There are risks in both vaccinating and
    not vaccinating and debate over which is the bigger risk. I believe since both positions have risks, the
    PARENTS and not the government make that decision.

    in reply to: The Anti-Vaxxers are Causing a Chillul Hashem #1637155

    Ubiquiton, I really RESPECT YOU for saying you were wrong. Nobody is perfect, INCLUDING ME.
    It really destroys the credibility of OTHER ProVaxxers when they refuse to admit they are wrong and keep repeating their false assertions.

    I do believe Government has an obligation to protect children from IMMINENT danger from parents.
    I am conflicted about parents making decisions to allow their child to Die – but I am leaning more to
    Parents can make that decision for a child who is in a permanent vegetative state. Of course Jews must
    ask a Shayla. This comes up more often regarding one’s parents.


    000646: New vaccines ARE tested in Placebo tests

    In vaccine safety tests the “Placebo” IS a Vaccine. So they are just testing one vaccine against another
    and saying the results are equal – which means that vaccines are EQUALLY HARMFUL – not that Vaccines are safe. In Medicine the Placebo is not another Medicine but a sugar pill. So vaccines do NOT undergo the
    same safety tests as Medicine does!

    From website: Vaccine Safety – Information of testing is from Vaccine INSERTS:
    Hepatitis B vaccine
    ENGERIX-B (Recombinant Vaccine) โ€“ GlaxoSmithKline โ€“ Product Insert

    โ€œTen double-blind studies involving 2,252 subjects showed no significant difference in the frequency or severity of adverse experiences between ENGERIX-B and plasma-derived vaccines.โ€
    They simply found that there were no significant differences in adverse reactions between different vaccines, and therefore is considered โ€œsafe.โ€ Also, subjects were only monitored for 4 days.

    Infanrix (DTaP) โ€“ GlaxoSmithKline – Product Insert

    Clinical Studies compared INFANRIX with Whole-Cell DTP Vaccine (See Tables 1, 2, 6, 7). Studies showed that local adverse reactions increased with successive doses of INFANRIX (See Tables 3 & 4).
    In one study of 29,000 kids there were 14 DEATHS, 9 of which were SIDS. They compare rates of SIDS in two studies with the rate of SIDS in the U.S., attempting to show that by chance alone the kids in the study could have died of SIDS. However, kids in the U.S. are highly vaccinated, so this comparison tells us nothing. It is simply like every other vaccine safety study, comparing vaccinated kids with vaccinated kids.

    Streptococcus pneumoniae (Pneumococcus) vaccine
    Prevnar โ€“ Pneumococcal 7-valent Conjugate Vaccine โ€“ Wyeth โ€“ Product Insert

    In one study (Kaiser Efficacy study) there were 11 DEATHS (4 SIDS) that occurred among subjects receiving Prevnar. In comparison, in the control group there were 21 DEATHS (8 SIDS).
    However, the control group received an investigational meningococcal group C conjugate vaccine, so all this tells us that the latter vaccine was twice as deadly as Prevnar.
    It was noted that the number of SIDS deaths in kids from California during the same time period (1995-1997) was similar as seen in the efficacy study, which again tells us nothing as those children would have been vaccinated with the routine childhood vaccines. (See page 21)


    2scents: SIDS was the leading cause of death

    1. Is SIDS a disease?
    2. What causes SIDS?

    in reply to: The Anti-Vaxxers are Causing a Chillul Hashem #1636898

    Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky IS anti-vaccination. Just google “Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky Vaccines” and you
    will find several sites saying Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky called Vaccines “bad” and “A HOAX!”


    Millhouse LIES that there are NOT thousands of children who DIED within hours of taking vaccine!

    Millhouse, Are you calling VAERS and Dept of Health a Liars?! Per Vaers there are 168 deaths per year REPORTED.
    per DOH only 1-13% of all SERIOUS adverse events are reported, so there are THOUSANDS of deaths
    within hours of vaccines every year!


    Yserbius: Do you still contend that there are 157 studies showing a link between vaccines and autism or do you agree with my comment?

    Folks, Yserbius LIES that there Are NOT 157 research studies showing a link between vaccines and autism.
    Google it and you will find the website on the 157 research studies showing a link between vaccines and autism in one minute!

    in reply to: The Anti-Vaxxers are Causing a Chillul Hashem #1636792

    Ubiquiton: โ€œPer the Constitution, ONLY Parents have the right to make decisions for their childโ€
    Iโ€™m sorry, the constitution of what?
    (The US constitution doesnโ€™t discuss parental rights, are you referring to something else?)

    The Supreme Court recognizes Parental Rights as part of the 14th Amendment. And that a parent may
    not be deprived of his/her parental rights without Due Process (7th Amendment) and a Show of Unfitness.

    Below SCOTUS said even if a Parental Decision involves RISK the State may not interfere!!! See below!
    โ€œSimply because the decision of a parent is not agreeable to a child or because it involves RISKS does not automatically transfer the power to make that decision from the parents to some agency or officer of the stateโ€. US Supreme Court

    More SCOTUS rulings upholding “fundamental” Parental rights to CARE for their children. Care means
    to make DECISIONS for their children.
    A parent’s right to care and companionship of his or her children are so fundamental, as to be guaranteed protection under the First, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution. J.S. and C., 324 A 2d 90; supra 129 NJ Super, at 489.

    ” It is cardinal with us that the custody, care and nurture of the child reside first in the parents, whose primary function and freedom include preparation for obligations the state can neither supply nor hinder. . . It is in recognition of this that these decisions have respected the private realm of family life which the state cannot enter.” US Supreme Court

    This ruling says the State cannot take away custody of children because of “best interest of the child” and MUST show Unfitness!
    “We have recognized on numerous occasions that the relationship between parent and child is constitutionally protected. We have little doubt that the Due Process Clause would be offended “if a State were to attempt to force the breakup of a natural family, over the objections of the parents, without some showing of unfitness and for the sole reason that to do so was thought to be in the children’s best interest.” US Supreme Court

    This SCOTUS ruling says PARENTS have a Fundamental Right to make DECISIONS for THEIR Children
    “The liberty interest at issue in this case-the interest of parents in the care, custody, and control of their children-is perhaps the oldest of the fundamental liberty interests recognized by this Courtโ€ฆ In light of this extensive precedent, it cannot now be doubted that the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment protects the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT OF PARENTS TO MAKE DECISIONS concerning the care, custody, and control of their children.” US Supreme Court

    SCOTUS recognizes Constitutional Right of PERSONAL CHOICE regarding FAMILY Life!
    โ€œThis Court has long recognized that FREEDOM OF PERSONAL CHOICE in matters of marriage and FAMILY LIFE is one of the liberties protected by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendmentโ€. US Supreme Court

    โ€œThe history and culture of Western civilization reflect a strong tradition of parental concern for the nurture and upbringing of their children. This primary role of the parents in the upbringing of their children is now established beyond debate as an enduring American tradition. US Supreme Court

    โ€œOur decisions establish that the Constitution protects the sanctity of the familyโ€
    US Supreme Court

    The Constitution DOES protect Parental Rights! Including the right to make Decisions for the child – even if those decisions involve some RISKS! Are you going to admit you were Wrong, Uniquitin?


    Vaccinator: [Doomsday] knows that nothing she is saying has any data or science behind it.

    Folks, see how CDC and ProVaxxers LIE? They keep repeating the Lie that there is No Science behind
    the claim that Vaccines are dangers, when there are over 150 Scientific Research Papers showing link
    between autism and vaccines!
    Also there are 150 Medical doctors who are PUBLICLY state that Vaccines are Dangerous and Harmful.
    There are many more doctors, but they are afraid to say so publicly. 13% of doctors in a survey said they
    would NOT follow the CDC schedule for THEIR children. 13% = about 143,000 Doctors. Yet these same doctors will vaccinate YOUR children by the CDC schedule they consider unsafe or else they risk being sued!

    There are also research scientists who say that Vaccines are dangerous and harmful.

    Yet CDC and ProVaxxers LIE that there is NO SCIENCE, there are NO studies showing harm of Vaccines –
    except for Wakefield. How can you trust CDC when they say such blatant LIES?


    SomeCommonSense:All medicines have risk and are only allow to the general public after many years of testing, including human trials, with a maximum acceptable risk level.

    1. Exactly! Because all Medicine has risk the Government may not FORCE/MANDATE that you take that risk!
    Therefore, it is wrong for States to FORCE vaccines against the will of the person or parent!

    2. It is even MORE HEINOUS to force the risk on vaccines because the child is HEALTHY. People take the
    risks of Medicine because they are SICK.

    3. Vaccines are NOT safety tested the same way Medicine is. There are NO PLACEBO Tests comparing Vaxxed to Unvaxxed like MUST be done for all other new medicine by LAW!
    I know you will claim that it is Unethical to leave children unvaccinated but without a Placebo Test comparing Vaxxed to Unvaxxed you cannot unequivocably state that vaccines are SAFE!

    4. Some vaccines are Fast Tracked – meaning they get special permission NOT to do extensive safety testing!
    This is especially heinous because vaccines are given to HEALTHY people who aren’t in any imminent danger!

    Are you going to admit you are wrong, Some Common Sense?

    in reply to: The Anti-Vaxxers are Causing a Chillul Hashem #1636814

    Ubiquiton: Do you oppose laws requiring seatbelts for children? I hope not since it is against my religion , and of course Not wearing a seatbelt does not put a child in โ€œimminent dangerโ€.

    You cannot compare vaccines to wearing seatbelts:
    1. Is there a world wide movement claiming seatbelts are dangerous to children?
    2. Are there thousands of parents reporting that seatbelts caused harm to their child?
    3. Are there thousands of parents demanding to “opt out” of the seatbelt laws?
    4. Are these over 150 studies linking seatbelts to injury?
    5. Do seatbelts contain known dangers like mercury or aluminum? or live viruses?

    in reply to: The Anti-Vaxxers are Causing a Chillul Hashem #1636794

    The Little I Know: Rav Shmuel shlitโ€a was not anti-vaccines. He was not an advocate for them but was not against them. He also consulted with Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlitโ€a who concurred with him. And they addressed the issue of a school stopping unvaccinated kids from entering the school.

    Rav Shmuel shlitah said that Yeshivas/BY may not stop unvaccinated children from attending Yeshiva/BY.
    You don’t consider that an anti-vax position?


    Truth is Hidden is Correct. It is a FACT that vaccines have risks.
    The debate is over how great are the risks of vaccines – which the CDC falsely puts at very low.
    And how great are the risks of diseases like measles or chickenpox which the CDC wildly exagerates
    CDC lies that 1:1,000 die of Measles when elsewhere on a CDC website the information given indicates about a 1:10,000 die from measles – 10 times LESS then what CDC is fear-mongering.

    in reply to: The Anti-Vaxxers are Causing a Chillul Hashem #1636613

    Per the Constitution, ONLY Parents have the right to make decisions for their child
    unless that parent was found to be unfit after having a Trial and Jury.
    It is called “Due Process”.

    The Government is not allowed to force medical treatment on a child unless
    the child is in IMMINENT Danger of Death or Permanent Injury. That is our current Law.
    Not getting vaccinated does not put a child in “imminent danger”.
    There are Risks to vaccinating. There are Risks to NOT vaccinating.
    Therefore, it is the Parent’s decision.
    And the Parents have right to ask a Shayla of the Godol of THEIR choosing and follow his p’sak.

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