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    If the roads are dangerous to be traveling on (if possible) dont travel. Drive slowly and cautiously, allow yourself extra driving time. If ice is stuck to the vehicle use a heavy duty hammer or a mallet to crack the ice. Watch what you are doing, make sure you dont crack the ice too hard and dent the chrome on the Suv. Good luck and take care have a Happy Hanukkah.

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    mdlevine-I dont understand after so many Minuit (providing the heating and defrosting units are operating), they will melt snow and ice off front and back windshields. Check the rubber windshielof the wiper blades to make sure you dont have a layer of ice on the blade. A good corn broom (that we sweep the floor with) is suffice for brushing off snow on the car from the roof to the wheels.

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    Zimby-BH the police are doing their job ticketing reckless and unsafe drivers.

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    mdlevine- What about using the heater and defroster to melt ice and snow from vehicles? Beacon- I know salt and chemicals will melt, but they create potholes in the road. Oh well it justifies the promises of politicians that they will repair all these roads just before election time. Good snow tires will prevent accidents (hopefully), because of their gripping power. One in order to be a safe driver during winter must drive slower, so you can completely stop (when you need to), and avoid fish tailing and skidding. AAA is a good Road Service to join. If you want your vehicle to start on a frigid morning when the temperature outside is about 0 degrees Fahrenheit(providing you have a good battery) make sure the gas tank is completely full the car will start every time.

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    Brooklyn19- You are right, drive safely! The purpose of the thread also alludes me. I thought driving is a privilege not a right, Which means observing all traffic laws, including maximum speed signs on all primary and secondary roads etc. If you have family members as passengers, don`t you want them to feel safe and secure as their driver?

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    KeepinEntertained-If you want to do well on your paper, the first step is to get off line so you can start doing your homework. Start Go ogling about the life of Martin Luther King. First write a small biographical sketch about the life of MLK from his beginning up to the time when he marched with thousands of Blacks to the Rotunda in Washington DC. This was the Summer of 1963. Then analyze his speech to see if his dream was fulfilled or not. Lastly develop a time line from 1963 to the present, reflecting on the contribution of Blacks who were his students.

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    To understand my previous post one would either to have had lived in EY or visited during Succot. The nuances of my post would otherwise be misunderstood. The Goyish decorations have been unfortunately sold to unsuspecting and somewhat naive Frum Israelis for the last 10-15 years. Frum Yid din from Cl would never decorate their Succahs this way, because the Succah Center in Cedarhurst would not have these decorations on stock. This is not the case along Malke Israel in Geulla just before Succot.

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    lesschumras- How would you feel if you saw a Succah with a decoration of Santa placed next to one with the Cohen Gadol? I have no problem with being respectful and real with members from another religion. My problem is when Frum people in EY are sold and put into their Succahs decorations that are not part of their own religion.

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    Why do they Supply and Sell these lights and decorations in Frum Neighborhoods in EY.for Succot? Cant the stores find other local suppliers? Many of the decorations are made and imported from China, why cant they be home made with a decent hechtsher from EY?

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    Ashreinu- LeiderLeider has the right aitza, because the Etrog was grown during Shmita the Etrog cannot be used for Basamin. It either needs to shrivel up and be thrown in the garbage, or eaten with the rind before it is spoiled and rotten. At that point you also throw it in the garbage. The Etrog is also to not be burned with the rest of the chametz for the above reason. A Rav. should be consulted before you decide to anything with your Etrog.

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    Learn to juggle bean bags- you have to concentrate on the bean bags, that if you are not focused on them the bb`s will fall. Do an act of chesed- volunteer to visit elderly relatives or non-relatives at a Nursing Home. Go Swimming, or to the Gym. Hashem can help them.

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    Gateshead Boys, Pirchei London Boys, Chaim Dovid, Benzion Miller, David Werdyger, Piamentas

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    What I do not understand is some of the people playing sports industry are Jewish. If they are playing ball on Shabbos is this good? Why invest a thread to Jewish sports players who are violating Shabbos on a Frum Web Site? Time would be better spent to mikarv them. After all we are responsible for each other.

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    asdfghijkl-Normally you can burn the Etrogim with the Chametz, but not when the Etrogim were grown in EY during Shmita.

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    If you still have your Etrog, on the box that we all purchased (that contained the Etrog) are written instructions hopefully. My Etrog Box said when the Etrog shrivels up, I should toss the Etrog in the garbage. I think many Etrogim used during Succot were grown in EY. Since this past Succot we all finished a Shmita Year, one cannot push clove pods through the Etrog and use it as basamim.

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    Why should I spend money to be entertained at an imprisoned animals expense? Is a spin off of this thread going to be about the Circus? Lions, Bears, Tigers, Monkeys, and the rest of the animal, bird, reptile kingdoms etc. need to live in the wild bush.

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    Xerox-Probably the Rambam, because Rav. Moshe ben Maimon was the personal physician to the Sultan. He knew all kinds of healthful ideas such as drinking before or after a meal, but not during one. Also waiting several hours after eating to go to sleep. This is to let the food in the stomach have a chance to start being digested. He was a Master Herbalist who could identify and use plants to make Medicine to heal his patients.

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    Smokers who post the next time you have an urge to smoke go to the fridge (take out the celery), and stick a stalk of celery in your mouth. Celery is very comforting and calming to the nervous system. A nice juicy carrot is high in vitamin A is another good choice. Licorice is another one, because it is good for the Adrenal Glands. Let food be our medicine. Maybe consider the possibility of buying a vegetable juicer, and making vegetable juice every day yummy!!!!!!!!

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    My Shadow- It is true you can actually lose weight by chewing thoroughly. It takes a lot of energy to masticate so many times per bite full. The theory is one gets tired from the sheer amount of energy and discipline it takes that you leave from your plate eating less.

    in reply to: Hot Peppers- healthy?? #628318

    I do not know about all hot peppers, Cayenne(or hot red pepper) is fantastic and quite tasty. Add Turmeric and Curry and you have Winter Indian choulent that may just keep the immune system in tact.

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    Myshadow-I am not a nutritionist, although one point of my life I thought of becoming a Naturapath. I have been interested in Natural Diet,health, and hygiene for over 40 years. One of the levels of this discipline is chewing thoroughly( at least 10-15times per bite full), so each mouthful is in saliva form, thus creating less stress for the Digestive Tract. When I read lesschumras post I knew the subject matter was about choking RL. Chewing each bite full (at least 10-15 times), is a very simple thing we all can do. Everybody can benefit eating by chewing thoroughly. This must be suggested tactfully and kindly to anyone who eats with their mouth open. The main thing is not to be disgusted (by their eating habits) but only caring, and supportive.

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    People want to blame the weather for physical health, this is not so. The mouth is really the medium. If I chose to eat nutritious foods that strengthen the quality of my immune system, then (with hashems blessing) I stay healthy. If I have a positive attitude and look for the good in everyone and what comes out my mouth is not negative or insulting then this helps elevate my spiritual immune system.

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    lesschumras- I am glad you brought up the topic of chewing health. There is a basic principle regarding chewing while eating. When chewing a bite full masticate each bite full at least 10-15 times so that food goes through in saliva form. This will make digestion easier for the chewer, and less stress full for their digestive tract.

    in reply to: Television: A Cry of Anguish and Appeal to Our Jewish Brethren 📺 #1192847

    The TV thread is very provocative to the point that some of the postings (imho) lack Derech Eretz . When the level of Derech Eretz is at a low medreiga then the posting becomes nasty and unkind. Shalom in the cr is more important then Emet. Being sensitive and respectful of others is more important then being right.

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    Brooklyn19- You are 100% right as far as the flow of the TV thread which is not going in a ruchnious direction.. You have the Black Hatters judging and condeming the more Modern Types. YWN Moderator please close the thread- too much Lashon Hara is being posted. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

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    notpashut-I said Tv with a unit to watch Kosher Cds and DvDs would probably be ok, not watching tv. Television is like welcoming the Evil Inclination into your home. Television stands for Tumah Velt. Viewing of Kosher CDs and DVDs and Software can be done on a computer. By a Kosher CD I mean the Sacred Letters. Rabbi Krohn did a tour in Europe of many of the famous Yeshivas that were RL destroyed during the Shoa. This is the content of this CD ROM. Gematralator by Davka is another example of the Kosher World of DVDs and CD ROM. Miami Boys Choir did a wonderful Misic Concert on DVD, this is another example.

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    Brooklyn19-If computers are not ok, how did you respond to my post? Are you telepathic?

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    Television is ok with a unit on the set to watch kosher DVDs or CDS. Otherwise why watch it , when we have computers.

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    Can a Jew who is Blind halachically own a dog? Can he or she go to a Guide School a purchase and the service of a Guide Dog? Also to change the subject can a Jew own a Cat halachically? Or is there a difference between Dog and Cat Ownership?

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    Why exclude consumption from driving. The same individual who gets legally shikker on Purim Day could drive home from shul RL in an inebriated state. How safe is this scenereo? Any posters who work in Insurance, or are Actuaries I like your feedback.

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    I like the non alcoholic beverage policy of Young Israel of Woodmere, I think this includes consumption on Shabbbos, Purim, and Simchat Torah. My concern is when a teenager is able to consume Moshka to his hearts content (on Purim), and then drives a vehicle in an inebriated state. How sharp are his judgment and reflexes when driving the car? As I said in an earlier post select a designated driver (who is sober) to drive the car home. Make the selection before imbibing.

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    The person appointed Designate Driver would not imbibe. Driving a vehicle is a privilege not a right. Safety and responsibility are the key here.

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    Is drinking alcohol on Purim a Minhag or Halacha? If I prefer to drink Mitz Anavin instead is this acceptable? Drinking and Driving on Purim is not safe, unless someone is appointed the Designated Driver.

    in reply to: Mesivta Bochurim With Cell Phones #627769

    What is wrong for a Bochur to use a pay phone? It is a less expensive choice then renting a cell phone, and healthier with the suspicion that cell phones may emit a kind of harmful radiation to the user.

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    Like I said in my earlier post smoking is an oral addiction. The question is how can we help, not condemn or blame people who smoke? Rosh Yeshivas, Doctors, Social Workers…We need your input now to help curtail this insidious addiction. Not only is it an expensive habit, but it also a health hazard for the smoker. Not to mention innocent others` who are forced to breathe second hand smoke.

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    Smoking is an oral addiction. Try something healthier like chewing on stalk of celery, or a carrot, liquorice is helpful.. These are non addictive and less expensive alternatives to smoking.

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    Smoking is an obnoxious destructive habit, as everyone knows. Posters who are Oncologists we need your Musar to respond to JDsaysLOL and other people who think Smoking once is harmless.

    in reply to: What is Your Hashkafic Affiliation? #626941

    Was Pressburg near the Neolog Community?

    in reply to: What Does “Heimish” Mean? #884028

    I think it means old fashioned being warm and friendly.

    in reply to: How to Get Rid of The Rotting Onion/Potato Stench #626309

    I meant #2.

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    I agree with #1- Baking absorbs odors in the fridge, so it would probably work in the nook.

    in reply to: New to YWN, & Frumkeit – Questions? #626345

    Jewel, Welcome stay connected to the Rav. and his Rebbetzin as much as possible during Shabbos and holidays). Try to get invited to their home to experience them. The beauty of Yiddishkeit is connected to them. Ask the Rav. if he can learn Aleph Bet with you as a place to start. Perhaps he can take you a special Rabbi called a Gadol for a blessing so you can advance in your journey.

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    SJSinNYC- The best milk to give to a baby is Mothers Milk(from the biological Mother not the Cow). Mothers Milk is more Nutritious and better for the baby`s immune system.

    in reply to: How do Violent PC Games Affect Our Kids? #626196

    Thank you bigmo and Ashrecha Yisroel you are both 100% correct. These violent Video Games give fuel to the Evil Inclination!

    in reply to: Cholov Akum #772504

    Drink Hemp Milk it is kosher and yummy, nutritious high in Omegas3 and 6. I know this off the subject of CY Milk, the fact is some babies and consumers are allergic to Cow and Soy. So it is nice there are alternative beverages for people who would like another option.

    in reply to: What to Do with My Etrog? #628992

    An idea I had was to stick whole Cloves in the Esrog, so the Esrog is completely covered with the Cloves. Then the Esrog could be used to smell for Havdalah. You could cut up the Esrog and make candied Esrog to be eaten for Tu Beshvat. Also Esrogim Liquor is very nice. I do not know recipes for the candied Esrog or the Esrogim Liquor, but I have eaten the Candied., and drunk the Liquor.

    in reply to: Economic Cooking #626699

    JF()@2)- The thread is about Economic Cooking, Tempeh, Tofu, are delicious, nutritious and cheap alternatives to eating Fleish and Dairy providing one does not have a Soy Allergy. Morning Star and Garden Gourmet are processed foods, and are expensive because you pay for their labor. A Rice Cooker or a Pressure Cooker are useful cooking pots for preparing legume and whole grain foods. Beans and Whole Grains are not too expensive to purchase (uncooked) from the Super Market, Co-OP, Natural Food Store… Cook Books (which are sold in these places) are useful for getting ideas about preparing recipes.

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    Mr. YW Moderator-What is wrong with the honorable profession of Shifra and Pua?

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    Talk to a Midwife that knows something about diet and nutrition, and ask her what she might recommend to eat, and drink during pregnancy. You are right Ginger may not be good to use during pregnancy.

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    The following in Tea Bag form (with a hechtsher) with Hashem`s help: Peppermint, Spearmint, Fennel, Annis, Slippery Elm Powder, Yogurt(preferably with p robotics). Go to a really good Health Food Store, and speak to the owner or Manager for suggestions. Contact a Nutritionist and ask them suggestions about changing your diet.

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