Prosecuting Attorneys Attempt To Stave Off Plea Bargain in Case of Eliezer Berland


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Lawyers for plaintiffs against Eliezer Berland, who is accused of exploitation and fraud, sent a letter to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit and Jerusalem District Attorney Danny Wittman, demanding that they refuse to accept a plea bargain, which they claim is preposterous.

The lawyers, Yaakov Shaklar and Stav Halperin, are considering appealing any such plea bargain in the High Court of Justice.

It has previously been reported that Berland’s attorneys are attempting to get a plea bargain from the prosecution for Berland to serve less prison time, in spite of the severity of his crimes.

The plea bargain, according to lawyers of the plaintiffs, would see Berland serve only 14 months in prison and have to pay each of those who he exploited receive between 5,000 – 10,000 NIS only, with a small fine being paid to the state.

The lawyers stated that they were aware that the main reason the State is considering a plea bargain is due to Berland’s advanced age and ill-health. “These reasons are not measurable and are not for a worthy cause, nor do they fit into the proper procedural manner and they do not make for good governance”, the plaintiff’s lawyers claimed.

Berland, who exploited ill and dying people out of their money by claiming that if they paid him exorbitant sums that he would save them from death, is now seriously ill and his health is getting worse. His lawyers have attempted many times to have him removed from prison while his court proceedings are ongoing, but as of yet, judges have not decided in their favor.



  1. Considering that he cruelly exploited those with terminal illnesses and was found to have abused multiple women, letting him rot and die in jail would seem to be the most equitable and just solution. Whey would the prosecutors settle for anything less. Once and for all, this pervert must be made to pay for his crimes rather than victimizing his victims over again.

  2. The only good thing I see here is that at last, YWN has stopped giving this nasty creature the title “Rabbi.” If he’s so holy, he shouldn’t care where he sleeps but rather, should be eagerly awaiting Olam Haba. Although maybe he isn’t so sure of the welcome he’ll get.

    Moving on….

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