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    BYM stated: There were no overarching objectives in what we were taught. Definitely no reasoning skills beyond a fifth-grade level. We are taught – the facts. And the “proofs” given from the text to support whatever it was were at best, weak. Many times, they seemed non-sensical to me. In fact, I remember as a kid thinking that I could also “make up a proof like that”.

    Writersoul stated: She said that when she started to have doubts she pretty much stopped teaching or advising, if I remember correctly.

    I don’t think it’s true. If you look above at what she wrote, seems to me it started way before she started teaching.

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    When I was younger, adults did and said things in front of me that they assumed was fine because I wouldn’t understand. Now that I’m older I still remember some of those things and I do understand. They would be mighty embarrassed if they knew.

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    When I was young I thought I was the smartest person alive. Now I realize there was someone smarter alive then.

    But he’s dead now.

    Explain please

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    Golfer: Actually the last line of her post shows very clearly that the previous paragraph was toungue-in-cheek.

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    I’m curious to know, anyone have stories of:

    1- someone who was really unhappy before the marriage and wanted to break it off, but got married, and ended up being really happy? Or the reverse?

    2- someone who broke off the engagement, and after got married to someone else, and then regretted breaking off the first shidduch?

    in reply to: Which organization should I volunteer at? #971518

    Thanks to all who responded.

    I live in Brooklyn.

    If anyone has more ideas, I would love to hear them.

    in reply to: Why Can't Women Get Modern Smicha and Become Rabbis? #1071613

    Have you ever tried to have a halachic discussion with a woman? Now you know why women can’t become rabbis. Their bought process with respect to Torah is very different.

    In what way? Care to explain?

    in reply to: Should kids have locks on their bedroom doors? #1002520

    I think the-art-of-moi has a very good point. Parents should never allow their teenage children to be in a locked room for a long time that has internet access.

    Gamanit: While what you said is true, I assume that access in a locked room is much much much much more dangerous than using the library or even an internet cafe.

    This name is already taken: I highly doubt it.

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    How much does a boy mature after marriage? If a boy is immature at 20, will he suddenly become mature after marriage?

    in reply to: Precious Eggs #969130

    Final point: I don’t see any “burned out kids” from helping at home, am I really that oblivious?

    Coming from a large family myself ke”h, I can say there is such a thing as being burned out, and/or a feeling of taken advantage of that never ever leaves the person. Possibly, it would have happened if my family was smaller too, I do not know.

    As for being just part of a group, I don’t think that is true. Even in a family of two, parents can show favoritism, and that will cause one child to feel like a nothing.

    Why can’t you just say the truth? That you can’t look at your watch while you need to keep you eyes on the kids swimming.

    computer programs give the answer 14

    in reply to: Who is Mordechai Schmutter? #967031

    There is a huge difference between pba and schmutter (it’s his real name).

    Schmutter is funny while never insulting anyone and doesn’t say things that are inappropriate.

    On the other hand, PBA, for the sake of writing something …………….

    in reply to: Anyone know any moving stories… #966306

    writersoul: Usually when people refuse to speak to relatives for a long time, it’s due to pride. Eventually, the anger disipates and then they can’t make that first move. But when and if they do make that move, even if they feel forced to do so at that time, they will be able to move past their hurt and respond to each other with love. Blood is thicker than water.

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    musser zoger: who did you go to?

    in reply to: Anyone know any moving stories… #966300

    Machlokes Kills

    In Parshat Korach we read about the terrible machlokes [strife] between Korach and his cronies against Moshe Rabbeinu. The sad result was that the ground opened up and swallowed Korach and his family and a fire came out and consumed his 250 followers. Here we find an anomaly. Normally we know that children are not susceptible to Divine punishment but in this instance the children were the subject of the Divine wrath and were swallowed up by the ground.

    Rashi [16/27] is bothered by the fact that children were punished. He answers that the harm of machlokes is so great that even children suffer the consequences.

    The question remains – Machlokes Shmachlokes, children are not liable to punishment?! Explains the Holy Maharal in the Gur Aryeh: It is true that children aren’t liable to punishment but here wasn’t a case of punishment. The REALITY of quarrels brings in its wake terrible consequences. When someone eats poison he is not PUNISHED when he dies. The reality of poison is that it kills. Kabbala teaches that machlokes was created on the second day of creation [when Hashem split between the upper and lower waters] together with gehenom. Machlokes IS gehenom. Since the children were present there was no alternative – they had to suffer. The fire of strife burns regardless of whether a person is old enough to be held accountable. I have seen numerous times in my lifetime the dangers of machlokes. Families, shuls, schools – wherever there are Jews there seems to be some machlokes somewhere and it destroys.

    I take this a step further. If machlokes is gehenom then shalom and ahava – the opposite of machlokes – is gan eden. There is nothing better. When you meet another Jew there is no greater bracha you can bestow upon them than SHALOM. Shalom is wholeness, a sense of belonging, of being part of everything and everything being a part of you. It is feeling that you are part and parcel of all existence and are critical to its continued functioning. Shalom is the receptacle for all Divine blessings [end of Uktzin].

    Posted by; Mevakesh Lev in Mevakeshlev website

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    moi aussi: One may not eat meat (nor drink wine) after Tisha B’av even if it’s a nitcha. However, if it’s a nitcha, the following morning one may.

    in reply to: A Handwriting Analysis Changed Me! #969820

    I had my handwriting analyzed and it changed my life. When I read the report, it was like ruach hakodesh. Amazingly accurate. And I got to know what I had to work on.

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    Women would prefer to be married to anyone at all than to be single.

    This can’t be true.

    in reply to: Yiddish Translation #962358

    Golfer: thank you

    in reply to: Locking bedroom door when lending apartment #963120

    SlichosGenendel: Any normal person should understand why the bedroom door was locked. The fact you could not and even found it creepy sounds very creepy to me.

    in reply to: Yiddish Translation #962350

    What does the yiddish word latish mean?

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