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    qwertyuiop –

    I got a laptop with Windows Vista around a year or two ago, and miss my old laptop (which had XP) dearly. I find Vista to be much slower, but I do believe that they might have improved it since it first came out…

    From what I’ve heard, on the whole people were much happier with XP than they are with Vista.

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    I don’t believe there are two “Hills”. IMHO they are one and the same person, so naturally they will hold the same views.

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    anonowriter – your menu looks great.

    Can you share the mango-apple crumble recipe? and the coffee caramel ice cream? and are the tofutti coffee pops homemade?


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    I was once on a date and the guy was driving down the highway when he suddenly realized that we were passing the exit that we were supposed to take. Well he tried taking it anyway, even though he was really too late and we ended up on this grassy incline. I just thanked G-d that it was one of those highways with hills and grass between the exits and that we didn’t crash into no mans land.

    Well, I was pretty cool about it on the date, and B”H we are living happily ever after. However, I do NOT let my husband drive me on highways – I’d sooner take public transportation if I have to…

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    String Beans:

    Sautee 1 onion until golden. Slice 1 box of fresh** mushrooms and sautee. Add red pepper (julienned) and sautee some more. Season with salt, garlic powder and paprika to taste. Add 8 oz whole, fresh** string beans and 1/4 cup of water. Simmer for 30-45 minutes or until desired tenderness.

    ** you can use canned mushrooms and frozen string beans, but it is definitely not as good

    Note – fresh mushrooms might need checking for bugs.

    Easy and Yum! Enjoy!

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    Friday Night:

    salmon with dill sauce, served on a bed of lettuce and garnished with veggies; marinated vegetable salad; whole wheat challah

    chicken soup with knaidlach, lukshen and veggies

    honey mustard chicken with toasted pine nuts

    pastrami knishes

    potato kugel

    lukshen kugel

    apple pie OR strawberry rhubarb crisp

    pumpkin bread

    hot string beans with mushrooms and peppers

    mint chocolate chip ice cream with hot brownie and mint sauce

    (might eat out for Shabbos Lunch)

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    oomis –

    Your corn kugel sounds very similiar to one that I make, except that mine does not have a topping. I am preferably looking for a kugel that can I can make in bulk and freeze, and my corn kugel recipe is really best when it goes straight from the oven onto the blech – I wouldn’t even serve it for Shabbos lunch for that reason. Does your version freeze? If so, I would definitely try yours. Also, I’m not familiar with the brand of crackers you specified for the topping – can you describe what type they are, so I can see if I can find a similiar cracker where I live?

    tzippi –

    We’re “sweet” people. Basically, the only kugel that my husband and kids will eat that isn’t sweet is potato kugel. I occasionally make a zucchini/vegetable kugel, and have made an onion kugel which I liked, but broccoli, spinach, cauliflower etc is out.

    The kugels I make which are popular around here are –

    Fruit Kugels – such as:

    Apple, Cranberry Apple, Cherry Apple, Blueberry Apple, Strawberry Apple, Strawberry Rhubarb, Cran-apple-strawberry, Peach Kugel, Apricot Kugel, and Pineapple Kugel.

    Other than those, I make:

    sweet lukshen kugel

    sweet potato kugel

    butternut squash kugel/muffins

    Pumpkin bread/muffins, pumpkin pie

    Carrot kugel/muffins, carrot pie

    corn kugel

    challah kugel

    -that’s all I can remember offhand

    What I’m really looking for now, is a really simple kugel that has minimal prep time, and preferable doesn’t use a mixer or food processor. I only have a couple of those type of recipes, and then if we have two really busy weeks in a row, I run out of ideas for what to make. (My family are real kugel people, so we usually have a few kugels per week, which is why I feel like I’m making the same kugels all the time…)

    I appreciate everyone’s responses and recipes… Please keep them coming!

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    ICOT –

    I didn’t either have a problem with the question, or I wouldn’t have asked him the same question.

    Being that we are all agreed that this is an OK question to ask –

    Joseph: do you daven by Rav Feivel??

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    Thanks, intellegent!

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    Shindy –


    I use whole wheat pasta, and then you have a full, healthy meal, in one dish!

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    Shtark bochur –

    So I realized. I was just wondering if he is a mispallel there, too. Apparently, it is OK for him to ask someone else this question, but when it comes to himself, he’s pleading the fifth.

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    gefilta fish – can you give a hint as to the name of the site that you are referring to?

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    intellegent –

    You can stretch it with eggs and breadcrumbs/matzoh meal, and it goes much farthur than a piece of chicken does.

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    Here’s our easiest supper. It’s also a real hit.


    Cooked pasta (spaghetti)

    skinless, boneless chicken breasts, cut into bite-sized pieces

    1 onion, diced

    1 can mushrooms

    1 of each color pepper, diced or julienned

    1/4 cup soy sauce

    1/2 cup oil


    garlic powder


    Mix all ingredients in 9″x13″ and bake covered @ 350 for 1 hour.

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    I’m still not sure how to do the tags business…

    Can anyone please provide detailed step-by-step instructions for the technologically retarded amongst us?


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    For those who can’t part with their fleishig meal – using ground beef/turkey/chicken is much more economical than serving reg chicken tops/bottoms. It can stretch really far and there are many, many recipes out there for ground meat etc, so you don’t feel like you’re eating the same thing…

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    Joseph: you took the liberty of asking ICOT whether he is a mispallel by Rav Feivel earlier in this thread.

    Are YOU a mispallel by Rav Feivel?

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