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    AAQ – ”If you don’t want to pay for, say, IDF, then at least you should not use their protection.”

    Before the zionists started grating on everybody’s nerves (the British, the Turkish, the UN, the Arab countries) in order to claim Israel, the Yidden were living very peacefully with their Arab neighbours, as other posters have mentioned. The whole Chevron pogrom was a direct result of the Zionists efforts.
    If they created the danger, well, they had better provide the protection.
    If [xxxxxx kehilla – insert as applicable] in Lakewood would publish provocative front page ads in the NYT that create an anti-Semitic fervor, and the town now needs to hire a team of safety officers, guards, install cameras etc. could you rightfully demand that [xxxxx kehilla] foot the bill?

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    So sorry, i thought it was obvious that the million Russians i was referring to were full-fledged goyim.
    The Medina (cant remeber who was Rosh Memshala at the time) was worried that with the growing frum oilam, and the dwindling chiloni crowd, they would soon be outnumbered.
    And that is why Lieberman has enough backers to make the anti-charedi laws he’s been promising…..

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    AAQ – i knew there was more that 15% (especially if you count all the frum who don’t vote…..!) but rounded it down so that someone cynical (like yourself) wouldn’t find some loophole to argue. You managed to argue anyway.
    The children are part of the population, but don’t have a say (yet), so that doesn’t count.

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    I do not have the time (or koach) to reply to AAQ, Bli neder i will do so when i have enough (of both). But anyway i did not say or indicate that we can break the rules or steal from the gov. (i’m Not saying that one can’t either, i’m staying neutral on that point) but one can disparage them, and it is important to be conscious that we don’t owe them anything. We need not be grateful to them. This is the reason that many dont take moeny form the Medina, so that they should not have a hashpa’a on us. I am saying that those who DO take, like Rav Shach allowed, and the Chazon Ish, the Belzer Rov encouraged, should still not feel favorably dsiposed to those Reshoim, we are simply recovering what is ours.
    Re: the great US of A, they own the land and we are guests. But even if we forget that, there is still no comparison to Israel where the Frum kehilla is a good 15% of the population, probably more. And if the zionist had not admitted 1,000,000 russians, then we would have been a much larger percentage, a sectoeer that should be respected and our needs catered for. The minuscule percentage of American Jewry cannot expect as much pull as the chardeim in Israel.
    Kept this as short as poss, will BN elaborate on another ocassion.

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    אשת חייל – Sure!
    (BTW, do you have anything to lose by telling?)

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    AAQ – it’s all very nice that Israel provided refuge for all those poor suffering sefardim who were being persocuted in their home countries. Just a little historical fact – before the Zionists raised the issue of a Jewish State, those poor suffering sefardim were prospering econmically, and were popular and poerful, politically. The Zionists caused all the damage. They stirred up the Arab world, and more than indirectly caused untold harm and damage to a million Sefardim who were doing quite OK for themselves in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Morocco, Tehran, Libya etc. etc.
    And when those upper class Sefardim finally came, at the graces of the kind Ashkenazik Tziyonim, they were treated like dirt, abused and disgraced, made to do manual labour (when they have been in high govermental offices, with higher education etc.)
    So no, the Israeli goverment gets no credit for ‘saving’ the Yidden that they brought over. They make the problem in the first place, and did not do much in the way of rectifying the damage.

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    AAQ – Those who disparage Medinat Yisrael but take from it….
    Do you feel the same way about those who ‘disparage’ the Nazi’s but still take from Germany?
    I am NOT comparing the Zionists to the Nazis, but the moshol is accurate.
    Why should i not claim back property that my grandfathers’ murderer stole? It’s MY money, and I deserve it. And taking (part of) what is righfully mine does not mean i forgive him for killing my grandfather.
    The zionists indirectly caused the death of thousands of Yidden, primarily during the War (including one famous instance when they prevented money from Rav Wiessmandel being passed on to the Nazis in return for Jewish lives) They knew that Israel will be built on the ashes of the Holocaust, and they needed more ashes….
    This is all BESIDES for what they did to the spiritual lives of Ashkenzim and Sefardim alike…..

    The paltry allowance they give to Torah Institutions compared to the millions they pour into general education and ‘culture’, comes from the money they we, the Charedim, are generating for the Israeli economy by just living.
    The Charedi world brings billions of pure profit into the country. The amount of zedoko that we raise abroad far outweighs ‘exports’ – all the funds are pure profit. Every Yeshiva, Kolel, and Yerushalmi making chasunas, is doing so much for the economy of the Medina.
    Yeshivas Mir is a goldmine for Israel.
    Belz, Ger, Vishnitz.
    Every Simcha, Every Chol Hamoed, Lag b’Omer in Meron.
    The Kosel, Kever Rochel etc.
    Har Menuchos and Har Hazezim. Even Bet Shemesh.
    All the retirees that move to retiremnet homes in Israel.

    And in return the Israeli government generously gives 800 NIS stipend to yungerleit. 500 to a bochur. Nothing compared to what they are giving exaggerated amounts to universities who waste a lot of the allowances on trivialities.

    The Charedi world costs the economy almost nothing in the way of policing, court systems, prison-complexes etc.
    The crime rate is practically zero. No murders, no drugs (almost?), graffiti, drunken driving, gangs, shoplifting, etc. But we still pay taxes.
    Even if all the charedim paid was just VAT, we still would not be getting a fraction of what we are paying and what we contribute to the economy.
    The export of Seforim and Judacia, is almost entirely from the Charedi sector. Are we getting anything in return? A measly 1380 NIS ($422) child benefits …… to cover the cost of 8 kids!

    Enough said. Maybe I’ll elaborate another time.

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    Eshes Chayil: You have here a dedicated team of CR peers who are staying up late at night trying to brainstorm for your teirer tochter.
    Please enumerate the list of terms and conditions that the choshuve choson must sign on, so that we can get down to work already.

    BTW, I’d love to know what T&C your choshuve man agreed to before marrying you, but that is not leto’eles – would you tell us anyway?

    in reply to: Otzar HaCochma vs. HebrewBooks vs. Bar-Ilan #1992967

    I have Otzar Hachochma, and it includes the Encylop. To have it included in Bar Ilan, you have to pay a little extra (200 NIS) and to have it in OH you have to pay 400 (it is then visible in צורת הדף).
    So the ET should not be much of an issue when deciding BI versus OH.
    I got the Oz vHodor package, the Mechon Yerusholayim, the Mossad RK, and the ET.
    If i had to choose, i’d go for OH, for a number of reasons, but I am eternally grateful to the fellow who encouraged me to get BI, that was already AFTER I already had OH. I use both all the time, ie, i simultaneously and alternate both about 10 hours a day – no exaggeration. I have both programs running, and for some things BI has advantages.
    It’s far quicker to get to a particular mareh mokom in BI, type in a few characters, and it get you to the exact place instantly. Although OH’s OCR is very good, copying text is more accurate and quicker in BI. You can also search more accurately in BI (try searching in Rabbeinu Channanel in Perek Beis of a given masechta, in OH. Impossible. It will search all the text in the volume, and give the results for all the Gemoro, Rashi, Tosafos etc.
    I could go on and on but am probably wasting my time. Does somebody here appreciate what i’m saying?
    Bottom line – if you can afford it, go for OH. If you can’t, get BI. If you can get both, then grab them both. You’ll thank me one day!
    BTW, these days both can be installed directly into your hard drive, so you dont need to lug it around, and you don’t have to worry about ruining your USB port.

    in reply to: Rav Shimon Galai Shlit’a #1988276

    I was waiting for Shabbos to meet his son in law.
    He told me that Rav Galai learnt by (R’ Zalman Rotbard??) and R’ Yakov Nyman (who wrote the famous sefer דרכי מוסר). R’ Nissim Karelitz trusted him a lot and in fact he was a דיין in R’ Nissim’s Beis Din (for Geirus).
    His father R’ Sholom Galai was a talmid of the Chafetz Chaim, and in fact when his mother was concerned who will care for her son in Yeshiva, the Chafetz Chaim assured her that he can eat by him! So Rav Galai’s father used to eat in the Chafetz Chaim’s house!!
    Can’t remeber everything he told me, i guess i can always ask more.
    Feel free to ask whatever you like.

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    Yitzchok was learning gemoro brochos today by himself. He said that you told him that there is sugya of chalomos in this gemoro. And also there are lots of interesting storie there, because his rebbe from masmidim told him a story from there!
    Also miriam said last night that she didn’t say shema so she is going to have bad dreams!! Now where did she pick that up from? I have told Naftoli he should say the whole shema to help for dreams, but Miriam just says the first two lines!! Or more like I say it and she has her thumb in her mouth!

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    (Heard and verified from the son of the protagonist)

    I was the girl in that story. We actually didn’t end up talking at all. He tried to, but I gave him the death glare each time he so much as stopped humming and tapping.

    Not that I wouldn’t talk to a boy in that situation. Just that he was short.

    Could you identify which Rosh Yeshiva it was? R’ Leib Gurwitz?

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    Does anybody have any original proposal ideas?

    I once heard about a boy, something Bergstein, been meeting a girl called Shaindy.
    When it was time to pop the question he drove her to the cemetery and and as they were looking at the graves he innocently asked, How would you like ‘Shaindy Bergstein’ engraved on your tombstone?

    My girl would NOT appreciate that…. (though she adores me so much she’d ziche agree anyway)

    in reply to: Rav Shimon Galai Shlit’a #1986639

    Well, I don’t know him personally but i do know one of his daughters and two of his sons in law. He celebrated a grandsons Bar Mitzva a few days ago and i was zoiche to wish him mazal tov.
    Go ahead and fire away all the questions you want. I will BN endeavor to get back to you with the answers.

    One story I heard (but have not confirmed, yet) –
    He was run over by a taxi driver who immediately stopped the car and inquired. What can i do for you?
    To which he answered – Start keeping Shabbos! (Or was it, Put on Tefillin).

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    If the bris was delayed and you are still debating, you could take from the parsha, say, פרק י פסוק כ God.
    (I think some guys think that the English translation of that name is Donald).

    in reply to: Kid names #1978687

    Well, we’ve all been in suspense, and can you please release the stress –
    what did you name the poor kid in the end?
    Any of the above?
    All of the above?

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    Redleg: You are the guy we need. Someone who knows what the dangers are as you explained above, even if the layman doesn’t know, we can trust you that you are saying it for our sake.
    But if an anti-semite or in Israel, an anti-charedi officer comes, it’s his heyday. He’ll find every possible excuse to mkae life misrable on little things that the law does not demand, and that he knows are totally unnecessary. He will have a field day making as much red-tape as possible. We can’t know what are the accepted standards, but we do know he is biased and will abuse his position.
    we saw this clearly in Covid, when they enforced extreme on chardeim, and ignored the chilonim. Were they doing it because they cared more that charedim should not contract Covid?
    When that happens, we lose trust in them.
    That is why we need Charedi safety inspectors, who know the balance, what is safe and what is extreme, and then we, the rabbonim, askonim and public, will trust them.
    Have i made may case clear?

    in reply to: setting up kiddush during mussuf #1977815

    I’m happy to see that i’m not the only one bothered by this practice.
    It’s a problem though, when else could they do it? Keep everybody waiting?
    The best would be if somebody spoke then, so nobody would be bored. whoever wants can listen to the drosho, whoever wants can help setiing it up….
    It would also help that we could eat in peace, without anybody making a rumbiling annoying background noise while we eat….

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