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    DrYdd et al

    The left offered charedm better deals in
    Charedm turned them down
    with the one exception of 1999 & they walked out pretty fast over desecration of Shabbat

    in reply to: Star-K Article about Electric Shavers #1753662

    hogwash and dishonest as most of these polemics invariably are even if well-intentioned

    my grandfather studied in he Telz (Telshe) Yeshiva,
    growing a beard was essentially verboten there [he had a mustache it was recommended to grow aby a member of the hanhala)

    ” Rabbi Chaim Ozer [Grodzenski, Rov of Vilna], of blessed memory. He demanded that they place a prohibition on Rabbonim against granting [students who cut their beards] Rabbinic ordination [semichah], on Shochtim against teaching them the skill of ritual slaughtering [shechitah], and on Jewish communities against employing them in any religious position” (Kovetz Yagdil Torah 7:5). ”

    Unlikely. If proof is needed read the episode with the shochet In the Autobiography Of
    Lieutenant Birnbaum

    “Rav Kalmanowitz therefore refused to shave, and the Roshei Yeshiva and his friends respected him for it.”
    This is accurate indeed only because of who he was and his personality

    he himself didn’t approve Or at least never expressed disapproval of the shita against beards of the
    Mirrer Yeshiva Except for those on a much higher level

    rav Rabbi Elya Sve his son-in-law reportedly expounded that a bochur with a beard is like a monkey in pajamas

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    A.Where Are All The Commentators About The Ethiopian Protests

    B.’ prominent recent event contributing to the reviving of the white supremacy fear took place in Charlottesville, Virginia in early August 2017. Perhaps, some ill-received statements by Pres. Trump brought to the events a prominence they would not otherwise have gained.

    To make a long story short: An ad hoc group convened what was billed as a national meeting to “unite the right.” They also wanted to protest the forthcoming removal of a statue of a Confederate general. They requested and obtained a permit from the city. Some of the protesters wore Klan paraphernalia; some wore Nazi insignia. I think that most did neither. Given the theme of the meeting – “unite…”- it’s very unlikely that most or many did either. It’s hard to tell from the TV footage. Cameras targeted over and over the same handful of colorful and vividly signaling demonstrators. As usual, the reporters on the scene did not try to draw a random (representative) sample of the demonstrators. I don’t expect them to, of course.

    There was a physical confrontation with counter-protesters who showed up without a permit (therefore, acting technically unlawfully) and ready for street battle. Some of those called themselves “antifa” (“anti-fascist,” of all things).’..

    in reply to: Where Are All The Commentators About The Ethiopian Protests #1752014

    What however should be derived from these protests ?
    that there is a time And place for protesting
    it’s all about will
    even when it blocks driveways and even without permits

    in reply to: Where Are All The Commentators About The Ethiopian Protests #1752012

    Op Ed etcetera
    Charedm are expected to be on a higher level than Ethiopians and usually are treated that way
    “defining deviancy down” is not a resolution!
    making these parallels score quick political points but are poor & not healthy long term

    in reply to: What’s the difference between protests and parades #1747552

    Being willfully naive .
    no matter how much some want to try to claim otherwise how much the public opinion are behind or firmly resist long runa demonstration will certainly determine the long-run whether or
    not they get a permit
    Take a Civil disobedience page from Martin Luther King jr. and bro’s
    (That is notwithstanding the 1977 the Supreme Court ruling in Skokie Nazi March)

    And all the more so in Israel

    cf.My comment above

    in reply to: Are sfardim from the 10 shvatim #1747346

    Correct and he was in the minority
    it is a prime reason besides the more obvious ones As to how come Ethiopians are more affiliated with the sfardim
    In bnei Brak There is a Scholar
    Who goes through
    Dissects and tears apart most of His sources

    in reply to: Are sfardim from the 10 shvatim #1746722

    ” Ethiopians are any more or less Jewish than Ashkenazim”

    Rabbi SZ Auerbach Dismissed that assertion Out of hand
    for that matter most leading Authorities agreed

    in reply to: What’s the difference between protests and parades #1746723

    Justice Thurgood Marshall once described his philosophy as this: “You do what you think is right and let the law catch up”

    obviously less likely to give permits for these protest
    if it was important enough we would manage to get them somehow

    in reply to: Quebec Secularism -more accurately Neutralism Law #1745083

    Au contraire

    So happen to be the one who has been proclaiming for some while that we’re at fault for pushing the Muslims into the arms of the left
    Since they are for the most part our natural Coalition Partners

    So You’re projecting incorrectly

    in reply to: Quebec Secularism -more accurately Neutralism Law #1745084

    Stick to American or Jersey politics

    in reply to: Sphardim frummer than Sepharadim? #1744932

    & What of the must’arabim?

    in reply to: Quebec Secularism -more accurately Neutralism Law #1744913

    though some jerks Probably were involved in producing this bill,as usually there are
    For the longer run this bill Should have positive connotations
    The media with the left is convincing us to fight against .How shrewd

    Absorbed too much propaganda!

    divide et impera

    in reply to: Quebec Secularism -more accurately Neutralism Law #1744894

    This provincial government CAQ is not necessarily antireligious
    while this bill has some negative connotations for us that was not the goal
    it isn’t even anti-muslim per se

    in reply to: Quebec Secularism -more accurately Neutralism Law #1744792

    this law could breach the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
    However, the Charter contains a clause that says, “Notwithstanding the rights under the Charter, provinces can temporarily override portions of the Charter”
    The clause would have to be renewed every 5 years.

    In addition
    The bill has a’ grandfather clause’
    anyone presently wearing a head covering or the like can continue

    in reply to: Are sfardim from the 10 shvatim #1744771

    ” there is no difference in opinion in the original sources”?

    There is an explicit Mishna for one

    in reply to: Quebec Secularism -more accurately Neutralism Law #1744760

    we have judged and gave support for our Jewish politicians and government officials more by what’s on top of their head Rather than on inside their heads to for too long

    This Bill is intended to be a means to restore somewhat a normative public consensus that
    has been on the verge of chaotic collapse If it hasn’t already

    Over the past couple Generations We were given granted immense freedom And opportunity
    Had we proved worthy
    our societies would have brought the world upward
    As we weren’t We may perhaps have to step back a bit to restore A shred of normality

    in reply to: Quebec Secularism -more accurately Neutralism Law #1744753

    Had this bill been exclusively somehow against our community Could have Termed it then anti-Semitic
    that is far from the case here
    Should we feel Pained by this? Probably. Is that so bad
    ?for too long we’ve taken Our exterior appendages for granted
    Possibly this is a means of / Test show how much we Value it!

    in reply to: Are sfardim from the 10 shvatim #1744584

    Though in the original sources there was differences in opinion
    The preponderance of tradition Through the Ages with very few discrepancies is remarkably consistent
    That is they will eventually went into Exile they are still in Exile and they will eventually return

    in reply to: Liberal conspiracy #1744534

    Quebec Secularism -more accurately Neutralism law

    in reply to: Liberal conspiracy #1744533

    Can’t bring myself to call it a good Law because Some will have to take it off the yamulka
    and possibly snoods
    How could we deem it however a bad law?

    That the secular And non-orthodox organizations Were militantly opposing this from the beginning
    – and they’re not fools, must be something good coming out of it

    in reply to: Are sfardim from the 10 shvatim #1744191

    isn’t difficult
    he has a major ax to grind
    Rationalize lower level of observance And propagandize

    Swings & misses again
    There are a couple of sources That German Jews are from the shevet Binyamin
    cf. Migaleh Amukos

    If the Sephardic methodology of psak works for you and yours, go for it!
    Although those who comprehend understand it to be Less than Optimum it is good enough
    This shall not expounded upon as
    a. The Forum is not appropriate
    b. it is for those who are worthy

    in reply to: Are you makpid on ע ? #1742083


    Sephardic Middle Eastern Jews Pronounce five different vowel sounds which is Babylonian Origin
    ashkenazic non Hasidic Jews make 7 different vowel sounds which was of Galilean origin
    Yemenite make six different vowel sounds which seems to have been of Judean origin

    As They were by and large contemporaneous there’s no proof one is better than the other Though there is sourced basis that the Sephardic pronunciation has more flaws

    in reply to: Are you makpid on ע ? #1742084

    For Shema and Krias Hatorah, we do.

    in reply to: “Eretz” Yisroel = Frummer? #1742059


    one of the options Ben-Gurion and Co rejected was..Yehuda/Judea

    in reply to: “Eretz” Yisroel = Frummer? #1741748

    ” It is not correct to call a state as the Land of ——. ”

    Land of( Germanic) Land of( Latin)
    England Bulgaria
    Scotland Latvia
    Poland Romania
    Finland Italia= Italy
    Deutschland= Germany

    Etc. Etc.

    how many other states in existence in 1948 didn’t have ‘Land Of ‘in title [Putting aside Latin America With Borders largely artificial And arbitrary] ?

    in reply to: Are there levels of holiness? #1739600

    Absolutely there are
    First Mishna in taharos just to

    So Dr. Gra”ch is Da’at Torah for you [ as he is for many others who stridently deny their belief in the concept]?
    The Dr. is full of preconceived notions and has been before he proved it with Rupture and Reconstruction in ’94.
    a study of Bavli vs Yerushalmi for anyone who is open-minded ought to lean towards the Ashkenazi
    Land of Israel contention.
    Jews have been living in Cologne since 321 ce the latest, with customs far predating Rabbenu Gershom.

    Yabia,et al
    Doros harishonim And the traditions of the Jews of Italy would be a good place to start

    It’s bias
    Israel has been the leading theory since before Halevi
    more importantly DNA is leading in that direction eg yemenite Jews and Palestinian Arabs
    more closely related to Ashkenazi than Babylonian

    Both of my grandmothers Ironically were German Jews and their families were Western German for centuries
    Both of their families largely or partly originated from Spain or for one the Balearic Islands Prior to expulsion

    In case you were out to lunch DNA has disproven that one thoroughly
    though Ukrainian, Carpathian ,bukharian Jews may have an admixture of blood

    Yabia=Arthur koestler

    in reply to: Hungarian Yidden #1738117

    Hungarian Jews were generally considered less scholarly than their polish Or Lithuanian Coreligionists
    Hungarian Jews did a better job in keeping their communities and baale batim religious however

    “Sephardic Sefer, as is the Tur and the Rosh” incorrect on both accounts

    When the Rosh fled to Spain he influenced one of the most distinguished communities of Spain, Toledo,
    of the superiority of mesoras Ashkenaz. There are more than a few other examples. Why is there nary an example the other way?
    (excepting the Romaniotes of the Balkans who switched from being under the sway of Franco-German Jewry to the newly Sephardic arrivals though that was due to sociopolitical as much as any else)

    in reply to: Is Yiddish Holy? #1737306


    As you travel through all 2700+ blatt Gemara, do we in 2019 follow everything stated in Shas?

    We do .
    Are you implying except insofar when the leading commentaries explicitly tell us otherwise, that we don’t?!


    For some of those cases,the short uncomfortable long term answer is
    Pious men could be found in every nook and cranny
    In some cases they are the exceptions to prove the rule

    Nor should it matter. the discussion is not sectoral influence in a vacuum
    It is predominance

    should have been rather obvious Yabia was coming From a YU corner, under a falutin Sephardic guise .
    Nom de plume notwithstanding

    The Chida noted in his travels that Tunisia of the latter 18th century was influenced by and adopted Ashkenazi methodology

    it is Not a new phenomenon

    Go ahead . deny it. sil vouz plait

    Even in the Best of communities eg Aleppo There were very few heavyweights
    While they were many pious Remaining they were not Sadly capable of dealing with the changing conditions
    It was With reason that in the 60s Sephardic Jews Were unfortunately being compared to the 10 lost tribes

    they worship men of the spirit
    Not so much tangible materialism like some of your Hellenists

    worship should have quotations


    Yabia Omer,
    False but ignorant
    start with one

    When they were being Maspid Rabbeinu Yitzchak Elchanan at his Levaya 1896, They mourned
    him as the Rashkabaha”g
    When the Darshan was asked [Translated] How come he wouldn’t call him gadol hador?
    response was “Because Reb Yehoshua Leib is alive [in Yerushalayim]”!

    in reply to: Percentage of men members vs. women on YW Coffeeroom? #1736340

    ” The funny thing is, that both mainstream datiim and mainstream secularites have as their common-denominator that most don’t seem all that interested in what a healed-world might be like.”

    RY23,” gender is not real.”
    nothing is real.
    Tomorrow a centaur,while yesterday you were an amoeba

    go get some heady stuff in a back alley

    in reply to: Is Arabic Holy? #1735605

    Possibly Ladino of the Me’am Loez

    in reply to: Is Yiddish Holy? #1735571

    A present day [ half] maskil:
    Although I’m a Sephardi, I love Yiddish! It’s a soul language that basically defies all principles of what an official language should be. It’s musical and can convey feelings no other language can. I remember that the Roshei Yeshiva called me Lapes Cardeizei, because Lithuanian Jews can’t pronounce

    in reply to: Is Yiddish Holy? #1735505

    the Maharil Diskin refused to speak to a certain Talmid Chacham of Jerusalem because he used to spek only Loshon HaKodesh. Said the Maharil Diskin, “For generations our custom speaking Yiddish, not Loshon HaKodesh.”

    in reply to: Understanding Lag Baomer #1732465

    Where is Kever Rashbi located ?

    According to R. Menachem Hachevroni (14th century) in Kfar Chananya
    (15 km. south of Meron)

    2) When was Rashbi niftar ?

    According to the Chida there is no Mekor that he was niftar on Lag Baomer

    3) Who wrote the Zohar ?

    According to the Yavetz it was R. Moishe d’Leon

    4) How can you bring nachas to Rashbi (guaranteed) ?

    The Shoel Umeishiv ( 5 – 39) writes ” if you distribute the money to Aniyei Eretz Yisroel
    instead of spending it to go to his Kever etc., he guarantees Rashbi will have much more Nachas Ruach.

    in reply to: Understanding Lag Baomer #1732467

    Lag B’Omer [ Has gone so overboard & taken so overboard one can conjecture it] borders on Bal Tosif

    in reply to: Understanding Lag Baomer #1732466

    a teshuvah (responsum) of Rav Shmuel Wosner z”l, stemming from a תוספתא that states המרקד לשלהבת הרי זה מדרכי אמורי.
    the full teshuvah of Rav Wosner (שו”ת שבט הלוי, חלק ז, יורה דעה סימן קלו

    in reply to: Women’s Suffrage Must End #1732370

    Start with the Vengeful Khaki election of 1918 In Britain
    The red scares, isolationism In the US All Were disproportionately female driven

    The collapse of the high and open-minded British Liberal Party through the twenties Being for the most part permanently replaced by the collectivist Socialist Labour
    The Head in the sand Disastrous atmosphere progression Riding emotional vacillations that was a 1920s and 30s

    In the nascent Egalitarian Soviet Union The overwhelming majority of those sent to the gulag or executed were male .the vast majority the system of informers Trusted and Used by the Bolsheviks Soviet regime were female

    Male & females voted roughly in equal ratio proportion for The Nazi party, even though the Nazi Party did
    not allow women to serve As Representatives In the Reichstag
    However women’s support for the Nazis Seemed to increase disproportionately in the years after voting ceased . And would become arguably its most fanatical supporters

    But you Luna can contend that females Needed politically a learning curve.
    males were given the suffrage for Different branches and levels over generations ,receiving in 1913 Finally In the US for the Senate

    For the the British Isles the last Men received franchise 1918 the same moment that females 30 Or married Received it [ The remaining Gained the franchise in 1928 ]

    Acknowledge at minimum that the suffragettes were too hasty
    It should Have been done over the decades piecemeal

    Women Of 1950s subtly recognized and accepted Most or all of the above Belatedly
    Which was cause of Them becoming more ‘housewifery’

    They would be maligned For this by the next generation of females just a decade or two later

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