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Paid $100,000 to be the Boyaner Rebbe’s Shlita Driver

boyaIt is now being reported that 300 chassidim are accompanying the Boyaner Rebbe Shlita on a three-day ancestral visit to the Ukraine, which left Eretz Yisrael on Monday, 24 Cheshvan 5774. The group will be visiting the tziyun of a number of admorim, including Boyan and Ruzhin ZY”A.

It was reported that the fundraising tour brought in $2 million for the ailing mosdos of the chassidus. Boyan is no exception as many yeshivos throughout Eretz Yisrael are feeling the crunch of the government cuts.

Kikar reports that Aryeh A. happily shelled out $100,000 for the zechus of being the rebbe’s driver during the three-day event.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Everything with a gimmick today. Does anyone give money today without a gimmick and totally lesheim shomayim? Would he give the 100 grand and not be driver? Would we donate without the Chinese auction and chance to win extravagant prizes?

  2. This is a wonderful way to raise funds for Mosdos HaTorah!

    It reminds me the story brought in the Gemorah of the son who lied on the floor by his mother’s bed so she could step on him to get into bed easier.

  3. I wonder how many shuls, Bais Yaakovs, chedarim, Yeshiva Ketanas and Yeshivas in “Aryeh A.”‘s Town have difficulty paying their rebbeim and teachers.

  4. #8 – the answer is that if he lives in a large town – and I don’t know who he is – probably lots. However each person has the right to decide where his tzedoka priorities lie and obviously Aryeh A feels that supporting the Boyaner Mosdos is the best way to use his tzedoka gelt. It is none of anyone else’s business.

  5. #5 It is so interesting that you focused on the $100,000 that the drivr gave to be driver and suggested that people only give with “gimmicks” when the article clearly states that the Rebbe collected $2 million with no “gimmicks”.

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