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TRAGEDY: Sudden Petira of Rav Pinchas Elya Weinberger, 38-Years-Old, Magid Shiur In Satmar Yeshiva

Tragedy struck the Satmar and Kasho communities on Monday morning when word spread of the sudden Petira of Rav Pinchas Elya Weinberger Z”L. He was 38 years old.

Rav Weinberger was Niftar in his sleep at the Kasho Camp in the Town of Wawarsing in Ulster County on Monday morning, police said.

He is a Magid Shiur in the Satmar Yeshiva in Monsey, and a Magid Shiur in the Kasho Camp in the Catskills during the summer months.

He is the son of Rav Hillel Weinberger, a Dayan in the Nitra Yeshiva in Mount Kisco, a member of the Hisachdus Horabbonim, and a prominent speaker and Mashpia.

The Ulster County Sheriff’s Office is investing the death and Chevra Kaddisha are working with local authorities to ensure proper Kavod Hames.

Levaya details will be published when they become available to us.

Boruch Dayan Ha’Emmes…

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)

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