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    nonpashut-Thank you for your words of wisdom. You forgot to add unless you speak ivrit at a 4th or 5th grade level, Israel will be hard to survive.There are too many nuances in the language, that you can feel like an outsider even though you live there. Ulpan (Hebrew Language School) is available, you may be learning the language with Russians who are very sharp and may learn and speak better than you and your family. Come with a lot of Savings, because parnossa may be difficult unless you are able to speak the language. One last word of caution in the aliya process,when your container arrives by boat, pray your lift is not among 30% opened. This is where the fun begins, because the Israeli Tax People can charge you more than the value of the items in the container. Maybe we need to wait until Moshiac comes to settle in EY.

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    MOMMYOFTWO- Have you ever considered the possibility of Home Schooling? This is becoming a viable option for families who do not like mainstreaming, or can not find a place for their children to learn. The advantage is a one to one, instead of one teacher with many students. Learning can take place in a more creative and original environment. Keep looking for an appropriate school for your daughter, good luck.

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    The DNA Shoah Project is building a genetic data base of people who lost family members during the Holocaust. This data base will help reunite families torn apart during wartime and aid in identifying victims of the Nazi regime who remain buried anonymously throughout Europe. http://www.dnashoah.org

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    Sammygol- I am not wondering about genetic diseases. I may be related to Dovid Ha Melech on my Mother`s side, and by doing the DNA testing may help determine this. The DNA. test is quite simple, all one has to do is swab the inner cheek with a Q tip. Some day I would like to do a Family Tree of my Paternal and Maternal Lines tracing the history (of my family) as far as I can. I guess I am interested in my Genealogical Roots.

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    noitallmr- You are right consuming sugar will help contribute to gaining weight. Exercise is important in burning calories that could potentially be converted into fat. Chewing each bite full many times may help digestion and the dieting process. Fiber consumption in the form of eating Whole Grains (which are complex carbohydrates as opposed to simple carbohydrates) , Nuts, Seeds, Fruits and Vegetables may help one advance in their dieting efforts. Drinking water is also helpful in weight reduction.

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    Tal- I don`t have Cancer. Did not mean to mislead anybody, I was curious if other factors (besides Genetics) are responsible for Cancer. Eating healthy is important to me, as it has been for over 35 years. Everybody has to make the decision whether we eat to live or live to eat. Tal again thanks for concern.

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    think 613-how does Catapult Learning pressure your institution to accept their program? Who is in charge of their program? Is it possible to legally fight and challenge them?

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    Genetics, Enviromental, Diet, Lack of Exercise, Anger, Atitude, and the list goes on, all these things may predispose one to RL having Cancer. Does Sloan Kettering do research using Alternative Methods such as Herbal, Medicinal Mushrooms, Chinese, Aruvedic… Hadassah in Jerusalem did at one time, I dont know if they are doing it today. If these Hospitals dont, are there treatment centers in the World that do. Are there any Posters doing rearch with Alternatives to Chemotherapy and Radiation?

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    Gilla -I think Yisurim are tests/ opportunities Hashem gives us because he loves us. This may be related to our level of Emunah. I just started reading a book called The Garden Of Emunah by Rabbi Shalom Arush. The book is available in Hebrew, also it has been translated to English. Perhaps reading this book will help.

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    Veyatziv- Have you tried Green or White Tea? These teas have less cafeine than Coffee and may be what you are looking for in a drink to finish the nightly chores.

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    Squeak- Ginseng and Gurana may be not the beverage as a Coffee substitute. I have used the herb in tincture, extract and chewed the actual root. I personally found the herb mentally stimulating. The health effects are questionable, so pass over Ginseng as a choice. Gurana is a herb with a similar molecule structure as Coffee. One cup of Gurana Tea is equivalent to 8cups of Coffee. I am not sure Gurana is a resposible choice. From my own personal experiance possibly Fruit and Vegetable Juices with the inclusion of Wheat and Barley Juices as a part of your Beverage regiman. Instead of an Expresso Machine consider purchasing a Champion Juicer. Besides the Rambam tells us it is a mitzvah to shomar the guf. Everybody must make a conscious decision if we eat to live or live to eat. I know this a little off the topic of drinking 2-3 cups of Coffee each day, but I thought that suggesting other possibilities might be healthful.

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    There are substitutes for Coffee that may be healthier choices. Ginseng, Gurana Which is actually many times more potent then Coffee, I heard Noni is another possibility. Save up for a fruit and vegetable juicer, and start juicing for energy for life. Go to your local Health Food Store to explore other possibilities.

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    Feivel- you are 100% correct. Protein and amino’s are important, but so are fruits and veggies. A 12 year old is not savvy (in most cases), to know about their proper diet and nutritional needs.

    Heshy- SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL HEALTH FOOD STORE! Don`t be victim to the SAD(Standard Ashkenazim Diet). Cereal is Breakfast not Dinnertime food.

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