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    How many actors does it take to change a light bulb? Only one they hate sharing the spotlight.

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    I have heard that Rav Moshe says in a teshuvah to keep them in unless the entire garment of Tzitzis. Furthermore Rav Ruderman held one should wear them tucked in and many of his talmidim wear them tucked in.

    in reply to: Bnos Sara vs. Bnos Chava #942516

    bnos sara is very yeshivish

    in reply to: One of the Causes for Weight Gain�Shadchanim #943287

    DY- I will blame the system, because the yeshivas and seminaries do not teach values to their students on a person to person basis. It is also unfair to only blame boys because there are plenty of unreasonable expectations among girls. Why is height a huge factor,when choosing to marry a guy? why do many girls with middos that leave alot to be desired think that they are entitled to marry only the biggest ben torah? Why do girls try desperately to marry the biggest masmid ,only to complain that she cant manage to run the house and raise the children on her own. My point is is that yeshivas and seminaries should guide their students what to do on a personal basis rather then say that one lofty lifestyle is ideal for everyone. This would cause people to begin looking for what they really need to be happy in life instead of trying to impress others with the top bochur,rich father-in-law,attractive wife, without their spouse possessing the qualities they need to be happy with their marriage.

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    DassYochid- I would sum up by saying someone should not marry someone who is repulsive to them but todays shiduch system over emphasizes the importance of marrying the most attractive girl, without the important qualities being equal. This is what I believe is wrong.

    in reply to: One of the Causes for Weight Gain�Shadchanim #943272

    scrisis- I really feel for you. Not as someone who is also overweight, but as someone who understands how the shidduch system can bring out the worst side of humanity in some people. These people need to learn that looks are important but there are other qualities of far greater importance. These guys (or there mothers who are often overweight themselves) are satisfied as long as the girl is good looking and from a wealthy family. It is because of these shallow thinking narrow minded fools that finding a shidduch becomes so hard for many excellent and highly talented young people. It is my hope that people will start to look at your inner qualities rather than your outer appearance.

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    “Any decent school costs 50k” A basic rule of ecenomics is supply and demand. Therefore Harvard and other ivy league univesities are able to charge 50k(54k to be exact).They are so sought after that they can charge this significant amount. Keep in mind that 70% of students at harvard receive financial assistance, with the average student on a scholarship paying only $11,400. Its simply not true that any decent school charges 50k, only the best of the best do so ,but they still offer generous scholarships to their students who need them. Seminaries on the other hand charge exorbitant sums of money universally, without differentiating between a highly sought after seminaries and a second class seminary. No seminaries offer generous scholarships in the amounts listed above ,so do not try to compare seminaries to “any decent school”

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    Why do people in your family need ipod touches as well as iphones.Ipod touches are basicly iphones minus the abilaty to make calls , and you can even do that through skype or a different app.

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    why dont seminaries just have the freezer?

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    I am reffering to the kosher delight in midtown Manhattan.

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    Kosher delight closed down last May after failing numerous health department inspections. Its a shame they were in a good location and the food was tasty and not too expensive. Does anyone know about specific problems that got them shut down?

    in reply to: Post Here to Add/Change Your Subtitle #1199315

    Shnitzy- My philosophy has nothing to do with brains falling out, and by the way its very easy to say its not so bad…. when the mods have fun at somone elses expense. You yourself have proven how frustarating one can get,when they dont put the subtitle which you want. Says Me- Its debatable how funny the line of syag was but I must tell you that its impossible for me to prove my line, as it is mearly a request for people to not say stupid things, so even if I posted somthing which you think is dumb, I may not be following that which I requested to others, but I am not proving the subtititle that I want. I also think that in general I post things that make sense, so do not try to call me a hypocrite either.

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    syag Lchochma- maybe next time you can live up to the third word of your title(phrase) instead of supplying an annoying moderator with foolish lines, to ruin my well thought out witty subtitle.

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    so why dont you act based on that which you clearly see i want as my subtitle, for every one to see, instead of writing foolish remarks which make no sense.

    because here in the CR we only allow foolish remarks that make no sense.

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    what i want my subtitle to read is: if your mind is not open, keep your mouth shut as well

    I know

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    Please make subtitle: If your mind is not open, keep you mouth shut as well.

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    I would say they have a nice amount of guys in that age group because many guys in that yeshiva stay until they get married, and beyond as they also have a kollel. They might have slightly more bochurim in the 18-21 age group, but not by much.

    in reply to: Getting a BTL and Going to Law School? #934184

    My father got into a good law school (top forty nationaly) with a BTL, but he also had some credits from a real college. Keep in mind that this was many years ago and the requirements most likely have changed. I believe it is much more difficult then it used to be to get into a decent law school, exclusevly with a BTL.

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    The reduced fat blueberry muffins are “wicked” and taste just as good as the regular blueberry.

    in reply to: Alcohol on Shabbos #930683

    To: The Little I know little, If you learned any relavent sugya about Purim which will begin in a week you will learn how the destruction intended for the jews was purely physical, which is why the celebration is very physical. Included in this is the obligation on us to become intoxicated which is an act that ,while you might not refer to it as an “escape” or an “outlet” the bottom line is that chazal made this an obligation to bring us to a point of simcha which we cannot possibly reach or express while remaining sober. Would you consider this obligation of drinking on purim purely gashmiyusdige? Is drinking on Purim not allowing us to “escape” from everyday stesses and be able to celebrate in complete joy? I am not trying to suggest that the mitzva of becoming drunk is purely gashmiyusdige ,but one should not either make it sound as if drinking alchohol was intended completely for its holiness.

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