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    popa that is exactly the point why do some posters feel that not being Vaccinated will pose a health risk if the same people have been Immunized. You and your family members were given shots so everyone in you family are protected, so how can the members in your family become ill from being exposed to a population that was not?

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    OP do you know why the children of your relative are gezunt? You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to figure this one. The mother opting for Natural Remedies(Supplements/Herbs/Diet) may be helping her children have a healthier Immune System. Actually Hashem is the one who determines how Physically Healthy we are on Rosh Hashanah. All Hashem wants us to do is to try to guard our Health and he will help us if we try. This is one of the reasons people Vaccinate for the Flu, having a weakened Immune System coughing, sneezing, sore throat… Vaccines have Mercury and other nasty things in them. If Mercury is so healthy then why are Pregnant Women told to avoid eating fish caught in the Oceans of the World that are Mercury Dumping Grounds as well as other Toxic Chemicals. Would anyone seriously want to to eat food containing Mercury? Then why is ok to be inoculated with a Vaccine with Mercury and other Toxic Ingredients. The Rambam was a Master Herbalist who healed using plants, roots and Hashems Blessing. We are honored to have special Gedolim such as R. Shmuel and his wife Rebbetzin Kamenetsky who are open minded about using natural methods to heal their family. Perhaps we should ask the Kamentskys and find out why they as a family are open to Natural Healing.

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    Our grandson has his Upshern in EY.

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    No one has given a simple Wiki or clear definition what Wilsons Disease is. I read that it is a Genetic Abnormality that the body produces a copious amount of Copper. I think the Liver becomes Toxic from the body producing too much Copper. I also read if treated early a person can survive, if not treated and discovered people can become Demented. Some practical and natural things that may help. Don’t cook food in a Copper Pan or Pot. Buy Multi Vitamins without Copper. Go to the Health Food Store and speak to the Owner/Manager about recommending a good liver Flush (Kosher Certified). Dadelion Root and Milk Thistle are also good Herbs for Cleansing the Liver. If someone would like to give a better answer please do.

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    Go to a Tailor and have your Pants altered, or buy and use Suspenders(known as Braces Down Under/England).

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    HaLevi are you Down Under?

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    Has anyone heard why the Quake occurred? Interesting it was not in the Pacific Ring of Fire area.

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    Health is right Fluids are the best thing to do. Drink a cup or two of Water first thing after a fast. Vegetable Soup next-more Fluids and Minerals. Fish and either whole Grain Pasta or Brown Rice. Baked Apple for Desert.

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    Happy Birthday Goq have a great day and good year.

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    Apple or Carrot.

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    Wine is also good for the Brain and Heart.

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    Wine is good only if it is from Grapes grown Organically using very little sugar to Ferment the Grapes thus making the Wine dry and Sulfite Free. There is a Gemorah (I don’t Know which one) that supports the idea of only drinking Dry Wine. A lot of Antioxidants good for maintaining the Immune System.

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    Let’s get back to tachlis OP if you are interested in Healthy Baking or Healthy Cooking or anything related to healthy Eating why not purchase a Healthy Cookbook. One can purchase a Healthy Cookbook from the Health Food Store,Amazon Books on Line, a Big Book Shop or from another source. Op if you want to Spice and make your cake healthy consider using Cinnamon. Cinnamon is a Natural substitute for sugar. People use Cinnamom and warm Water to help stabalize their Sugar level. Cinnamon (to me)has a sweet taste. Spices like Cinnamon and Cardamom are high in Antioxidants another healthy reason to be interested in making a Spice cake.

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    OP I am not sure if you can use this in Baking or not, you will have to decide for yourself. Substitute Himalayan Salt for Table Salt Kosher Certified. Himalayan Salt has over eighty minerals and Table Salt does not. Once you taste Himalyan Salt you probably will not want to use Table Salt again. Himalayan Salt can also be purchased at a good Health Food Store.

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    Baruch Hashem1 You were asking about Healthy Oil- use Virgin Coconut Oil Kosher Certified. VCO is the healthiest along with Avocado Oil also Kosher Certified. Virgin Coconut Oil has a higher burning temperature than Olive Oil, meaning burning both Oils at a higher temperature Olive Oil would break down and become Carcingenic before Virgin Coconut Oil. Virgin Coconut Oil is good for the Heart and Brain. I read that Virgin Coconut Oil could help Alzheimer Patients. I also read that Virgin Coconut Oil has been used for an IV Drip. I have used Virgin Coconut Oil to make Pop Corn(hopefully the Pop Corn was not GMO)it was delicious and healthy. I am not doing justice to Virgin Coconut Oil, just google Dr. Bruce Fife Coconut Research Council or Center. Dr. Fife has a blog on the benefits and other things related to Virgin Coconut Oil. So OP first read the Blog written by Dr. Bruce Fife (also known as Dr. Coconut)the Coconut Research Center or Council, then decide for yourself if you would feel comfortable substituting Virgin Coconut Oil instead of the questionable healthy Oil. Virgin Coconut Oil must be Kosher Certified. Any good Health Food Store will sell Virgin Coconut Oil.

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    Coco Butter, Shea Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Gell and Calendula (Marigold) is another anti Scarring Formula that you should first ask a Owner/Manager (their thoughts) from a Health Store before purchasing. Go to a mamish Natural Health Food Store not to a GNC kind of store. Be prepared to spend a few $$$ to buy decent products to help heal your daughter.

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    BSD- I would suggest using a mixture of Avocado Oil and Vitamin E Cream/Oil. Avocado is Alkaline and a good source of Vitamin E which is healing. Both Avocado Oil and Vitamin E Cream/Oil is known to erase Acne Scars. Say Tehilim for your daughter that Hashem help heal her. You may have to go to a good Health Food Store, and only speak to the Manager/Owner and ask them what they thought about using Avocado Oil and Vitamin E Cream/Oil together to help erase the scar. Shabbos or any time make Guacamole, in other words not only apply Avocado, but eat it as well. As the father of Medicine said Let Food be Your Medicine. The converse is also true Let Medicine Be Your Food. Also if the nine year old brother is unsupervized and terrorizing his sister and your daughter, maybe her friend should only come and play at your home.

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    BSD I wanted to respond it is possible to make a special blend of Essential Oils that can heal your daughters wound, but you would need to contact a licensed and experienced Aromatherapist or a Holistic Doctor. I can not and would not advise you who to use as I do not live in Brooklyn or the Metropolitan Area. Perhaps if you were to contact a big Health Food Store(speak to the Manager),and ask the Manager for a recommendation for an experienced Aromatherapist, or an effective anti Scarring Cream/Oil that you could purchase from the Health Food Shop. What I can say is that Essential Oils can heal,wounds, improve the Immune System and more providing the right remedy is used. That being said I am not an Aromatherapist (it is a hobby of mine) but I use Essential Oils all the time, and they do work. Buying a special anti Scarring blend I do not think would be too expensive. Your daughter should feel better and have a Refuah Shleimah.

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    The best thing to do to avoid using bobby pins is to purchase the next size yarlmuka.

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    OP I have the perfect solution simply eat at home. I am not being sarcastic. When you eat home you save money by not traveling to a Restaurant and spending on their food, no heksher worry because you are at your own home, you don’t have to wait to be seated and inculcate negative midot from the waiting staff, and you are the Creator of your own Menu. This is a much better choice as far as saving time, money and midot discernment.

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    I have been reading this Thread since Yesterday and I feel shocked and sick about what we are supposed to do to honor Leiby. I went to Arutz Sheva and typed the word Leiby clicked on the mouse, and do you know what I saw- it was a statement isued by Leiby’s Parents. There were four points on unity and acts of lovingkindness that people can do in the memory of Leiby:(1) act(s) of kindness toward your neighbor and people less fortunate than yourself; (2)Gratitude when one wakes up in the morning and says Modeh Ani-Thank Hashem for giving us life; (3)Light Erev Shabbos give money to charity and light the Candles before Sunset with Leiby in mind;(4)Memorial Fund-there is a Memorial Fund to help people in dire need to show the lovingkindness to his parents shown their son Leiby toward many many in need.

    This is how (according to the statement appearing in Arutz Sheva) how Leiby’s Parents would like people to remember him. There was nothing about Deleting your Facebook Account in honor of Leiby’s Memory, just non judgemental ways that we could do individually and in our own way to show Leiby Kavod and Derech Eretz he deserves. I think I would personally want to honor the wishes of Leiby’s Parents.

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    skiaddict this could be diet related. Drinking too much Coffee,(especially at the Shabbos Day Seudah) and eating heavy foods before retiring can keep one awake. The Rambam says to wait several hours before going to bed after eating heavy foods. Alternatively drink a nice cup of St. Johns Wort with other teas such as Hops/Scullcap(the name of a plant)/Valarian Root and Lemon Balm Tea. Another idea is to buy Spike Lavender Essential Oil from the Health Foods Store and Chamomile (either German or Roman) Essential Oil, and put 1-3 drops of each Essential Oil on your Pillow. Or follow all the other suggestions from the other posters. Lila Tov!

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    ronsr try using a Neti Pot it just might work.

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    This Thread is becoming nasty with terrible lashon being expressed, and especially now that we are in the three weeks. Mods please close this thread.

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    There is an alternative that is completely legal called Aromatherapy/Essential Oils. I read an article in the New York Times about a Hospice Center (I think in NY) using Essential Oils to ease the suffering of Terminal Patients. That being said Essential Oils could be another way for terminal patients to get relief from their pain. This would have to be a team effort with a Physcian and a licensed and experienced Aromatherapist caring with a Terminal Patient. Essential Oils makes scents to me.

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    Wolf your feeling of disappointment, and all other questions regarding the Wed. night shuir need to be directed to Shul Member who gave the Shuir. Just ask the speaker why he changed the theme, and work it out with him.

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    Hudi I actually had Cupping done many years ago and did I did not get a seious 2nd or 3rd degree burn. I even had Moxibustion and I am still funtioning and Posting on YW. I think ones experience as far as being treated by an Alternative Doctor is dependent on the skill of the Alternative Doctor and not necessarily from the results from a Periodical. That being said I wish most Doctors were more knowledgeable about Wholistic Health and Diet and Nutrition, but usually this is not the case. When I see an Alopathic Doctor instead of advising me to use a Food, Plant, Essential Oil and more I am given a Prescription to take to and get filled from the local Pharmacy/Chemist. I realize that the majority of Doctors are generally not taught in Medical School (only as an elective course) about Diet/Nutrition and Wholistic Health including Natural Plant Medicines, Aromatherapy/Essential Oils and more. I do know of a Harvard Physcian living in EY who aprenticed in a Tibetan Pharmacy and learned about Acupuncture and other disciplines, but this is not the case of most Doctors who graduate from Medical School and who are licensed today. Therefore I BH know about Natural Things I can do so I can stay healthy, and I generally do not need the services of a Doctor to be healed. The Rambam (who authored a sefer on Plants that heal) was the personal Physcian of the Sultan of Egypt, he was a Master Herbalist and treated and precribed Plant Medicine and practical advice to his patients to stay healthy and well. I only mention the name of the Rambam as an example of respected Physcian who used Natural Plant Medicine to heal. Over nine hundred years ago there was no Pharmacy/Chemist to get medicine from. The father of Medicine said Let Food Be your Medicine and the converse is also true Let medicine be Your Food. How true is that statement today?

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    Happiest why don’t you speak to your Doctor and ask him to help you develop a Weight Loss Program not from a tablet, but from a Diet from food.

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    rebbi 1 I have a question why do you feel Chinese Medicine would help your High Blood Pressure? I am probably one of the few Posters in the CR that actually went to a Chinese Herbalist. This particular shop had Jars and a Filing Cabinet full of Medicinal Roots, Herbs, Animal Parts and more this was at least twenty five years ago. The Chinese Herbalist was an Acupuncturist, also a Massage Therapist who used glass cups as part of the treatment. This particular Chinese Herbalist (at least this one did) examined by looking at the Tongue and feeling the Pulse. According to Chinese Medicine the color and coating on the Tongue as well as ones pulse reveal the state of ones physical health. The Organs are diagnosed as either being hot or cold. After being examined the Herbalists wife used a hanging scale and carefully emptied the contents from many Medicinal Herbs in jars, and filing cabinets and poured onto both sides of the hanging scale. When the desired weight of measured Medicine was right then it was emptied into a Brown Paper Bag. I was told to boil the contents of the bag into a pot, turn the heat off and drink. Many problems here Kashrus Kashrus Kashrus. This was a time just before I became a BT, so I was not so careful about many things. rebbi 1 I would suggest you consider making a change in altering your blood pressure and any other health concerns by making changes in your diet what you put into your mouth and eat. The diet I have been using recently is called the Alkaline Diet. If you google Alkaline/Acidic Food List you will get an idea what I mean. 70-80% Alkaline Foods and 20-30& Acidic Foods is ideal, but the main thing is to eat more Alkaline than Acidic Foods. The theory being that many health problems are caused by eating many foods that are Acidic and very little Alkaline Foods. Refer to the google list of Alkaline/Acidic Foods for clarification. I am using this simple free (does not cost anything to copy) list and use in my situation to lose weight. I have lost at least 10 pounds so far with an additional 30 pounds to go. I have read that one can purchase from a Pharmacy/Chemist Litmus Paper to test ones Saliva color. Having a Saliva Color close to an Alkaline Color is best. This diet may be help your blood pressure stabalize. The first thing to do is to be examined by your PCP. and suggest about using the diet for regulating blood pressure. Good luck!

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    Sister Bear I don’t have an answer for your question, I thought, it might be of interest to read from other Posters in the CR., that use Hypnosis in their Profession more about Hypnosis and what to look for as far as finding a Hypnotist. Maybe a name and Phone Number of an experienced and Trustworthy Hypnotist in New York City Area.

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    Would this person either consider Acupuncture, Aromatherapy/Essential Oils, Using a Patch, Buying a Juicer and Juicing for Health,or Alternatively eating a Stalk of Celery, or a Carrot when the urge to Smoke became very strong, Chewing on a Stick of Licorice Root either eating Kosher Licorice or making Licorice Tea Kosher Certified?

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    cshapiro this is amazing I was going to make that suggestion to your question right now. I also thought about starting a Thread about Hypnosis. I don’t have names of people who do Hypnosis but I heard people have been helped with stopping Smoking,Losing Weight…

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    Did any Poster in the CR ever make Home Made Ice Cream using an Ice Cream Machine? Was it good?

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    Englishman Yolk has the right idea as far a Pizza made with Whole Wheat Flour Vegies Grilled and Low Fat Cheese being healthier than the Standard Pizza. Is this the kind of food that will help you lose weight, I don’t think so. The best diet that will help you lose lbs. is the Alkaline Diet. You will have to Google Alkaline/Acidic list. Englishman 80-70% Alkaline Foods and 20-30%Acidic Foods is optimal, but if you gradually adapt to eating more Alkaline than Acidic Foods then you will benefit by losing weight eventually. Chew very well so the food is broken down into Saliva consistancy. Eat dinner several hours before retiring. Drink a lot of water daily at least three Liters of Clean Filtered Water. Drink before or after a Meal but not during eating. Switch from Regular Table Salt to Himalayan Salt(Kosher Certified). Sugar is one of those Acidic Foods that is best to avoid, choose Stevia (Kosher certified) instead. Cooking Oil opt. for Alkaline Virgin Coconut Oil (Kosher Certified), which has a higher burning temperature than Virgin Olive (Kosher Certified) Oil. Make sure Vegies are not Genetically Modified which could be a shailah if they are, and they are not healthy to eat many are from Monsanto Seed. Run, Jog, join a Gym, use an Exercise Bike at home- stay active to help burn Calories.

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    csshapiro I have an original gift, give your friend a stick of Licorice Root, and some Licorice Tea Bags. Why Licorice, because Licorice is a known remedy to help stop Smoking. Put both in a box wrap it nicely, and attach a card to the gift. The card could say please put the stick in your mouth, or make a nice cup of Tea any time you have the urge to Smoke. The person will understand why you would give such a gift. Licorice Root is Kosher,because it is a Root not processed. The Tea needs a Heksher.

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    Are there any CR. posters in EY in Meron to watch the bonfires. Bar Yochai………………

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    Goq the Mallow Plant produces a kind of Fruit. The fruit was used (thousands of years ago in Europe) to make the treat we call Marshmallow.

    in reply to: Jews Mallow #977426

    Goq you could be referring to the Mallow Plant (I have heard of a high and low varieties of the Mallow Plant) which is an edible weed that grows in the garden. The name of the plant is Marsh Mallow. Marsh Mallow (The Plant) is good for colds, and aids digestion like Slipery Elm Bark. Long ago Marsh Mallow was used to make a treat like the White Sweet thing we call Marshmallows today (Certified Kosher) that people toast over the Grill.

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    OP Chiropractor Adjustments work, because they target different Organs and other places such as the Neck, Feet and more that are out of Alignment. When the Skeletal System is Aligned then we feel better. An Osteopath is another type of Doctor who Adjusts the Skeletal System, and also works to correct Health Problems.

    Prevention(on the part of the Patient)is taking resposibility in feeling better. This means taking Supplements, Substituting and making changes in their Diet, Increasing ones Emuna and more.

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    mischiefmaker oomis and all the Splenda nay sayers are spot on. Stevia is the definitely the healthier choice for a sweetner. Sugar is part of the Acidic Spectrum. Sugar is a poison bad for the nervous system, digestive system and more. Stevia is permitted according to the Alkaline Diet. The whole quality of ones health can change switching gradually from Acidic to Alkaline. Google Alkaline/Acidic Food Chart (I did so can you) to see the difference between Acidic and Alkaline. Let Food Be Your Medicine. The Opposite is also true Let Medicine Be Your Food.

    in reply to: Haircut Date (Lag Baomer 5771)Ashkenazim Only? #767898

    Why not wait until around Erev Shavuvos for Haircutting.

    in reply to: Chasiddus #765549

    Belz and Ger/Gur.

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    Brown Rice with lots of Vegies with Coconut Oil, Brewers Yeast and Himalayan Salt mixed in.

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    Working if you live near the Ocean, go on a Family outing there. Breathing the Sea Breeze Air from the Ocean can be healing for the nose.

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    Working take your child to a Holistic GP. that knows about Diet/Nutrion and Alternative Medicine. How old is your son? Sometimes Allergies and Asthma are part of the same problem.

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    I thouht placing Bread Pieces was used for Shabbas Shira. Are any Posters Vets? Is Bread suitable Bird Food for the Birds?

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    The Japanese were not concerned about Kashrus, Posters on Yeshiva World are. Miso Paste is Fermented, and I read Fermented Foods are helpful in Protecting one from Radiation. Say lots of Tehilim, and ask Hashem for a healing.

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    Miso (Kosher Certified) Paste is what the Japanese did to protect themselves from the effects of Radiation Poisoning in 1945. You can make nice Miso Soup and add Vegies to it- yum. Let Food Be Your Medicine.

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    I thought Birds like Millet and Bird Seed.

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    What is the Source of the Minhag?

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