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  • pixelate: Everybody many times encounter situations that require an on-the-spot decision that may have halachic ramifications without the ability to ask a shaila.

    PF: Half the human race have different rules and regulations than the other half. That is true as a legal matter.

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    “Additionally (gasp) daas torah can be wrong.”

    jbaldy: Are they “wrong” every time you disagree with daas Torah? Otherwise how will you know when they are wrong?

    “this is a matter that (ironically) should be discussed with ones rebbi.”

    You suggest one should discuss daas Torah with… daas Torah. No one can disagree with that point.

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    charliehall: But if they hadn’t organized and angled and fought for sovereignty and a State for the preceding 50 years then there wouldn’t have been a war that caused our loss of access.

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    Well, are you a guy or a gal… it kinda makes a difference when discussing height in shidduchim.

    As far as considering height, a tall guy can marry anyone – a tall girl or a short girl. A short girl can marry anyone – a tall guy or a short guy.

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    There’s no way to define in words a clear cut explanation of who has Daas Torah. Maybe the rabbi in the corner shul, being a talmid chochom, is the same Daas Torah as Rav Shteinman? How do you explain why he is not? You know it when you see it. When the world accepts someone as one of the greats in the Torah world, he is Daas Torah. And he is greater than other talmidei chachomim.

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    “Indeed. But does that mean that what they say is definitively how the Torah wants us to behave?”

    Even if it can’t be asserted definitively, it is definitively better to trust their judgement of how the Torah wants us to behave than to trust our own judgement on that. They are much more likely than us to be correct in knowing how the Torah wants us to behave. And if you think they are wrong in advising what the Torah wants, in all likelihood it is us who is wrong.

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    And it would be a good idea for people to ask those with greater Torah knowledge to share how the Torah wants us to behave in various life situations.

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    DaasYochid: We can quibble over the exact age, but do you agree with my observation that guys are getting married at an older age today than what was common 15 years ago?

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    While attending a marriage seminar in Lakewood on communications, Chaim and his wife Shira listened to the instructor declare, “It’s essential that husbands and wives are aware of the things that are important to each other.”

    He addressed the men, “Can you describe your wife’s favorite flower?”

    Chaim leaned over to his wife and asked in a whisper, “Kemach All-Purpose, isn’t it?”

    The rest of the story is not pleasant…

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    Syag: Bein adam lchaveiro, anyone can be mochel someone else even if he is undeserving or didn’t even ask. Your scenario is getting mechila bein adam lmokom.

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    My daughter doesn’t know it either.

    in reply to: What do trolls really want? #1014629

    A poster is called a troll when some feel his views are too extreme for their taste and cannot believe someone actually believes it. It makes these folks very queasy and uncomfortable to have to hear such views.

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