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    Ah see, there is a need for lawyers!

    Why defense can you use? “I didn’t know” or “It was an accident”. If you lie, they will take the word of a cop over yours.

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    Preferably though, I would prefer 6 hour days and make 70-80k.

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    Here is the thing. I do like law and would be content shelling out the big bucks and taking 3 years to have a job that i like doing with 6-8 hour days and 80k-120k a year. But I do not want to take 3 years and go into dept and then have to work 10 hour days and only make 100k a year or work 8 hour days and only make 60k a year but I would be happy with 100k and 8 hour days. Is this realistic?

    Why is this not posted?

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    “Why are you accusing me of transgressing the commandment to not hate my fellow Jew?”

    I thought it was pretty obvious that I did not mean you were over the issur of hating your fellow Jew. I am saying you are bound to dislike these people who ruin your davening. who wouldn’t dislike such people and how far is the barrier between strongly dislike and hate or very annoying and hate? If the president or rov of the shule does not shush people up it means that the shule is not suitable for you, you deserve better.

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    Long live napoleon! (i.e. make a lot a money or compensate in some other way). Do you have good yichus? Yichus and money can solve many shidduch problems and compensate for “biological” ones.

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    Challenges us so we earn our own good in olam haba.

    Makes us suffer either because of our sins or out of love to earn even more good in olam haba. pretty simple.

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    What about a kohen that is happy about the chet haegel because if not for the chet haegel he would not be a kohen? Celebrating something good (being a kohen) that came from bad (chet haegel).

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    the wolf: I would think (if you cannot find another shule to daven at)that if other people talking bothers you so much you should probably stay at home and daven there. There is no mitzvah to put yourself in a situation where you will be frustrated, hate your brothers, and won’t be able to really daven anyway.

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    I know one modern shule where the women kept on asking the rov to be able to dance also with the torah on simchas torah. So he asked a bunch a bochrim from lakewood to come in and dance with the Torah so the women could watch them. The women were so impressed witht he way these lakewood bochrim danced with the Torah and they saw the difference between themselves and the men that they never asked to dance with the Torah again after that and were satisfied with watching the men.

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    yes i am talking about people who learn full time. not myself. but someone could also try to work part time and learn part time, or perhaps not? i am kohen anyway, so i don’t really need to learn as much since i get kedushas kehuna, hence the name.

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    I know what to do! find out which gemara he was learning. then ask him a random question on a daf you saw him speed read. If he doesn’t know the answer that means he is faking and you should give him hard mussar and tochacha. If he gets the question right you should be miskaved him and buy him lunch.

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    halacha: giving kohen kedima

    minhag: not giving kohen kedima

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    “Both contacted me to say Thank You”

    That is your hakaras hatov! why do you expect anything else? You are a professional, not a friend.

    “I politely emailed both Chassan and Kallah and mentioned that in all my years of making Shidduchim I have never missed an engagement or a wedding where I was the Shadchan”

    Sounds like you care more about yourself than their simcha. If you truly cared about their simcha you would let them do what they want during this special time and not make them feel awkward.

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    6 hours.

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    mhmm i thought if he, well we, wash our hands the bracha is transferred through the hands more efficiently, lehavdeel like if you take the internet router out of the closet you will get a better signal without the door blocking it so you could post in the yc better.

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    thank you!

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    where is the best sushi. this is a new topic. try that one. there are all different types of food to discuss. look at yahoo answers, the same questions and answers are repeated a million times.

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