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    Shlishi thanks for starting this thread. When I lived in EY many years ago, I davened Neitz and I remember people counting Sefira at the Minion instead of during Marriv. Do other Posters count during Shacarit, and why then instead of at the end of Maaiv? My question is, is it a personal Minhag to count in the Morning?

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    2c talk to a Parent,Rav, or your Primary Care Physcian. What you are describing sounds like an Emotional Issue you are going through. It could be Health Related, so an Exam by your PCP may be in order. Do this ASAP. please do not delay. I hope you feel better.

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    amama thanks for your answer to my question.

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    What is the reason for the Minhag? Why the Shabbos after Pesach?

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    OP try a cup of Lemon Balm and Valarian Root Tea. This combination is very calming and good for Insomnia.

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    Shrek try this put two capfuls of Apple Cider Vinegar in a cup of Water. Drink this as will alakaize the acidity causing the Heartburn. If this does not work make an appointment with your Gp., for an Examination. Feel better.

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    My .02- Do you drink Cafeine (Cola or Coffee) before retiring?


    Eclipse try this in the Morning put two capfuls of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of Water. Apple Cider Vinegar is Alkaline, and can help improve your Immune System. Do this before eating Breakfast. In fact wait about one half hour before eating after drinking this. This a quite healthy thing to do first thing in the Morning.

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    Shrek I agree with some of the other posters, that you need to be examined by a Doctor. If possible try to find a Pysician that knows Alternative Medicine including Diet and Nutrition. I still believe making a change in your diet could help you.

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    Shrek the Heartburn during Pesach is from Digestive Problems. Let me give you practical suggestions: 1. Eat Fruit- Apples, Pears, Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots, Papaya and more; 2. Nuts in Shells-Walnuts, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Hazel Nuts…3.Teas-Fennel,Spearmint, Peppermint, Green Tea, Rooibos… All these Teas must have a Hectsher for Pesach from a reliable Kashrus Org. The crux is to prevent Constipation by either eating Fruits and Nut Fiber, or make Salads with Lettuce, Carrots, Avacado, Tomato and more. Drink plenty of Water and limit Fizzy Sodas. Water pushes the food through the Digestive System. Drink Dry Wines during the Seder, much healthier than Sweet and Semi Dry. Try to select Wine with low Sulfite and a small amount of perservatives. Good luck may you not be uncomfortable with faulty Digestive Problems during pesach.

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    I spoke to Rabbi Pinchas Chaim Scheinberg. This is what he told me about Beard Length and about trimming my mustache which I do.

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    I was told personally by a Gadol in EY that the Beard could be long, but the Mustache needs to be trim.

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    OP make an appointment to see and be examined by a Dermatologist.

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    OP- Are Colon diseases Genetic or can the Colon be improved by substituting changes in ones diet? I guess I am wondering if a Nutrionist could help. Are there CR. Posters that a Nutrionist or other Alternative Treatments helped their Colon malady?

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    OP- See a Dentist! Don’t delay! Feel better soon.

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    Charlie according to Chabad.Org-Candles are nice, but some trace the custom of placing candles on a birthday cake To an ancient Greek custom. This was the practice of celebrating the birthday of one of their pagan gods. This was reported by Philchrous.

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    StuffedCabbage- Make an appointment with an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor, and let the Doctor examine the Throat Nodules. Refua Shalaimah. Don’t delay.

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    adorable- What icot wrote makes sense, get a second opinion from another Dentist.

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    Emunah is the crux, we need to get close to Hashem. One needs to ask not what we want, but to do Hashems will.

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    Ofcource I am pretty sure I am right about no need for a hechsher for Grains/Legumes if not processed. I repeat you must check thoroughly for Bugs/Worms and other creatures large and small before Cooking. Any Food Processed in a Factory snd sold in a Food/Health Food Shop needs a Hechsher. Please ask your Rav. by all means. Please ask him if there is a problem to eat Genetically Modified Grains and Legumes. Food purchased unprocessed is not as expensive, because you are not paying for anyones labor except for your own and your time to make your own food. Natural simple heimish food is yummy. If you are serious you would need to invest in a Slow Cooker/Pressure Cooker, and Cook Books. I live in the Southern Hemisphere so you will need to ask Brooklynites where to shop. Good Luck.

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    Ofcourse try if possible not to buy Whole Grains/Legumes that are GMO-Genetically Modified. I’ve wondered for awhile if it is a Shailah as far as eating food grown from such seed. This could be an interesting thread. GMO is a Global Problem, not a concern that just exists in the Northern Hemisphere.

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    Ofcource- As far as I know Grains in bags or in Bins with Scoops(not processed)do not need a hechsher, but they do need to be thoroughly checked for bugs and other things. If Whole Grains are manufactured in a Factory, then the product needs a hechsher. Ofcourse you can purchase all unprocessed Grains and Legumes at the Health Food Store.

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    AinOhdMilvado-Quinoa rocks (good choice) it is delicious and nutritious. Amaranath is also good tasting and very nutritious like Quinoa as a Breakfast Cereal. I eat Granola with Oat Milk and maybe fresh Blueberries(good source of antioxidents)on top. Then to finish Breakfast I take Supplements-Complete Multi Vitamin, Vitamin D3, Calcium/Magnesium, Omega3 Fish Oils and Probotics.

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    Mazel tov!

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    Constipation can cause Sciatica. If this is so try a cup of either Peppermint, or Fennel Tea. Fiber(Fruit, Vegetable, Whole Grain)is helpful to eat to help relieve Costipation. Papayas are delicious and can help a faulty digestive system.

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    OP you are right 100%, the only way this will change is for more Gadolim, RHs, and Physicians to come on strongly about this. Klal Yisroel is responsible for each other. We need Mussar from the ER Doctors who have witnessed this on Purim. Bochurim Smoking on Purim is another problem that needs to be addressed. The other thing that is not acceptable are people in an inenbriated state driving a vehicle after drinking Alcohol on Purim.

    in reply to: Getting Up In The Morning #745882

    Pashuteh the plant is spelled either Skullcap or Scullcap. The Latin or Botanical Name is-Scutellaria Lateriflora. You can google if you want. I am spot on about Scullcap helping promote restful sleep.

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    Obelix- Going to bed early no later than ten PM. helps. Wake at least several hours before you need to wake, so you have plenty of time to get ready and leave. Leave at least thirty to forty five minuits early to give yourself enough time to arrive at your destination on time. Eat your dinner meal several hours before going to sleep. Drink several hours before retiring, other wise your sleep will be interrupted using the wash room. Original ideas- Open the window a crack to let the nice crisp Winter Air enter, this will help for healthy restful sleep. Chamomile Tea, Valarian Root, Hops, Scullcap are examples of herbal teas to try that may help you sleep. Essential Oils- Chamomile (either Roman or German), Lavender, Marjoram Essential Oils dropped on your pillow will help you fall asleep. Good luck if these don’t work, I can suggest other ideas.

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    Kinesiology is muscle testing which identifies foods, supplements, essential oils and alot more that are beneficial for you. My old chiropractor used it to help select aromatherapy essential oils to adjust my spine. I think imho that by using the essential oils selected using kinesesiology helped not hindered the ajustment.

    in reply to: Best Wines for The Purim Seuda #1219891

    Semi Dry and Dry Wines (hopefully without Sulfites) are better for Diabetics, because there is less Sugar added than Sweet Wines.

    in reply to: Best Wines for The Purim Seuda #1219890

    The best wines are the Wines that are Sulfite Free. Ask the Manager at the the Liquor store for sugestions. Dry Wines are healthier than Sweet or Semi Dry. The less Sugar added, the lower the Alcohol content. Sweet Wines may be more taxing to the body because of their Alcoholic Content. This may be more of an important consideration during Pesach, when drinking 4 cups for the Seder.

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    @Goq my respnonse to make an appointment with a Dermatologist ASAP., was directed to mischiefmaker OP not you. Sorry for the confusion, I forgot to include his name so I can understand the misunderstanding.

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    ZeesKite refuah shlaimah.

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    Goq let me qualify that sentence. Find a Jewish Nutritionist, so we can keep Parnossa in our Velt. Let me repeat see a Dermatologist ASAP don’t delay making the appointment. Good luck.

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    mischiefmaker make an appointment to see a Dermatologist. Treating people who have acne is one of things they do. The other idea is to make changes in your diet. Try finding a Frum Nutritionist and ask for help to clear up the breakout.

    in reply to: Hechsher on soaps and sponges? #743870

    Agar Agar is Kosher. I googled about the Kashrus of agar agar. This is what I found. In an email correspndence Miriam Wudowsski of OK certifying agency said, “kosher gelatin is made from kosher fish/or agar agar”. oomis I don’t understand how the country of origin affect whether agar agar may be used to make Kosher Jello on Shabbas, Chagim, maybe with the exception with chag Pesach, and during the year. If agar agar is kosher certified and parve, and can be used as a vegetarian substitute for fleishig kosher gelatin what is the problem?

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    There may be a parve substitute for gelatin. Agar Agar when mixed with fruit water solidifies like Jello. I am not sure if Agar Agar needs a hetchsher or not. This is definitely a shailah with a Mashgiach in a Kahrus Company who has a background in Food Chemistry.

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    Happy Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner is very good and may help stimulate hair growth. Good luck.

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    Shabbas Food Cooking. The smell of rain falling on parch dirt. Essential Oils.

    in reply to: Picking Lips #739647

    Try a chapstick sold at the Health Food Shop made with Shea Butter, which is a good Moisterizer for the lips, hands during the Wintertime. Alternatively it could be a sign that you need to hydrate and may need to drink Water or some other Beverage.

    in reply to: Natural Health #739038

    Mother in Israel- Always follow directions on the label of the bottle, as far as the recommended daily dosage of the Vitamin you are currently using. You must read the label and follow directions as far as how much to take, and when to take your Vitamins. Never take more then that. Any questions need to be addressed by your Doctor. Good luck.

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    Meny please define what you mean by brands in order to answer your question in your OP.

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    clearblue- I agree with you, that one has to do their home work about being informed and making intelligent decisions about healing themselves Holistically. I have a decent understanding (better then the average person) regarding the use of Plants for healing responsibly. About twenty five years ago I started reading books about Herbal Medicine, and started to develop an interest which I still have today. I have collected books about Herbs, and started to use Herbs to heal myself and stay healthy.

    I have been treated by several Chiropractors within the last twenty five years for bad back problems. The last Chiropractor introduced me Aromatherapy by using Essential Oils to help adjust my Spine. Since I started I have bought and collected over one hundred Essential that I either diffuse in an Aroma Stone, or add to a Carrier Oil to apply topically.

    Ctrl-I understand how you feel, but believe it or not there are genuine people who are Holistic Practioners who don’t deceive and are real healers. I saw a Homeopath over twenty years who introduced me to the Neti Pot. The Neti Pot, Homeopathy, Acupucture, and eating Macrobiotically all this, helped free me from my dependency to use Ventolin three times a day. I was suffering from severe Asthma, and seeing an Allergist at the time. The simple Neti Pot by irrigating the Nasal Passages with a saline solution of about an eighth of a teaspoon of pure Sea Salt in tepid water could imoho help someone with Sleep Apnea. The Rambam was a Real Healer who treated patients by gathering roots and herbs and made medicine to heal patients. Hashem is the real healer who gives Doctors the privilege and opportunity to heal the physically sick.

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    What do other people do to maintain a healthy Immune System?

    in reply to: Pain killer addiction #738842

    always here I have two suggestions that might help your daughter. Has your daughter been examined by a Chiropractor/Osteopath that specialize in back and spinal problems. They might be able to help her. The other idea is to take Vitamin D3, Calcium/Magnesium, and Omega3 Fish Oils. All these products must be kosher certified, and can be purchased at a Health Food Shop.

    in reply to: Natural Health #739026

    Charlie I am taking D3; Calcium/Magnesium; and Omega3 Fish Oils, because they are good for my back for starters. 5000 IUs of D3 is not an excessive amount of D3 form what I read. My OP never did I state the dosage I take, I think you assumed this, because of the other Supplement I listed. I am not taking a high dosage of D3 about 5000IU. This Vitamin/Hormone is great for the bones and maintining the immune system and more. Calcium/Magnesium important minerals- Calcium for the bones and Magnesium for pain. Omega 3 Oils are good for the brain, the bones and the heart. I am over 60 years old. My back is in bad shape. I have severe Scoliosis, Sciatica, and Spinal Arthritis. I am going to a Gym and doing exercises 2-3 times a week. I am walking about two miles a day. My diet is fairly decent. I do not generally get sick. Some of the reason is Genetics, and BH I have a fairly decent knowledge of the Botanical Kingdom so I know which herbs heal different Organs, and maladies. My mind is repository of Natural Remedies. Something I have studied extensively for about twenty five years.

    AOM-I had the understanding that I should not swallow Supplements on Shabbas and Chagim, so I try to be machmir.

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    mbachur- Almost everybody needs Vitamin D. I live Down Under which may receive more Sunlight than Miami. One needs to take Vitamin D3,Calcium/Magnesium, and Omega3 Fish Oils. All these Supplements must be Kosher certified. Summer one needs less Vitamin D3,because you can go outside during certain hours of the day and receive a nice Natural dose of Vitamin D. All the Supplements I mentioned above are good for the Immune System and more.

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    aires refuah shelaimah-feel better soon. Ask the Doctor you see if he will check your Vitamin D Level. Most people are deficient in this. So important in the Wintertime to be tested, because of the absence of Sunlight. Vitamin D is good for the Skeletal System and Spinal Chord. Very helpful for the Immune System.

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    Twiggy and Ima I think one of the reasons the fruit diet works is because of the water content of fruits and even vegetables. Watermelons especially as well as other melons have a high water content. Cucumbers and Carrots have alot of water as well. Juicing with a fruit and vegetable juicer is a good way to lose weight for this reason.

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    Grapes are nice Juiced (Electric Fruit and Vegetable Juicer), strained for seeds, and served cold for Shabbas Kiddush.

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