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77th Yartzeit of Minchas Eluzar of Munkatch To Be Marked This Shabbos

meMunkatcher Chasidim worldwide will observe the 77th yartzeit of the holy Minchas Eluzar of Munkatch zt”l this Shabbos Parshas Naso, the second day of Sivan. Each and every year, since the passing of the saintly Rebbe zt”l in 1937, Munkatcher Chassidim and talmidim across the globe join together in the many Munkatcher shtiblach to reminisce and learn the teachings of the holy Minchas Eluzar thru studying his seforim and continuing in his ways. The main gathering takes place in the central Munkatcher Beis Medrash in Boro Park on 47th Street and 14th Avenue where hundreds of Chassidim pack the shul to join in the annual Siyum Hashas and hear divrei torah from the current Munkatcher Rebbe shlita.

As this year’s yartzeit coincides with Shabbos, Chassidim from all over the United States and Canada as well as numerous Chasidim from overseas will join together in Boro Park to spend the entire shabbos with the Rebbe shlita and bask in the kedusha that is Munkatch. Among the many guests will be various Munkatcher Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshiva as well as elderly Chassidim who merited to see the Minchas Eluzar over seven decades ago and who will refresh their memories and share them with Chasidim of the next generations.

Special groups of askonim have been working feverishly for the past few weeks to ensure that all the guests be accommodated accordingly. Local Chasidim have opened up their homes to help facilitate the sleeping accommodations as well as rooms in the local hotels and dormitory rooms have been set aside to ensure that everyone be hosted in a befitting manner. All of the seudos Shabbos will be held in the beis medrash building where the age-old melodies and zmiros of the Munkatcher rebbes will be sung, and divrei torah will be discussed. The guests will have the special zchus of eating seudas leil Shabbos at the Tisch of the Rebbe shlita.

The schedule of Shabbos is as follows: Friday night Mincha will start at 8:35. The Rebbe will conduct the Friday night tish 15 minutes after he completion of Mariv together with the hundreds of guests from out of town. Shachris will begin at 9:30 followed by a Kiddush. The main yartzeit seudah and Siyum Hashas as well as Siyum Mishnayos and Siyum Sefer Divrei Torah from the Minchas Eluzar that is elarned in a daily cycle amongst Munkatcher Chasidim will take place Shabbos afternoon at 6:15 followed by Mincha and Shalosh Seudos. To make a reservation to join the Seudos Shabbos or for lodging arrangements, call 347-962-8172.

(YWN Desk – NYC)

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