Treats For The Shabbos Table


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Political cartoonist Yony needs no introduction. His illustrations have enhanced thousands of pages of books, newspapers, and magazines for years. And when you have a parshah sheet containing a beautiful dvar Torah that has been graced with pictures by Yony, well, it isn’t difficult to imagine the success such a concept would have!

Treats for the Shabbos Table is exactly that, and sure enough, over 100,000 Jews of all types and stripes, in Israel and around the world, have been enjoying these parshah sheets week after week. Now a year’s worth of these incredible “treats” have been compiled together into a magnificent book worthy of being the center of attention at your Shabbos table.

The divrei Torah in this book are all able to be understood and enjoyed by the whole family, while Yony’s illustrations provide an additional dimension to the book. See what gives such popularity to Treats for the Shabbos Table. Enjoy some “treats” yourself, along with your entire family!

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