Please Help Catskills Hatzalah Save Lives – They Need Your Help!


Hatzalah needs no introduction. The dedicated volunteers ensure the safety of hundreds of thousands of people vacationing in the Catskills each summer. This summer alone, Catskills Hatzalah has already responded to hundreds upon hundreds of emergencies, and saved many lives including drowning victims, people injured in serious car crashes, critical trauma victims, cardiac arrest victims, heart attacks, choking victims, stroke victims and many other critical emergencies.

The fact is, that Catskills Hatzolah has seen an incredibly staggering increase in emergencies, and the summer started just three weeks ago. The call volume is like nothing they have ever seen before. The fleet of the 18 Catskills Hatzolah ambulances are being used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – literally. Over 450 Hatzolah volunteers are responding to emergencies on a seconds notice.

Now, they need you!

Their annual campaign ends in just a few hours. Please donate to this important cause and help Catskills Hatzalah continue helping you!

In 1984, a small group of volunteers started offering emergency medical services to a few hundred Jewish families who vacationed each summer in the Fallsburg area. Over time, Catskills Hatzalah has grown into a full-time, year-round emergency care operation safeguarding the well-being of more than 1000 vacation colonies and summer camps, bringing Catskills Hatzalah to where it is today.

While Catskills Hatzalah is affiliated with other Hatzalah branches, the Catskills division remains independent and receives no outside financial support from any other Hatzalah branch or government agency. Catskills Hatzalah raises funds annually to maintain a state-of-the-art garage headquarters, large ambulance fleet, modern radio system, and lifesaving medical equipment, to ensure they are ready to provide rapid and high quality emergency care all year long.