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    im going in august 2014 i”h. Can you give me some info on lev bais yaakov? ive never heard of it

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    Bugzie Shwartz, a notorious crook was sentenced to maximum security for fifty years. His crimes included murder in the first degree, attempted murder, auto theft, kidnapping, breaking and entering and grand larceny. One day he recieved a letter from his son:

    Dear Bugzie,

    I miss you. Remember how we used to prepare the garden for planting at this time of the year? Now I have to do it on my own.

    Love Dad.

    A few days later Mr Shwartz recieved a letter from Bugzie in prison.

    Dear Dad,

    don’t dig up the garden that’s where I buried all the bodies.

    The next day, FBI agents pull up and dig up the garden. They find nothing.

    Two days later, Mr Shwartz gets another lets from Bugzie.

    Dear Dad,

    Now the garden should be ready for planting. It was the best I could do under the circumstances.

    Love Bugzie.


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    the kids have ipod touches ie: 2 of my younger sibs. me and my parents and my older sis have iphones. it breaks you buy a new one. My parents need their ipads and computers and laptops for work. My older sis and younger bro and me need laptops for school. etc………… Btw. we never have enough chargers or outlets mewho.

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    no. im just really early. My year is going to get really busy later on so I need to do my prep now so I can apply later.

    Let me just clarify myself when I say when I say not a yeshivish home. I think youre getting the wrong idea. My father wears a black hat and goes to shul three times a day. We only eat Chalav Yisrael. etc. But on the other hand I’m allowed to watch PG and a few M rated movies and I am allowed to listen to secular music. I wear denim skirts but I dont have to wear 4 inches or 10 cm below the knee. Where I come from, that’s very modern. We dont keep a strict hechsher. I have full internet access. Do you know what I mean?

    Thanks for replying. I really appreciate it.

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    Try to eat non gebrokts. We do and it stops us from eating so much Matza

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    Like 5 of my cousins went there. They said that they aren’t so strict on attendance. Like, they want you there of course but if you don’t turn up they won’t ask you about it.

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    I need seminary help. Go onto the thread called Keser chaya seminary in israel.

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    It’s sooooooo annoying when u have a new neice/ nephew/ sister/ brother and pple say ” wow! Mazal Tov! Is he/ she cute?

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    I didn’t make the list. I got it from the paper

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    Schnitzel isn’t made out of plastic and idontknow about u but my schnitzels aren’t bigger than aloof of bread….

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    I agree. I think the iPod is what made them big in the first place.

    Btw I’ve brought heaps of products. Between my family of 8, over the past 4 yrs we have brought.

    4 computers

    5 laptops

    8 iPhones

    6 iPods

    7 iPod touches

    3 iPads

    1 ipad mini

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    Dear human,

    Ur upset when I wake u and ur upset when I don’t.


    Confused alarm clock

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    Sally and Ben are married but haven’t spoken in yrs. one day Bens friend is making a bris and Ben wants to go but his alarm clock is broken. Not wanting to be the first to break the silence, he writes a note to his wife asking her to wake him at 6:00 am. He goes to sleep thinking that his wife will break the silence and he will ” win “. The next morning he wakes up and glances at the clock. It is 10:00 am. He is angry with his wife but then he looks up and sees a note from his wife. ” good morning! It’s 6:00 am”

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    I would be happy to give up secular movies and music. I want to grow . Can you give me some info on mchon Raaya? Also how could I get the spreadsheet. Should I type in seminary 2013 google spreadsheet? I rlly appreciate you replying. Thx

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    its 10:30pm on Sunday in Australia!!!!!!!!!!

    Im ahead of you all!

    I can see into the future ……………..

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    Familiar Chemicals in Cigarettes:

    carbon monoxide found in car exhaust

    nicotine found in bug sprays

    tar: material to make roads

    arsenic found in rat poison

    ammonia found in cleaning products

    hydrogen cyanide found in gas chamber poison

    cyanide found in deadly poison

    acetone found in nail polish remover

    butane found in cigarette lighter fluid

    DDT found in insecticides

    formaldehyde: to preserve dead bodies

    sulfuric acid found in car batteries

    cadmium: used to recharge batteries

    freon: damages earth’s ozone layer

    geranic acid: a fragrance

    methoprene: a pesticide

    maltitol: a sweetener not permitted to be used in foods in the U.S.

    There are over 400 chemicals in cigarrettes these are just a few.


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    FDR sent out a new line of stamps with a picture of him on it. After a few weeks people were complaining that the stamps didnt stick. Roosevelt made a full research inquiry and figured out the reason why the stamps werent sticking. Everyone was spitting on the wrong side!!!!!

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    a lady dies. She goes to heaven. An angel comes to her and says “here is your life video. plz make it shorter so god wont have to waste so much time looking at it.” The lady takes the video and edits it until only the good bits remain. Then she puts all the rubbish bits of the video in the bin. She calls back the angel and says ” Here is my life video in 3 hrs.” The angel says ” Thanx. That’s for you. I just need this. ” Then he picks up the bin and leaves.

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    light travels faster than sound. Thats why pple look bright before they speak!!!

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    the seminaries cant control what you do. but lots of seminaries dont allow you to come back after you are engaged.

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    i meant not too jappy not happy. I would love to go to an optimistic and lively place.

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    can you specify why you dont think i should go? What other seminaries do you suggest? Thanx

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    i want to go to a seminary that is much more hashkaffa based rather than academic. I dont want the girls to be yeshivish or happy. I want to grow but i dont want to go to a place that is too inspiring coz that goes in one ear and out the other. Im leaning towards pninim but i think i wanna go one level higher. (spiritually, not academically). I am very smart but I have a problem translating hebrew. I listen to secular music and watch secular movies. I go to a beis yaakov school but i’m not a bais yaakov girl at all. Rabbi meisels sounds amazing so keser chaya is looking good. Binas looks too academic. I dont know anyone who went to keser chaya or is going.I want to have fun in israel but i dont want to waste a year there with no learning. I want to go on plenty of tiyulim, I dont want there to be much hw. Please help me!!!!

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