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    120 MILLION Murdered by their own Government – AFTER the Government FIRST DISARMED
    the People:

    Soviet Union, China, Nazi Germany, N Korea, Cambodia, Turkey

    Learn from history. NEVER let Government Disarm the People!

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    We are in much greater danger of being murdered by our own government – the Democrat Socialists, then in a mass shooting!

    In the last 100 years, 120 MILLION people were murdered by their own government, after
    the government first DISARMED the public:

    Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, China, N Korea, Cambodia, Turkey…

    It is madness to allow the Government to disarm the people! Learn from history!

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    Then you don’t know RECENT History.

    In the last 100 years, 120 MILLION people were murdered by THEIR GOVERNMENT,
    after the Government FIRST disarmed the people. It happened in:

    Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, North Korea, Cambodia, Cuba, Turkey….

    Anyone who supports Gun Control is Enabling Mass Murder by Government!

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    AlwaysAskingQuestions: Paraphrasing a WSJ comment: I am a nurse for 50 years. We are all exhausted by now. Know that if you arrive here we will still take care of you, whatever your views are. But please do what you can to reduce our stress so that we can continue taking care of patients. There is also a libertarian argument – you should be free to sign a paper that you will be last in line for medical services and responsible for all medical and burial costs.

    You are brainwashed to hate the Unvaxxed by the Democratic Party.

    You have never suggested that smokers should be responsible for medical costs, or
    that people who drive drunk or speed and get into car accidents should be responsible for all medical costs, or that obese should be responsible for medical costs.

    No, only UnVaccinated – even though the vaccine does NOT stop one from getting infected!

    You should lose your medical license – you are not fit to provide care.

    You are the reason people are losing all respect for the medical profession –

    learn to think CRITICALLY instead of just parroting Democratic Propaganda!

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    No Adult should ever be secluded with a child.

    There should be a big WINDOW on the door of offices.

    This includes no man being alone with a boy and no woman being alone with a girl.

    This will protect both women and children and protect adults from FALSE ACCUSATIONS!

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    The Laws of Yichud protect both women/children but also ADULTS from FALSE accusations.

    No adult should work secluded with a child – put big windows on the doors of offices!

    But need to do more than Yichud – women should not be alone with a girl

    and Men should not be alone with a boy.

    in reply to: What is the worst insult you can receive #2038808

    Being called a Racist.

    Will get you fired, destroy your life.

    in reply to: Yeridas Hadoros, prime ex: Kibbud Av v’Em #1818973

    All the parenting books/classes – even the frum ones – discourage parents from being strict,
    punishing disrespect – or punishing, blaming, shaming for anything!
    Parents are told if they are strict their children will go OTD. But children from permissive parents
    also go OTD. After all, they think Hashem does not punish, no matter what rules they break.

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    Doesn’t anybody know recent history? In 20th century these countries confiscated guns – and then slaughtered 100 million of their citizens: germany, soviet union, turkey, cuba, cambodia, north korea.

    Purpose of 2nd amendment is to protect us from tyrannical government.

    And with government trying to take-over yeshivas, attempted to “regulate” mbp bris milah, there is plenty to fear.
    Democrats are Socialists and Socialists are Tyrants.

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    Not that long ago, governments confiscated guns and then slaughtered 100 million of its citizens in
    soviet union, communist china, germany, turkey, cambodia, cuba, north korea, etc.
    Purpose of 2nd amendment is to protect us against Tyranny.
    In 1980s china brutally killed peaceful protestors in tianneman square. Looks like it might happen again
    in hong kong.
    That’s what happens when you let government confiscate guns.


    Re: “Most Authorities” argument. Any “Authority” who goes against the establishment risks his livelihood.

    Upton Sinclair — ‘It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.’ Upton Sinclair was a famous writer who exposed corporate and government corruption.


    2cents: “Once we are using the argument of authority, then open your eyes to the fact that almost every single authority is in support of vaccines. ”

    Because authorities who speak out are persecuted. Nothing new, this has been going on for thousands of years. Ever hear of Galileo? A Scientist who was threatened with Burned Alive if he didn’t “recant” that the earth revolves around the sun (it does). Galileo refused and was imprisoned for life. All the other scientists knew that Galileo was Right but were SILENT. So much for “majority authorities”.


    The average life expectancy of old days is misleading. It is skewed by the very high infant mortality rate and women dying in childbirth. Factor those out and the life expectancy is about the same.

    Also, there has been a HUGE increase in vaccine rates from 1970, especially starting 1990 – AFTER congress removed LIABILITY from Pharmaceutical Industry. In 1970 the rate of NON-VERBAL Autism was 1:10,000. Today the rate of NON-VERBAL Autism is 1:150. The huge increase in Autism and diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, allergies, asthma etc in Children started in 1990 – when the CDC QUADRUPLED (4x) the Vaccine Schedule after Congress took away LIABILITY from Vaccines!

    Today we have the SICKEST Children in History – and for First Time in History Life Expectancy in USA is going DOWN:
    1:5 teens had episode of mental illness
    1:6 children are learning disabled
    1:6 children are allergic (can be FATAL)
    1:8 children have IBS
    1:10 children have ADHD
    1:13 children have asthma (can be FATAL)
    1:50 children have AUTISM and keeps increasing
    1:100 children have Epilepsy /Seizure Disorder
    1:250 children have Tourettes Syndrome
    1:400 children have Diabetes
    1:775 babies die of SIDS
    1:1,000 children have Celiac Disease
    1:5,560 children have CANCER
    432 Deaths following vaccines reported to VAERS (2016)
    ZERO deaths from Measles, Mumps or Chickenpox (in USA).


    Honest Opinion – the Vax vs UnVax study that Ubiquitin cites is a FRAUDULENT study as PhD Scientists have pointed out: It is the Philippines Study.
    1. Only 85 Vaxxed kids which is Waaaaaaaaaaaay too small to show any autism which has a rate of 2%.
    2. Philippine Vax schedule is Waaaaaaaaay less then CDC schedule. Only 625 mcg of aluminum vs 4,295 mcg aluminum in CDC schedule.
    3. The study did not study HEALTH outcomes – only height/weight and test scores. So study did not look if vaxxed kids had more allergies, asthma, ear infections, seizures, diabetes etc. then Unvaxxed.
    4. The study was not randomized and implied that vaccines make kids smarter. The reality is that the vaxxed kids had parents with higher income, more education, better food and water – and THAT is why the vaxxed kids scored higher on tests.

    I pointed this FRAUD out numerous times, but the Vaccine Injury Deniers just ignore the FACTS and keep spewing Propaganda.


    HealthyOpinion – thank you for pointing out that there are no PLACEBO safety studies for vaccines like there are for other drugs.


    Vaccines have Serious Risks. That is a Fact. Congress and SCOTUS stated that “vaccines are unavoidably unsafe”. Vaccine inserts list adverse events following vaccination including seizures, paralysis (Guillam-barre), autism, encephalitis and death. Vaccine Court has paid $4 Billion in compensation.

    Therefore, the government should not FORCE risk on others for the “greater good”.

    As I quoted from a Harvard Immunologist – even 100% vaccination will NOT stop Measles outbreaks – as some people are “non-responders” and vaccine immunity wears off after several years. Measles outbreaks have occurred even where there is a 99% vaccination rate. So forcing the 2% who don’t vaccinate is a Bogus issue. It is not to “protect” because even 100% vaccination won’t stop Measles outbreaks. The point of forcing the 2% unvaccinated to Vax is to COVER UP the harm that vaccines are causing as there won’t be any healthy unvaccinated to compare.


    Some Common Sense – Again, everyone is entitled to follow THEIR Rov – even if a minority opinion.


    Why You Cannot Compare the Amount of Aluminum in Breastmilk to Vaccines.

    Claim #1:
    Aluminum in vaccines is “safe” because, in the first six months of your child’s life, they will receive 4mg of aluminum in vaccines, but 10mg of aluminum through breastmilk.

    Why this claim of safety is FALSE:

    Breastmilk is ingested. Anything and everything ingested is subject to the gastrointestinal tract before it is absorbed into the bloodstream and ends up in other vital organs and tissues. The GI tract is an excellent barrier (when healthy) and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) states that only 0.1-0.4% of aluminum ingested is actually absorbed.

    Therefore, up to 99.9% of aluminum is not absorbed when ingested (through breastmilk or food), and is eliminated/removed from the body before it ever reaches the bloodstream.

    Some math (using 10mg aluminum in breastmilk, and 0.4% for absorption rate):

    (10mg aluminum) x (0.004 absorption rate) = 0.04mg

    Conversion from mg to mcg = 40mcg total absorbed aluminum.

    In contrast of course, most vaccines are injected.

    The contents of an injected vaccine are not subject to the gastrointestinal tract. Aluminum, along with other ingredients, are injected intramuscularly in order to intentionally bypass the natural barriers of the body (skin, mucus membranes, etc. which exist to help to prevent absorption). Blood flows to and from our muscles, so the contents of a vaccine can enter the bloodstream rapidly. Therefore, absorption of aluminum via vaccine is 100%.

    Now we can make an accurate comparison between absorbed aluminum via breastmilk vs vaccines, in the first 6 months of life:

    Breastmilk: 40mcg (0.04mg) | Vaccines: 4000mcg (4mg)
    Vaccines have 10x more aluminum ABSORBED then Breastmilk

    Claim #2:
    Aluminum in vaccines is “safe” because it is quickly eliminated from the blood once injected.

    Why this claim of safety is FALSE:

    First, elimination from the blood does not equal elimination from the body. Depending on the individual, blood levels may drop as the aluminum becomes deposited in organs and tissues, or aluminum may get trapped at the injection site. Second, there is evidence from in vivo scientific research that once aluminum is injected via vaccine, it is not quickly eliminated from the blood. One study sought to measure the amount of aluminum eliminated from the body 28 days after injection. Urine and blood samples were taken daily. After 28 days, only 6% of the total aluminum injected had been eliminated. Blood levels demonstrated the persistence of aluminum as well.

    “The blood concentration of aluminum was fairly steady from days 2 to 28 indicating a relatively constant absorption rate…”

    According to what was found, up to 94% of the aluminum injected remains in the body (tissues, organs, and bloodstream), even 28 days post-vaccination. The study concluded at 28 days, so there’s no way to know how much longer it might persist in the blood, however studies have found that in rare cases, aluminum injected via vaccine can remain at the injection site for ten years.

    Final claim:
    Aluminum in vaccines is “safe” for healthy individuals.

    Why this claim is FALSE:

    NO SAFE LIMIT of injection for aluminum has ever been scientifically determined.

    The claim that the amount of aluminum in vaccines is safe, based on a flawed comparison to the amount of aluminum in breastmilk, is not science. It’s a trick.

    Part of this trick is allowing you to make the assumption that the amount of aluminum in breastmilk is safe and non-toxic. This is untrue. Any amount of biologically active aluminum that reaches the bloodstream can cause adverse effects. The degree and location of that effect will vary depending on the individual, however, it is known that chronic, low level exposure to aluminum accelerates brain aging and neurodegeneration.

    The risk of injury from aluminum-containing vaccines is significant for adults as well as infants and children. Previously healthy adults are developing autoimmune diseases as their immune systems begin to attack the persistent aluminum which remains deposited in muscle tissue and slowly translocates to other organs and the brain. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to know if you will be affected by a recent vaccination you received, as symptoms from vaccine-induced autoimmune disease may take months or years to manifest.

    For more information, please listen to this presentation by aluminum toxicology expert, Dr. Exley, and watch the documentary, Injecting Aluminum.

    You copy/pasted this directly from a website without crediting the website. Most future posts of this nature will be deleted -29

    Sorry, thought you weren’t allowed to mention websites. It was from

    in reply to: Is Harry Potter kosher #1766509

    There are some Xtians who don’t allow their children to read/watch Harry Potter because of Witch-Craft. They don’t allow the Wizard of Oz either. Some children get very obsessed by the Harry Potter series and start googling witch-craft and have an intense desire to become witches. There is some kind of religion (Wiccan?] that claim to be witches. So Xtian parents have a right to be concerned. I don’t hear of Jewish kids becoming that obsessed with Harry Potter or delving into witch-craft so that is perhaps not a concern fro Jewish parents.

    in reply to: New York State is Denying Access to Education to Anti-Vaxer Students #1766506

    Injecting a poison is Faaaaar more harmful then ingesting (eating) a poison. Hashem created protections against people eating poison – you vomit, get diarhea – where the body rapidly expels the poison. The body has no such protection against INJECTED poison which rapidly enters the bloodstream and can harm all the organs of the body, especially the DEVELOPING brain of babies.

    in reply to: New York State is Denying Access to Education to Anti-Vaxer Students #1766537

    Re: Halacha
    I don’t have young children so I didn’t ask a Shayla. On the other thread, a parent said they asked THEIR Rov and were told Not to vaccinate.

    Everyone has a right to ask their OWN Rov.

    in reply to: Is Harry Potter kosher #1766299

    Some Religious Christians don’t let their children read/watch Harry Potter because it promotes Witch-Craft which is forbidden by Christianity and L’havdil Judaism. While the main characters demonstrate virtues such as loyal friendship and there is a Struggle between “good” and “evil”, does anyone have a problem with the “good guys” being WITCHES and practicing Witch-Craft?


    2scents, you were the one exposed as a serial liar. I invite anyone wanting to know who was “exposed” to read the Vaccine Studies Thread.


    Letter from a PhD Immunologist on why unvaccinated pose no risk and how even 100% measles vaccination would not stop measles outbreaks due to the number of non-responders and mmr antibodies waning after several years:

    An Open Letter to Legislators Currently Considering Vaccine Legislation from Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD

    Dear Legislator:

    My name is Tetyana Obukhanych. I hold a PhD in Immunology. I am writing this letter in the hope that it will correct several common misperceptions about vaccines in order to help you formulate a fair and balanced understanding that is supported by accepted vaccine theory and new scientific findings.

    Do unvaccinated children pose a higher threat to the public than the vaccinated?

    It is often stated that those who choose not to vaccinate their children for reasons of conscience endanger the rest of the public, and this is the rationale behind most of the legislation to end vaccine exemptions currently being considered by federal and state legislators country-wide.

    You should be aware that the nature of protection afforded by many modern vaccines – and that includes most of the vaccines recommended by the CDC for children – is not consistent with such a statement.

    I have outlined below the recommended vaccines that cannot prevent transmission of disease either because they are not designed to prevent the transmission of infection (rather, they are intended to prevent disease symptoms), or because they are for non-communicable diseases.

    People who have not received the vaccines mentioned below pose no higher threat to the general public than those who have, implying that discrimination against non-immunized children in a public school setting may not be warranted.

    1. IPV (inactivated poliovirus vaccine) cannot prevent transmission of poliovirus. (see appendix for the scientific study, Item #1). Wild poliovirus has been non-existent in the USA for at least two decades. Even if wild poliovirus were to be re-imported by travel, vaccinating for polio with IPV cannot affect the safety of public spaces. Please note that wild poliovirus eradication is attributed to the use of a different vaccine, OPV or oral poliovirus vaccine. Despite being capable of preventing wild poliovirus transmission, use of OPV was phased out long ago in the USA and replaced with IPV due to safety concerns.

    2. Tetanus is not a contagious disease, but rather acquired from deep-puncture wounds contaminated with C. tetani spores. Vaccinating for tetanus (via the DTaP combination vaccine) cannot alter the safety of public spaces; it is intended to render personal protection only.

    3. While intended to prevent the disease-causing effects of the diphtheria toxin, the diphtheria toxoid vaccine (also contained in the DTaP vaccine) is not designed to prevent colonization and transmission of C. diphtheriae. Vaccinating for diphtheria cannot alter the safety of public spaces; it is likewise intended for personal protection only.

    4. The acellular pertussis (aP) vaccine (the final element of the DTaP combined vaccine), now in use in the USA, replaced the whole cell pertussis vaccine in the late 1990s, which was followed by an unprecedented resurgence of whooping cough. An experiment with deliberate pertussis infection in primates revealed that the aP vaccine is not capable of preventing colonization and transmission of B. pertussis. The FDA has issued a warning regarding this crucial finding. [1]

    Furthermore, the 2013 meeting of the Board of Scientific Counselors at the CDC revealed additional alarming data that pertussis variants (PRN-negative strains) currently circulating in the USA acquired a selective advantage to infect those who are up-to-date for their DTaP boosters, meaning that people who are up-to-date are more likely to be infected, and thus contagious, than people who are not vaccinated.

    5. Among numerous types of H. influenzae, the Hib vaccine covers only type b. Despite its sole intention to reduce symptomatic and asymptomatic (disease-less) Hib carriage, the introduction of the Hib vaccine has inadvertently shifted strain dominance towards other types of H. influenzae (types a through f). These types have been causing invasive disease of high severity and increasing incidence in adults in the era of Hib vaccination of children (see appendix for the scientific study, Item #4). The general population is more vulnerable to the invasive disease now than it was prior to the start of the Hib vaccination campaign. Discriminating against children who are not vaccinated for Hib does not make any scientific sense in the era of non-type b H. influenzae disease.

    6. Hepatitis B is a blood-borne virus. It does not spread in a community setting, especially among children who are unlikely to engage in high-risk behaviors, such as needle sharing or sex. Vaccinating children for hepatitis B cannot significantly alter the safety of public spaces. Further, school admission is not prohibited for children who are chronic hepatitis B carriers. To prohibit school admission for those who are simply unvaccinated – and do not even carry hepatitis B – would constitute unreasonable and illogical discrimination.

    In summary, a person who is not vaccinated with IPV, DTaP, HepB, and Hib vaccines due to reasons of conscience poses no extra danger to the public than a person who is. No discrimination is warranted.

    How often do serious vaccine adverse events happen?

    It is often stated that vaccination rarely leads to serious adverse events.

    Unfortunately, this statement is not supported by science.

    A recent study done in Ontario, Canada, established that vaccination actually leads to an emergency room visit for 1 in 168 children following their 12-month vaccination appointment and for 1 in 730 children following their 18-month vaccination appointment (see appendix for a scientific study, Item #5).

    When the risk of an adverse event requiring an ER visit after well-baby vaccinations is demonstrably so high, vaccination must remain a choice for parents, who may understandably be unwilling to assume this immediate risk in order to protect their children from diseases that are generally considered mild or that their children may never be exposed to.

    Can discrimination against families who oppose vaccines for reasons of conscience prevent future disease outbreaks of communicable viral diseases, such as measles?

    Measles research scientists have for a long time been aware of the “measles paradox.” I quote from the article by Poland & Jacobson (1994) “Failure to Reach the Goal of Measles Elimination: Apparent Paradox of Measles Infections in Immunized Persons.” Arch Intern Med 154:1815-1820:

    “The apparent paradox is that as measles immunization rates rise to high levels in a population, measles becomes a disease of immunized persons.” [2]

    Further research determined that behind the “measles paradox” is a fraction of the population called LOW VACCINE RESPONDERS. Low-responders are those who respond poorly to the first dose of the measles vaccine. These individuals then mount a weak immune response to subsequent RE-vaccination and quickly return to the pool of “susceptibles’’ within 2-5 years, despite being fully vaccinated. [3]

    Re-vaccination cannot correct low-responsiveness: it appears to be an immuno-genetic trait. [4] The proportion of low-responders among children was estimated to be 4.7% in the USA. [5]

    Studies of measles outbreaks in Quebec, Canada, and China attest that outbreaks of measles still happen, even when vaccination compliance is in the highest bracket (95-97% or even 99%, see appendix for scientific studies, Items #6&7). This is because even in high vaccine responders, vaccine-induced antibodies wane over time. Vaccine immunity does not equal life-long immunity acquired after natural exposure.

    It has been documented that vaccinated persons who develop breakthrough measles are contagious. In fact, two major measles outbreaks in 2011 (in Quebec, Canada, and in New York, NY) were re-imported by previously vaccinated individuals. [6] [7]

    Taken together, these data make it apparent that elimination of vaccine exemptions, currently only utilized by a small percentage of families anyway, will neither solve the problem of disease resurgence nor prevent re-importation and outbreaks of previously eliminated diseases.

    Is discrimination against conscientious vaccine objectors the only practical solution?

    The majority of measles cases in recent US outbreaks (including the recent Disneyland outbreak) are adults and very young babies, whereas in the pre-vaccination era, measles occurred mainly between the ages 1 and 15.

    Natural exposure to measles was followed by lifelong immunity from re-infection, whereas vaccine immunity wanes over time, leaving adults unprotected by their childhood shots. Measles is more dangerous for infants and for adults than for school-aged children.

    Despite high chances of exposure in the pre-vaccination era, measles practically never happened in babies much younger than one year of age due to the robust maternal immunity transfer mechanism.

    The vulnerability of very young babies to measles today is the direct outcome of the prolonged mass vaccination campaign of the past, during which their mothers, themselves vaccinated in their childhood, were not able to experience measles naturally at a safe school age and establish the lifelong immunity that would also be transferred to their babies and protect them from measles for the first year of life.

    Luckily, a therapeutic backup exists to mimic now-eroded maternal immunity. Infants as well as other vulnerable or immunocompromised individuals, are eligible to receive immunoglobulin, a potentially life-saving measure that supplies antibodies directed against the virus to prevent or ameliorate disease upon exposure (see appendix, Item #8).

    In summary:

    1) due to the properties of modern vaccines, non-vaccinated individuals pose no greater risk of transmission of polio, diphtheria, pertussis, and numerous non-type b H. influenzae strains than vaccinated individuals do, non-vaccinated individuals pose virtually no danger of transmission of hepatitis B in a school setting, and tetanus is not transmissible at all;

    2) there is a significantly elevated risk of emergency room visits after childhood vaccination appointments attesting that vaccination is not risk-free;

    3) outbreaks of measles cannot be entirely prevented even if we had nearly perfect vaccination compliance; and

    4) an effective method of preventing measles and other viral diseases in vaccine-ineligible infants and the immunocompromised, immunoglobulin, is available for those who may be exposed to these diseases.

    Taken together, these four facts make it clear that discrimination in a public school setting against children who are not vaccinated for reasons of conscience is completely unwarranted as the vaccine status of conscientious objectors poses no undue risk to the public.

    Sincerely Yours,

    ~ Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD


    Abba, the Government won’t provide any help to children denied access to schools because the whole purpose of denying schooling is to FORCE parents to vaccinate against their will. It is not about “protecting” anyone from unvaccinated – that’s Bogus. It’s about eliminating the 2% who are still Unvaccinated so there can never be a Vaxxed vs UnVaxxed Study.

    Now that precedent is set, the government will force ALL Adults to take dozens of vaccines, too! Government is already FORCING doctors and nurses to Vax, soon it will be Everyone.


    Ubiquiton is comparing Not Vaccinating to jumping out of an Airplane without a parachute.

    Ever heard of a more RIDICULOUS analogy? We know 100% of people who fall from that high die. There are enough ACCIDENTAL FALLS to tell us that. There are over ONE MILLION UNVACCINATED in USA – and they are ALIVE AND WELL. Ubiquiton, your analogies are sooooo stupid!


    Ubiquiton, you are correct that a RETROSPECTIVE study is not randomized but looking at a Million 100% unvaxxed compared to the rest of the population that has an Autism rate of 1:50 and learning disability rate of 1:6 would easily prove that Vaccines cause autism and learning disabilities.

    I have no problem with doing a PROSPECTIVE study (randomized) but you Vaccine Injury Deniers claim it is “not ethical” so the only alternative is a RETROSPECTIVE study – which you reject because “not randomized”.

    Bottom Line: Vaccine Injury Deniers refuse to ANY KIND of Vax vs UnVax Study and have all kinds of excuses! Because they know Vax vs UnVax Study would prove that vaccines do more harm than good! So the Government must wipe out the 2% Unvaccinated to ensure there never can be a Vax vs UnVax Study – destroy the CONTROL GROUP (Unvaxxed) and Cover Up all the harm done by Vaccines. Very clever.


    The Little I Know: “I have read your analysis of the research, and can engage in interpreting things differently, perhaps even disputing the findings. But I won’t engage in that. It’s bitul Torah.”

    Syog Lchochma: “Since you don’t listen to or process anything other than your own words, I was saving myself and everyone else time and energy by not bothering to write things that you would ignore anyway.”

    Folks, see how when Vaccine Injury Deniers AKA Pro-Vaxxers cannot refute your argument, they claim that they CAN refute but choose not to cuz “bitul Torah” or “you would ignore anyway”. That’s what
    Vaccine Injury Deniers do when they LOSE an argument!

    SL gives this Fake excuse for not responding to my challenge: “Since you don’t listen to or process anything other than your own words”


    Ubiquiton: “you claim a you want a vaxxed study vs unvaxxed. One is done and the new complaint is “but the vaxxed werent vaxxed enough”

    On the old thread I stated that vaxxed meant 100% vaxxed PER CDC SCHEDULE. The CDC schedule has EIGHT TIMES the aluminum of the Philippines Schedule in the study. 625 mcg aluminum vs 4,925 mcg aluminum. So it proves ZERO about the safety of the CDC Schedule.

    Also, we are talking about AUTISM which has a rate of 2%. It is IMPOSSIBLE to see if even the Philippine Schedule causes Autism with only 85 Vaxxed. You would need HUNDREDS of VAXXED in order to see even a few cases of Autism – even with the CDC schedule which has EIGHT TIMES as much aluminum as the Philippines Schedule. Nice try, but no cigar.


    Ubiquitin cites a Vax vs Unvax study: The effect of vaccination on children’s physical and cognitive development in the Philippines. A scientist, VaccinePapers, DEBUNKED this study and I explained it to you in the old thread. To repeat:

    a. This study is invalid because the “vaxxed” PHILIPPINE children in this study only got ONE dose of aluminum containing vaccine by age two vs SIXTEEN doses of aluminum for AMERICAN children! That’s
    625 mcg of aluminum (Philippine) vs. 4,925 mcg of aluminum (American). So this study proves ZERO about the SAFETY of the AMERICAN CDC Vaccine schedule!

    b. There were only 85 “vaxxed” children (who got way less vax then CDC schedule). The autism rate is 2% – you would need HUNDREDS of vaxxed children to get even a FEW autism cases, so this study is invalid because it is much too small.

    c. This study was NOT randomized. The Vaxxed children has Richer, Better Educated Parents so probably INHERITED higher IQ which is why Vaxxed children scored better on tests then unvaxxed children who had poorer, less educated parents (lower iq parents). Also vaxxed children had more food and clean water then the unvaxxed children, which also effects test scores.

    d. The study did not look at HEALTH Outcomes – only height/weight and test scores. So the study did not look at the rate of asthma, allergies, diabetes, epilepsy etc. in the vax vs unvax.


    HonestOpinion, also, there is no “ethical” problem with doing a RETROSPECTIVE study on the health of those who are unvaccinated (by parental choice) vs vaccinated.

    Those who are paying attention know why the CDC refuses to do a Vax vs UnVax Study know it has nothing to do with “ethics” and everything to do with the BILLIONS $$$ Pharmaceutical Industry make by Government FORCING everybody to “buy” their NO LIABILITY Product!


    Ubiquitin: “those studies have been done too”

    Ubiquitin is claiming CDC did studies of MMR vs 100% Unvaccinated.

    Please tell me where we can find those studies???


    Ubiquitin: <i>”This question has been answered over and over”</i>

    Folks, the question is: Why does CDC refuse to do a VAX VS UNVAX Study? And the question has not been answered. Please Note, Ubiquitin does not answer it now – just lies that it was answered. Nope.


    “2. The Study does not prove that MMR does not cause Autism. If cancer rate is the same for 32 pack a day smokers vs 34 pack a day smokers, that does NOT prove smoking does not cause cancer! ”

    Ubiquitin: no…

    Ubiquitin, you just admitted that the Vaccinated + MMR vs Vaccinated (no MMR) does NOT prove that
    “MMR does not cause cancer”. THANK YOU for admitting the study is FRAUD.


    Ubiquitin: “AND just in case it would, those studies have been done too”

    Folks, Ubiquitin is claiming that there have been studies of MMR vs 100% Unvaccinated.

    Ubiquitin, where can I find these studies you claim exist?


    Ubiquitin: “This question has been answered over and over and over.”

    Folks, the question is “Why won’t CDC do a Vax vs UnVax Study”. The question has been ASKED over and over, but it has never been answered. NOTE: Ubiquitin still doesn’t answer this question!


    Honest Opinion, Thanks for the great information!


    Folks, Syog LChochma said I was “wrong” but refused to say what I was wrong about!

    Syog LChochma refused to answer this Yes/No question: Do you believe a study of 32 pack a day smokers vs 34 pack a day smokers having the same cancer rate proves that smoking does not cause cancer?

    SL gives this Fake excuse for not responding to my challenge: “Since you don’t listen to or process anything other than your own words”

    This is a LIE! I respond to and QUOTE the claims of the Vaccine Injury Deniers (AKA Pro-Vaxxers) and then I refute their claims. When SL can’t refute what I wrote, SL claims it’s “a waste of time to respond”. That’s what people who LOST the argument say!


    Little I Know there are hundreds of papers/studies by PhD scientists stating that vaccines are harmful. Just because the Fake News covers this up, doesn’t mean these hundreds of scientific papers don’t exist.


    Little I Know, your name is correct.

    LIK, does a study of 32 pack a day smokers vs 34 pack a day smokers with the cancer rate being the same prove that smoking does not cause cancer? Please answer.


    Syag Lchochma: “doomsdday – WRONG”

    Not very intelligent “chochma”. What exactly am I wrong about? Do you believe a study of
    32 pack a day smokers vs 34 pack a day smokers having the same cancer rate proves that smoking
    does not cause cancer? Because that is what that study stated. (substitute vaccines for cigarette packs and autism for cancer).


    Honest Opinion, I am an anti-vaxxer. Read my posts again.


    Syag Lchochma: “The reason the study was done on 32 vs 34 is because the complaint is that the MMR is linked to autism (if you don’t believe me just check the 1000 other posts). This study proved that autism was NOT found to increase in the MMR population so now you are trying to rewrite history and pretend you meant ALL vaccines.”

    1. Wrong! Anti-Vaxxers have asked CDC for 100% Vaxxed vs 100% Unvaxxed. CDC refuses. Why?

    2. The Study does not prove that MMR does not cause Autism. If cancer rate is the same for 32 pack a day smokers vs 34 pack a day smokers, that does NOT prove smoking does not cause cancer! The study would have to be Smoker vs Non-Smoker. And for MMR the study would have to be MMR vs 100% Unvaccinated.


    HonestOpinion, you are correct. The study was NOT a Vax vs UnVax Study. It was a
    34 vaccines (including MMR) vs 32 Vaccines (Vaxxed but No MMR). The study does NOT prove
    “vaccines” don’t cause Autism. The study does not even prove that MMR does not cause autism,
    as it would have to be MMR vs ZERO Vaccines to prove that. It was a Fraudulent study designed to
    fool people. The SCIENTIFIC GOLD STANDARD study is 100% vaccinated vs 100% Unvaccinated. Could be retrospective study, so no “ethical” problems.


    Too Geshmak: <i>”The study found no link between vaccines and autism”</i>

    WRONG! The Study: Autism Occurrence by MMR Vaccine Status Among US Children With Older Siblings With and Without Autism, was NOT a Vax vs UnVax Study! As the Title says, it was a study comparing Vaxxed kids who got the MMR vs Vaxxed kids who did not get the MMR. And the study concluded that the Autism rate was similar. The study compared autism rate of children who got 32 vaccines vs children who got 34 vaccines.

    That is like doing a study comparing 32 pack a day smokers vs 34 pack a day smokers, and saying because the autism rate is similar that proves that smoking does not cause cancer. RIDICULOUS!
    If you want to study if smoking causes cancer you do a Smoker vs Non-Smoker Study (which DID prove smoking causes cancer). If you want to study if vaccines cause Autism you study children who were 100% vaccinated per CDC schedule vs children 100% Unvaccinated. You don’t compare autism rates of 34 vaccines vs 32 vaccines and conclude since both groups have similar autism rates, that proves vaccines don’t cause autism!

    The CDC will NEVER do a Vax vs UnVax Study – even though congressmen have asked for one. Think about that. WHY does the CDC refuse to compare the Health of 100% vaccinated vs 100% Unvaccinated??? What is the CDC hiding?

    in reply to: New York State is Denying Access to Education to Anti-Vaxer Students #1764934

    Abba, you hit the nail on the head. Since everyone else is vaccinated the chance of getting measles from an anti-vaxxer is slim. And even if you get measles, the chances of it being serious is slim. So WHY is the government making such a big deal over 2% of kids who don’t vaccinate?

    For 40 years, the Tobacco Industry and their hired scientists LIED that smoking doesn’t cause cancer. It was Smoker vs Non-Smoker Studies that proved that Smoking DOES cause cancer. And that is why Government and Pharmaceutical Industry can NEVER allow a Vax vs UnVax Study, as it would prove that UnVaxxed don’t have autism and waaaaaay less adhd, learning disabilities, allergies, asthma, etc.
    So Government/Pharmaceutical Industry must Eliminate ALL UnVaxxed, even though they are only 2%,
    If there are ZERO UnVaxxed then nobody can never do a Vax vs. UnVaxxed Study. Perfect COVER-UP!


    Do all of you favor the school mandating vaccines for all employees? Vaccine Immunity wanes after a number of years and most adults are not immune, even if they were vaccinated. Should all adults in school be forced to take the 73 shot schedule that is forced on children? In the 1960s there were only 4 vaccines, so why are adults allowed into school with far less vaccines than children?

    in reply to: Studies on vaccines you might have missed.👨‍🔬💉🚫 #1670299

    In USA, Measles kill about 1:10,000 – not 1-2:1,000 as CDC Lies.
    This is from CDC’s own website:
    “In the decade before 1963 when a vaccine became available, nearly all children got measles by the time they were 15 years of age. It is estimated 3 to 4 million people in the United States were infected each year. Also each year, among reported cases, an estimated 400 to 500 people died,”
    If 4 Million cases of Measles resulted in 400 deaths – that is about 1:10,000.
    And this was in the 1950s – I am sure doctors can do even better today.

    The 1-2 deaths per 1,000 is for THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES where children are starving.
    A few of those European Deaths included children who had cancer or were immune suppressed.

    I’m not saying that healthy people NEVER die of Measles – but it is very rare.
    A person is much more likely to die in a car accident – and nobody is freaking out about driving
    in a car.
    This is Fake News MANUFACTURED Hysteria about an illness nobody was concerned about
    years ago.

    in reply to: Studies on vaccines you might have missed.👨‍🔬💉🚫 #1669613

    2centsb. you claim that I lied because I stated that there are studies that show that autism is genetic, whoever said that the studies compared 100% unvaxxed to vaxxed? that is your own personal requirement, that does not necessarily mean that someone that does present the very exact study is a liar.

    Unless your study found a blood test to DIAGNOSE Autism, your studies have no proof.
    The sibling/twin studies prove there is a Genetic Component.
    But the studies do not prove that if the children with a Genetic Weakness are NOT VACCINATED
    they will still develop Autism.

    So you have no PROOF that Autism is Primarily Genetic and you are born with it like Down Syndrome.
    You have no PROOF that if siblings or twin of an autistic child is 100% Unvaccinated they
    would still get Autism.
    All you have proof is that there ARE children who are more susceptible to Autism then Others.
    DUH! Everyone Knows that!
    But ZERO Proof that Vaccines are NOT the cause of Autism!

    But there IS a Vaxxed vs UnVaxxed study that shows that Vaccinated Kids have a much higher
    rate of Autism (and other disesases). THAT IS Evidence that Vaccines Cause Autism.

    The Autism Rate from 1:10,000 (NON VERBAL) to 1:;150 (NON VERBAL) after the CDC
    QUADRUPLED the Vaccine Schedule.
    That is also EVIDENCE that vaccines cause Autism (and other diseases).

    That MMR withdrawal Study had a Chart that showed that when MMR was introduced – a year
    When MMR Vaccination Rate Declined – Autism Rate Declined.
    When MMR was replaced with 3 Vaccines – Autism Rate DOUBLED – again.

    All Evidence that Vaccines cause Autism (in children with a Genetic Weakness).

    in reply to: Studies on vaccines you might have missed.👨‍🔬💉🚫 #1669581

    Health, Vaxopedia is caught in a LIE once again!
    Anti-Vaxxers don’t claim that better hygiene and better nutrition ELIMINATED DISEASE.
    The claim is that the DEATH RATE from the disease declined 90% BEFORE Vaccines.

    It is extremely rare for a child in USA or other first world country to die from
    Measles, Chicken Pox, Roto Virus, Rubella or Whooping Cough.
    These diseases used to be listed in Medical Textbooks as BENIGN Childhood Diseases.

    Measles, Chicken Pox, Roto Virus, Rubella and Whooping Cough ONLY became “DEADLY”
    when the Pharmaceutical Company developed Vaccines for then.
    Then the FAKE MEDIA which gets 70% of its Advertising $$$ from Pharmaceutical Industry –
    begins to whip up MASS HYSTERIA over childhood diseases that were always considered BENIGN!

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