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The inflation that has ravaged the European economy eased again in February, falling to 2.6% as high interest rates, moderating oil and gas prices, and sluggish growth held back price

The third-party presidential movement No Labels plans to meet next week to discuss its path forward as it decides whether to help launch an independent candidacy for the White House.

US President Joe Biden is holding firm on his policy towards Israel, resisting calls to condition military aid to the country despite growing political pressures. Sources close to the matter

Hamas announced on its Telegram channel on Friday that seven hostages had been killed during Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip. The terrorist group named three of the hostages as

A former career U.S. diplomat told a federal judge Thursday he will plead guilty to charges of working for decades as a secret agent for communist Cuba, an unexpectedly swift

U.S. senators declined on Thursday to block the sale of F-16s to Turkey, despite voicing deep disdain for Turkey’s conduct as an ally. They were upholding an unofficial bargain that

The first U.S. spacecraft to land on the moon since the Apollo astronauts fell silent Thursday, a week after breaking a leg at touchdown and tipping over near the lunar

Attorneys for X Corp. and a research organization that studies online hate speech traded arguments in court Thursday after the social media platform sued the non-profit Center for Countering Digital

Congress passed another short-term spending measure Thursday that would keep one set of federal agencies operating through March 8 and another set through March 22, avoiding a shutdown for parts

Some doorbell cameras sold by Amazon and other online retailers have security flaws that could allow bad actors to view footage from the devices or control them completely, according to

Prince William condemned antisemitism during a visit to a London synagogue on Thursday, the first time he appeared in public after he unexpectedly pulled out of a royal event earlier

A federal judge held veteran investigative reporter Catherine Herridge in civil contempt on Thursday for refusing to divulge her source for a series of Fox News stories about a Chinese

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin faced pointed bipartisan criticism at a congressional hearing Thursday for his failure to promptly notify President Joe Biden and other U.S. leaders about his hospital stay

A fire at a six-story shopping mall in the Bangladeshi capital overnight killed at least 43 people and injured dozens of others, with several people escaping to the building’s roof,

The IDF has released new footage of its operations in southern Gaza’s Khan Younis, stating that troops have been raiding the homes of Hamas commanders and have captured operatives hiding

A 29-year-old man, Mohammed Abdulkareem, was arrested after shooting and killing an Orthodox Jewish dentist, Dr. Benjamin Harouni, at his practice in El Cajon, California, near San Diego. According to

Michal Lubnov, the wife of Alex Lubnov, an Israeli held hostage in Gaza, gave birth to their second child, a son, on Friday. The newborn and mother are doing well

Dozens of Israelis activists crossed into Gazan territory on Thursday afternoon, defying Israeli military checkpoints and sparking a confrontation with troops. The activists, who had gathered at the Erez crossing

Manufacturing in China contracted for a fifth consecutive month in February, according to an official survey of factory managers released Friday, reflecting persistent weakness in the economy ahead of annual

New York Governor Kathy Hochul is facing backlash over her plan to retool the Civil Service Commission, which would put illegal aliens at the head of the line for state

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