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    I think the reason the Jews had no problem, was that all the 10 makot from Hashem were directed against the Mitzri and not the Jews. I read that the Egyptians dug round about the Nile, because the Nile was so contaminated with blood from the dead fish and worms. Sam2 I didn’t realize that the Egyptians built subterranean streams. This makes sense as the ground water would have been too contaminated and unsanitary to drink. The Nile was swarming with frogs, but Hashem removed the frogs from the Nile, and they died on the land in huge heaps.

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    Thanks nem621. Old man you are right. My original question was specifically for people living outside-not in EY. People who live in chutz l’aretz who daven Nusach Ashkenaz,generally do not say tal in their silent amidah. One exception outside EY that I know of is, if someone who would normally daven Nusach Ashkenaz in a tal shul and they were leading the minion , then the minhag at the shul to say tal would be said by the Nusach Askenazer leading the minion who would normally not say tal. This is done out of derech eretz for the Chasidim and/or Sephardim shul daveners in that particular shul. What I heard is that people living in EY all say tal. I am assuming that the minhag in EY is to do so.

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    yanki613 tefilas geshem is said by everyone. My point for starting this thread was to find the source of Nusach Ashkenaz for the omission of tal. Sam2 what dof in Tanis is this refrence found? Would one who davens Nusach Ashkenaz include tal, if they were leading the minion in a shul that says tal?

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    SaysMe-Try this combination for relief of sore muscles. Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin D3. As a side please get tested(a simple blood test)to determine what level your Vitamin D is at. Salmon(hopefully non farmed)is a good source of Vitamin D as Mushrooms are too. Take advantage of the Vitamin D natural supplementation from the Sun. All these suggestions and more such as eating more Alkaline Foods will help reduce the sore feeling. Good luck and feel better.

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    Sephardim also say Morid Ha Tal too. I heard that people that daven Nusach Ashkenaz in EY, have adopted the Sephardi minhag and say Tal there. I hope my question/observations are clear/accurate and understandable.

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    This thread makes me think of delicious and healthy Sauerkraut too.

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    More ideas-Peppermint or Spearmint Tea, Green Tea, Fennel Tea.. All the teas need to be certified Kosher for Pesach obviously. Whole Ginger, or Cinnamon Squills both using a grater are also good for digestion.

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    This works for me very well. Every time you eat one whole Machine or Hand Matzah drink at least eight to sixteen ounces of plain(hopefully filtered)drinking water. The other thing that works for me is to add the juice from a lemon wedge to tepid(not hot or cold) water. Hydrating with water will help move the food gently through the digestive tract. Only add lemon juice(from the wedge)during Chol Ha Moed. Lemon Juice added to water is even better, because Lemon Juice will make the body more Alkaline and less Acidic. Eating fruits, vegetables and nuts are good for the fiber content. Always drink only lots of clean water, this will help move the food through the entire digestive tract, and hopefully prevent a sour stomach. If possible limit fizzy sodas to a minimal. WIY feel better-this is to your health. Have a great Pesach.

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    aidel-I looked at a youtube about ADHD, and I learned a fascinating idea from this youtube. Sometimes ADHD children have vision problems instead. Children(according to this Holistic Doctor)are being treated with Ritalin and similar meds.,when this may just be a vision problem. Does your friends son wear glasses, or has he ever had his eyes tested by an Optometrist? Has the boy been tested for allergies? Does he get enough sleep at night, and eat a nutritious breakfast before leaving his home? Perhaps his lack of concentration is diet related. I would suggest that the family look for and seek the services of a Holistic Physician instead of spending money on Natural Remedies, which may or may not help the boy focus and concentrate in school better. If the Holistic Doctor can test and treat the boy, and give his diagnosis(as well as prescribe the appropriate medication)this would probably be money better spent-imho. This is a much better idea of helping the boy and helping create normalcy in his family.

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    on the market. The simplest way is by using dental hygiene-i.e. brushing and flossing your teeth every day. Make sure you get a periodic dental exam for cavities, or an unsuspecting tooth that needs to be pulled/extracted. Another thing you can do is either drink fennel tea, or chew fennel seeds-extracting the essence from the seed and then spit it out. This will help purify your breath naturally. Fennel seeds have an additional benefit by helping digestion.

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    Snowbunny3318 ask your doctor for a diet for gastritis that your mother can prepare for you, and maybe help heal your condition. If possible avoid junk food, and try to substitute with healthier choices. Feel better.

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    Snowbunny3318 ask your doctor for a diet for gastritis that your mother can prepare for you, and maybe help heal your condition. If possible avoid junk food, and try to substitute with healthier choices. Feel better.

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    popa_bar_abba did you solve your mouse problem?

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    I think personally akuperma is spot on. How do I know this, because I personally so far have lost twenty five pounds. I would like to lose an additional twelve to fourteen pounds. This was done by eliminating cakes and cookies, and exercising on an exercise bicycle. Start juicing fruits and vegetables for weight loss and health. There is so much information available by googling on line for juice recipes. Public libraries have health sections with juice books, as well as diet and recipe books on their shelves waiting to be read. If I lost weight anybody can. Why go through surgery when weight loss can be achieved, by substituting what one eats for other foods, portion control exercise and more.

    in reply to: Teenager Caught Smoking Cigarettes – Any Advice? #916947

    007 moderator I like your response, because it is based in practical reality. If one really cares/values/loves someone, then sometimes extreme measures are called for. Visiting an Oncology ward in a hospital and speaking to lung cancer patient and an oncologist, may be what is needed to help stop this destructive habit. Alternatively I would suggest that achosid invest in a juicer, and start(giving the fruit or vegetable juice to the seventeen year old)juicing for the health. Let the natural goodness of real concentrated foods help restore the damage done from smoking. As the father of medicine said “Let Food Be Your Medicine”.

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    Wolf & greatest I said/wrote in the second instance I heard about a baby naming where the biological mother named her daughter after herself. The mother was Ashkenzi. I was not aware al pi halacha this was done. Has anyone ever heard of this practice?

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    Use crumbled oregano, and put/place where the infestation is. Bedbugs do not like the scent of oregano. This is a much healthier option than telephoning a bug exterminator to spray poison in your home. Actually being that it is winter now, maybe you could freeze the bedbugs in your home/apartment. This would require finding an alternative place to stay for few days, while the bedbugs are being cold killed.

    in reply to: Naming a grandchild from a living relative #917178

    Both baby naming’s I wrote about were from Ashkanazi families. Can a baby from an Ashkanazi family be named from a living grandparent? Also can an Ashkanazi family name their daughter after the mother?

    in reply to: Unfriendly dogs #1014849

    Thanks everyone for your responses. I said in my opening post that I have a rather long peppered black/white/grey colored beard. I think the problem is that dogs feel uncomfortable with men wearing beards especially a long one with several different colors. Dogs acting unfriendly aggressively when I am in their territory, has happened too many times to me. I am fairly laid back, and don’t generally provoke dogs. I have a dilemma as I think my beard may be the source of the provocative behavior in dogs. I don’t want to shave or cut my beard, because I am frum. I asked if other posters(men with beards)have had a similar experience with dogs. Today(from my own personal experience)too many dog owners let their dogs go unleashed. People have called their dogs off when it appeared their unleashed dogs were acting too aggressively towards me. I like animals in general, but do not like incessant barking and growling. I live in Australia, but I agree with akuperma that leash laws are almost probably the same worldwide. I would appreciate your feedback.

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    I agree with zahavasdad I don’t care for the taste of coffee either. Fortunately Hashem created other plants for energy. Green, Black and White Teas for starters. Ginseng, Guarana, Yerba Mate, Rooisbos and numerous other choices.

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    Iced and Uneeq thank you kindly for responding. At this point I do not want to change my password. I have placed the password in a place that is convenient for me to locate now when I need to do so. Uneeq at least you received an email with a link to continue, as I received nothing after about seven attempts. The main point is I found my password and now I can log on any time I want to. I will have to check the setting to see if YW has my correct email address. Thank you kindly again for your assistance. This is part of the baggage of moving from one house to a new one. It is easy for things to become misplaced when moving into the new home.

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    You are better off investing in a decent set of snow tires. I think snow tires will give you better traction in different depths of snow on the road. Also snow tires grip the black ice well, and may reduce the potential of skidding. I am writing this from personal experience of having owned a set over five years ago. I was living in an area that receives many feet of snowfall each winter. There was not one time when I felt endangered from losing my control driving with snow tires. They are somewhat expensive, but worth every penny.

    in reply to: Homoepathic & Naturapathic Medicine #860951

    I asked this question before, but have not gotten an answer. Any Poster that went to Medical School how many Course hours in Diet and Nutrition did you study? The father of Medicine said “Let Food Be Your Medicine”, and the Converse as well “Let Medicine Be Your Food”. The Rambam used to help heal (with Hashems help) patients by grinding up Roots and Herbs that grew in his vicinity. I do not want to bash the Conventional Medical Community, as I feel this is not representative of Natural health. My point being if one personally has studied how to heal by reading Books, Attending Lectures etc. on how to heal Naturally through Diet and Nutrition as well as Alternative Treatments this good. Not doing so may be limiting the final outcome of the Doctor Patient Visit and Treatment.

    in reply to: IfIf a food is Kosher for Pesach for Ashkenazi and Sephardi.? #859362

    Thanks for all the responses. I agree Quinoa purchased must have a Certified Kosher for Pesach label. I went to the OU website, and looked up Quinoa, whether it is considered Kitniyot for Ashkenazim and Sephardim. I was advised by them not to purchase Quinoa for Pesach, because the OU Mashkichim are evenly divided and no clear majority as far as the Kitniyot question. They wanted to be machmir -fair enough.

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    Thank you haifagirl I think you are right that it is not healthy to suppress a sneeze. I was thinking one might damage their eardrum. Please feedback from the Medical (Doctors and Nurses) Posters.

    in reply to: Impatience #859123

    Hershi perhaps you can arrange a meeting with you Rav. to discuss this, as he knows you better than any poster on YW. Another possibility is to get a Medical Exam from your GP. Lastly it could be Diet Related, perhaps a visit to the Health Food Store for Kosher Vitamins or other Supplements might help you with your midos.

    in reply to: ChiropractoróBelieve It or Not #973137

    1st timer I would also consider seeing an Osteopath. An Osteopath is an Alternative Holistic Doctor to a Chiropractor who works with the entire Physiology using manipulative techniques as part of the healing. I would contact the Osteopathic Society where ever the boys family lives for more information about Osteopathy also to inquire about a recommendation, referral/names of people that were treated by a particular Osteopath, how much it would cost for a treatment and other pertinent questions. In other words the family of the boy need to do their homework to find the right Osteopath for treatment if and only if Osteopathy would be a more helpful route to pursue. I hope the boy gets relief from his pain and suffering, and his family makes the most informed choice for his treatment.

    in reply to: Seizures #869878

    Sacrilege Virgin Coconut Oil is high in Ketones. There is an interesting Blog on line known as the Coconut Resource Center that has a lot of useful information about the benefits of using Virgin Coconut Oil. Dr. Bruce Fife(who is the Administrator of this Blog) has compiled a lot of useful information about healthy nature of VCO. Virgin Coconut Oil (Kosher Certified in my case) is healthier than Olive Oil, which has a higher burning temperature. Sacrilege or anybody who posts here please read more about the benefits of including VCO. into your diet. Organic is probably an even healthier option.

    in reply to: french fries #851050

    aidel_maidel use Kosher Certified Virgin Coconut Oil as your Oil for frying. This is the healthiest, even healthier than Olive Oil. Baking them with Virgin Coconut Oil is a healthier way to prepare.

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    I think it it a gentle to the stomach and good for people who have GERD.

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    Syag Lchochma If want a good water try Kosher Certified Coconut Water. CW is hydrating, refreshing, a good source of Electrolytes, easy to digest and not too expensive.

    in reply to: Causes of heartburn #850195

    Diet is important for GERD, and there are foods that are bland such as Avocados, Papayas even Coconuts and many more that are not Acidic Foods and may help a GERD sufferer. I agree with you CAD and g m that Acid Reflux is dangerous if not treated (by a GP) for this condition. This is why I suggested anyone who is suffering with GERD might want be treated by a Holistic Physician. There are such Doctors (unfortunately not many) who were schooled in Traditional Medicine, and also know Alternatives such as Diet/Nutrition, the Botanical Kingdom, Acupuncture maybe Aromatherapy and a lot more. All I can say is (if one is Suffering from GERD) pray to Hashem that he sends to you such a Healer.

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    CR nutritionist you asked the cause of heart burn I think personally, and from my own personal experience (I am not a nutritionist)it is from consuming too many Acidic and not enough Alkaline Foods. One thing that might help is to pour about a cap full of kosher certified Apple Cider Vinegar in a cup of water to help neutralize the acid in the stomach, drinking kosher certified Coconut Water is Alkaline and like Apple Cider Vinegar can help make the Stomach Acid more Alkaline. Try to find a Holistic GP. that knows about Diet and Nutrition-good luck. Many more suggestions that have worked for me, but lets start with these examples.

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    I forgot to add WIY that I tried to install the computer plug, my computer advised me against doing this as it would damage my computer.

    in reply to: Duties of The Heart Rabbenu Bachya #896093

    WIY thanks for your response. I found an excellent Shiur given by Rabbi Noach Oelbaum, unfortunately I cannot view as well listen due to technical difficulties. I need a special computer plug to watch the video given by Rabbi Oelbaum, and I cannot hear the Shiur because I do not own an mp3. I own the Sefer but as of yet I have not found a way to learn it.

    in reply to: swallowing pills #844596

    Thanks oomis I was not aware of that. Alternatively aidel_maidel as has been suggested a chew able tablet might be easier for you to swallow.

    in reply to: Pharaohs name #844513

    Thank you DaasYochid, MDG, and tzaddik for explaining why the word changes the way it is written.

    in reply to: swallowing pills #844591

    aidel_maidel in the event a substitute chew able or a liquid source of the tablet is not sold there are tablets crushers (I happen to own one, and have used the pill crusher many times for this purpose) that sold at the Pharmacy/Chemist. They are quite useful to crush and reduce the size of bigger tablets, so one can swallow the pill/tablet easier. I assume one (using the pill crusher) could crush the tablet to a dust form and mix it with Apple Sauce or some other food.

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    emlf and HolyMoe are right. Ginger is a known natural remedy for an upset tummy, as well as apples, because both foods are alkaline. Alkaline Foods can help balance health problems(car sickness) in the tummy/gut. Yogurt would also be a good food also to eat providing you ate this in the beginning of your trip, because of the perish ability of milk products. Why do I suggest eating this, because Yogurt is an example of a probotic food that has an active culture(healing to the tummy), this may help you cope with your car trip. OP I hope you feel better on your next car trip.

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    Middle Path you are right mods please close this thread.

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    Lemony I think you need to see a Holistic Physician that knows about Diet and Nutrition as well ASAP. I think IBS is diet related to the health state of the Colon like Colitis, Diverticulitis… I think such a Holistic Doctor could help you immensely. Unfortunately I do not the cost involved, and I do not if financially if you could afford to do this. Health begins in the Gut, and this is my gut reaction to the state of your health. Feel better Lemony have a good Shabbos.

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    LemonySnicket I think you need to make an appointment with your GP/PCP/Doctor ASAP. let your Doctor examine/diagnose, do not attempt to do so yourself. If you need a referral let that be the decision of your Doctor. Start here refuah sheleimah feel better LemonySnicket.

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    Who is right as far the order for first the left hand then right hand when cutting the fingernails-SaysMe in that order of fingernails or the order of fingernails described by real israeli? I am confused who is correct.

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    Thanks Don’t get me wrong!

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    Which hand are the fingernails cut first-right or left?

    in reply to: Snoring #1042039

    OP- start simple by purchasing a Neti Pot at the local health Food Store. A Neti Pot is a Ceramic or hard Plastic Vessel that you fill with Salt Water, and use to Irrigate the Nostrils as well as the Sinus Cavity. There could be something simple like Mucus Obstructing the Nasal Passage way in both Nostrils the Neti Pot can flush the excess Mucus from the Nostrils. If the Neti Pot does not work, then go to the Pharmacy and purchase either good sound proof ear plugs or a device the person could use to help lessen the Snore. Lastly if all these methods fail then make an appointment with an Ear/Nose/Throat Specialist to help determine the cause of the Snoring. Good luck!

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    Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils are another option to smell on a Fast Day, except I don’t know the Bracha to say on either Lavender or Peppermint Oils. Both Essential Oils are relaxing and would help ease the Fast. I have personally used Lavender Essential Oil (for Yom Kippur) and other people liked smelling the scent.

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    Is this why the Havdalah Candle is braided?

    in reply to: whats the Brocho for peanut butter? #813668

    @Peacemaker Almond Butter is healthier than Peanut Butter. Almond Butter is a good source of protein and good to eat before a fast. AB will give koach to have ample strength to last the fast.

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    If someone has a good Immune System why would they necessarily get sick or RL. a disease. Or do I need to get as shot to protect my Immune System from contracting the Sickness or Disease. I feel to understand this kind of logic. Op if your relatives children are healthy happy specimens and enjoying Hashems Blessing for good health,do family members need to be immunized to protect themselves from a population that has shot protection? I don’t understand the logic behind this.

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