Special Delivery!


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When Rachel Stein, popular children’s author and Yated columnist, began learning bei’ur tefillah in depth with a friend, she marveled at the layers of beauty hidden behind each word in the siddur. She saw firsthand how learning bei’ur tefillah enhanced her davening, and only wished she could share some of this treasure with her children. But how could she transmit these lofty concepts to her little ones, so that they, too, could appreciate and even enjoy their own davening?

It was then that the concept of creating children’s books on bei’ur tefillah—the Special Delivery series— was born.

Written in delightful rhymes, with stunning full-color illustrations to go along with each and every page, the Special Delivery series are a collection of letters on the topic of tefillah, between nine-year-old Nosson Baruch and his Bubby in Eretz Yisrael. Special Delivery 1 focuses on the Birchos Hashachar, while Special Delivery 2 is about Shema.

As you follow the correspondence between Bubby and Nosson Baruch, you will be charmed by the lessons transmitted in such an irresistible way. When explaining the brachah of “Hanosein l’sechvi vinah l’havchin bein yom u’vein laylah,” Bubby tells Nosson that just as Hashem gave the rooster a mind that knows when it’s day and when it’s night, so it could know when to crow, He also gave people the understanding to know what’s wrong and what’s right, so they could make the right choices in life. And when Nosson asks why there is a double veis in the word “levavecha” in Shema, Bubby quotes the famous Rashi of how we must serve Hashem with both our yetzer tov and yetzer hara.

Whether it’s ahavas Hashem, kavod chaveirim, kabbalas ol malchus Shamayim, or any of the other fundamental concepts learned out from the words of the siddur, the Special Delivery series is sure to explain these lessons clearly to your children, and thereby give them a real appreciation and love for tefillah.

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