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    why would i want someone else reading my letters

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    yeah. embrace your independence. ***COMMENT DELETED*** Refrain from inappropriate references. Thank you. YW Moderator-72

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    kapusta, if you are correct (and you very well may be) that when a person posts it is an indication that he is in the cr, then what would be the purpose of this thread if i could just post elsewhere just as well?

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    Who cares what it means? Either way, ames is much in agreement that shallow talk is unacceptable and is surely an excellent gauge as to how much a guy is machshiv torah.

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    what do you mean

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    I’m not really in the cr. I was just faking it in those other threads.

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    Duvdl is the man.

    While everyone else is being all mushy, he was the first one to stand on principal and say “Lets look at this intellectually.” This man is going to ruin this country. Like all those who came before, there will be a section in the history books entitled The Rise And Fall Of America.

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    If you don’t feel comfortable talking about the parsha, you could talk about beur teffila. Bitul torah is out of the option. It’s only muttar after you get married for shalom bayis.

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    I think you should bentch from a bentcher. thats the most important thing in the world

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    you should talk about this weeks parshah

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    hi people

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    nossond. stop being so frum

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    want to meet charlie brown. he is koo koo

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    does anyone know of any yeshivas at all in uk

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    whats your favorite color

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    The point -that the main character of the story was trying to make- is indeed spelled out in that post. But cute as it may be, the story is stupid and the point that the character as is described was trying to imply and author of the post agrees with (that being that girls -subconsciously- feel that the loss of their phone is more devastating than the loss of sefer tehillim) is not proved from the story.

    Losing a sefer tehillim entails a monetary loss of ten dollars or so and that’s it. We’re not talking about someone who doesn’t have the ability to obtain another.

    The loss of a cell phone, however, is a devastating monetary blow. The even potential loss of the information stored on a cell phone is very depressing to even think about. Phone numbers can take weeks to restore. Notepads filled with monetary cheshbonos. Besides the inability to confidently collect money from others, what right do I have to let my phone out of my sight if it may result in my not properly repaying one person their due loan? The comparison is childish.

    In conclusion, regarding my sefer tehillim ending up permanantly in the hands of a jew other than me, a sefer tehillim is indeed VERY dispensable. JUST LIKE A POTATO.

    I like potatoes. Especially french fries, so if you will make me french fries I will give you one of my sisters tehillims, but I wouldn’t let you touch my cell phone.

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    well youre also wrong about your first statement (maybe).

    Cherish a tehillim? they’re not disposable?

    Why not? They are easily obtainable. I actually don’t have a sefer tehillim and have no need for one, but if I had an extra one, I would give it to any jew who I felt would make good use of it(other factors aside). Just like a potato.

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    i think you do live in brooklyn and are 19

    i’m not assuming the potential loss of the siddur would include it getting ruined because they were giving it to jews. Merely lost. I’ve got plenty of them at home. Just like potatoes.

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    Lending out a cell phone vs. lending out a tehillim.

    Lets see… a tehillim costs $10. Cell phones can cost hundreds. That is not even taking in to account the loss of information stored on a cell phone.

    Because someone in the holocaust would pay alot for it? They would pay a lot for a potato too, but i would give away a potato straight up. Forget lending.

    Gimme a break. Very cute, Rabbi Wallerstein, but cute things can be stupid too.

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    I am not a vegetarian, but even if I was I would still eat veal because veal is too tasty to give up for anything. And if veal was outlawed, I would buy baby calves and veal them myself.

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