Doda Golda Comes for Pesach


Get ready for your kids to erupt into gales of giggles with our newest children’s book! Meet the one and only Doda Golda! She comes to help out with the Pesach preparations, but her literal sense of comprehension doesn’t exactly bring forth the intended results…

Whether it’s “turning over the kitchen” by flipping over each pot and pan, or “separating the eggs” by hiding them all in different places, Doda Golda sure knows how to spread laughter among her family…and among yours, as well!

This is one book sure to bring out the let’s-get-to-work-and-help-out attitude in your children! If you’re trying to come up with an idea for an afikoman present that may simultaneously provide you with more eager helpers (or at the very least, some much-needed stress relief and laughter)—Doda Golda Comes for Pesach is the book you’ll want to get for your kids this Pesach!

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