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Bobov Rebbe In E”Y. Attending Chasunah Tonight

IMG_3253.jpg(Click HERE for complete photo album) Admor M’Bobov Shlita (Rav Bentzion Halberstam Shlita) arrived in EY this morning. There was a Kabulas Ponim with 1000’s of Chasidim in Keser Hurimon Hall. Tonight is the Chasunah of the son of Rav Avrohom Burich Horowitz Shlita Chadban C”k Admor M’Bobov, C”k Admor M’Bobov Shlita was Mesader Kedushin by the Chupa.

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  1. Yasher Koach for the pictures.

    For those that are curious – Chabdan=Chasna D’vai Nesia, a.k.a. son-in-law & C.K.= Cevod Kedushas. (Just trying to be helpful!)

  2. I know I’m late with a comment but r’ Horowitz is a son-in-law by R’ Bentzion or by the previous Bobver Rebbe?

    Just trying to figure this out….

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