Op-Ed: De Blasio Is A Hypocrite


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Not that most of us ever had a doubt, but there is now no question about it. NYC’s new liberal demagogue mayor is a despicable hypocrite, and he must be called out.

Just a few months ago, the Jewish community was stunned to learn the horrible news that Menachem Stark Z”L had been abducted and murdered, his lifeless and burned body found smoldering in a dumpster. If the story itself wasn’t enough pain to bear, what followed next was outrageous.

The New York Post featured an image of the deceased Stark on the front page of their January 5 edition with the headline “Who Didn’t Want Him Dead?” The front page sparked outrage, amid suggestions that the Post was helping to create a climate of violence against landlords. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and dozens of other local politicians condemned the coverage at a press conference at Brooklyn Borough Hall, and there were calls for a boycott of the tabloid.

The Post refused to apologize.

Even worse was the deafening silence of our new Mayor. He refused to condemn the hateful cover of the NY Post.

He had made up his mind; To throw the Jewish community under the bus.

But now, our hypocrite mayor has awoken. No, not about Menachem Stark. A man murdered in cold blood and found burned in a dumpster, followed by a hateful NY Post cover wasn’t enough to wake up de Blasio. But the “characterizations of his wife’s comments on motherhood” riled him up.

The Democratic mayor, whose family played a significant role in his election, on Monday called the newspapers’ stories “deeply disturbing” and “offensive” and criticized their “misunderstanding” of the first lady’s remarks.

So let’s understand this, Mr. Mayor.

“Who Didn’t Want Him Dead?” isn’t “deeply disturbing” and “offensive”?!

What are we even talking about here? What was the great catastrophe that caused the Mayor to make his statement?

The mayors wife, Chirlane McCray, told New York magazine in an interview published Sunday that she struggled adjusting to motherhood after the couple’s first child, Chiara, was born.

“I was 40 years old. I had a life,” McCray told the magazine as part of a cover story profile about her outsized role in her husband’s administration. “Especially with Chiara — will we feel guilt forever more? Of course, yes. But the truth is, I could not spend every day with her. I didn’t want to do that. I looked for all kinds of reason not to do it.”

McCray said she loves her daughter but had been working since she was 14.

“It took a long time for me to get into ‘I’m taking care of kids,’ and what that means,” she said.

On Monday, both city tabloids ran stories about the interview and put McCray’s picture on their front pages.

The New York Post ran a screaming headline of “I was a bad mom,” a sentiment that McCray does not express in the magazine piece. The Post’s article says her comments are “bound to horrify most moms.”

So basically, when the mayors family is attacked he goes crazy. But when a man is gruesomely murdered and his body burned and found in a dumpster, and the tabloids publish hateful headlines, he could not care less.

Avi Fleischer – Brooklyn.

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.



  1. This is the same guy who the week he declares a crackdown on unsafe driving is busted for speeding and blowing off stop signs. This is just another of the many blatant hypocricies perpetrated by BDB on the sheeple of nyc. But I’m sure nfgo3 and his ilk will be able to find a nafka mina between stark and mrs mccray case to justify BDB’s outrage.

  2. Quick! Someone should call Avi Fink at cit hall and tell him so he can quickly start emailing ywn to pull the article down, and it’s not what the mayor really wants, and blah blah blah….

    makes me sick these people

  3. At least we know how to get the mayor to pay attention. Just write a few headlines calling his wife a bad mommy.

    I mean seriously. Is this the Mayor of New York city? Or a child in a nursery?

    What a tipush. Ersht class!

  4. This is news? Remember the rule: Dog bites Man – not news. Man bites dog – news.

    He’s a politician. He’s a New York City Democrat politician.

    Now if he was honest and sincere and lived according to principles, that would be something write about (but they he wouldn’t hold public office, would he?)

  5. Lets see what the libs can conjure, they could label the NYpost article as a “War on Women”, “Racial Inequality” or “Racism”

  6. Why is shocking to anyone? He doesnt care what the Post rights about anyone, happens to be this case it was his family…. regular politician, like the rest of them.

    Their interests first. The people? Maybe later……maybe

  7. “He refused to condemn the hateful cover of the NY Post.

    He had made up his mind; To throw the Jewish community under the bus.”

    This is complete bul. First, De Blasio DID blast the Post a week after the incident. You can say that he waited too long, but to say the he didn’t say anything is a baldfaced lie.

    Second, the owner of the New York Post is News Corp., controlled by the ultra right wing criminal Rupert Murdoch and his family. You now see how he responds to De Blasio criticism.

    What WOULD matter would be if the many right wingers in the Jewish community organized a boycott of News Corp. media outlets. Like, never buy any product advertised on the Fox Network or Fox News Channel. Anyone willing to step up?

  8. adjusting to motherhood is a phenomenon that happens in the best of families, and has nothing to do with being a good or bad mother, the mayor’s family seems to be a wholesome family regardless, they are in ‘play’ because they where a part in his campaign and still are. Now about the Stark media/mayor fiasco thats a tragedy in the scope of Dinkins CH tragedy where individuals got unfairly politicised, same as Stark.

  9. “Where is Charlie Hall to defend him?”

    I’m not a big De Blasio fan. But I’ll criticize him when appropriate and praise when appropriate. The crackdowns on illegal activity (texting, speeding, etc.) are a good thing and will save lives.

    And the Post attack on his wife was every bit as bad as its hit piece on Stark. It does show that the Post is merely evil, not anti-Semitic — it maliciously slanders both Jews and non-Jews. What was unusual about their treatment of Stark was that it was the first time they had targeted a member of the frum community in such a way. Perhaps had we defended the non-Jewish and non-frum victims of Post hate Menachem Stark might have been able to be buried without the background of vicious slanders.

  10. #10 – Charlie Hall is a baldfaced liar himself.

    Deblasio didn’t “blast” anything. Stop fabricating and distorting the facts.

    A week later he called the post “unfair”. That’s “BLASTING”?

    Now apologize to us all Dr. Hall.

  11. deblasio will make david stinkins smell like roses. you heard it here first. he is a pandering liberal. he is a one term mayor, but the damage he will cause this city will take years to repair.

  12. Charlie, stop making it sound as if DebBlasio came up with NYPD speeding enforcement days. This has been in place since Rudy (at least). There are always ticket blitz enforcement days throughout the year.

    Again, a baldfaced liar.

  13. To timmytwo: you didn’t have to wait too long, our resident communist/Marxist charliehall crawled out & has spoken in deBlasio’s defense. Therefore, we must all stand (or sit) corrected because we, as mere peons (& probably Republican ones at that) know nothing about the brilliance of Marxist minds & their version of honesty, integrity & justice.

    Mr. Fleischer – kol hakovod.

  14. Chuck Hall–looking to recruit some “right wingers?” why don’t u call the agudah to take up your idea of boycotting fox news sponsors, lol.

  15. Reb getzel–ezra friedlander is busy behind the scenes doing the advance work on the “quinn for mayor in 2017” campaign.

  16. The Mayor’s wife said about being with her daughter “But the truth is, I could not spend every day with her. I didn’t want to do that. I looked for all kinds of reason not to do it.”

    Is it really shocking that the daughter turned to drugs? How sad for her children. How sad for this mother who lacks priorities.

    And how typical that Charlie Hall would come and respond with something that is totally off topic.

  17. The stupid article and the accompanying photo does not do the frum community any good. We need to be in good standing with the mayor and his wife so that they will be with us when we really need them. Why start up for no good reason. And I’m surprised at YWN for being a pawn to the writer’s agenda.

  18. Dr. Charles Hall, it’s one thing to support de Blasio, and another to spin for him and be willfully ignorant. Then,again I can’t expect much from his entitlement addicted base.

  19. Cherrybim, “we need to be in good standing”. That should be read “we shouldn’t call out his hypocrisy and kiss him” so we are not seen stirring the pot. Being a yes man will get you nowhere.

  20. “another to spin for him”

    Who is spinning? I didn’t even vote for him!

    “something that is totally off topic.”

    The topic is what to do about the New York Post, a truly evil newspaper. But apparently nobody else cares to stand up for Menachem Stark z’l.

  21. I have again been invited to weigh in on an important issue and, notwithstanding the late hour, I will respond.

    First of all, to answer the question posed by commenter no. 1: I do not wonder. Regrettably, there are murders every day in New York, and the Torah tells us that each human life is infinitely valuable, whether it is Menachem Stark or Mike Jones or Mustafa Jackson or Julio Sanchez. It is not the New York mayor’s job to say kaddish for every murdered citizen, or to criticize every piece of outrageous nonsense that gets printed by the New York Post. That would be a full-time job all by itself, and not one that taxpayers should pay for.

    As for the Post’s misinterpretation of Ms. McCray’s remarks and the headline it published trumpeting that misinterpretation, I would cut any politician some slack when a serial piece of junk like the Post defames his spouse or other member of his family.

    As for commenter no. 2’s continuing failure to understand (a) that a passenger (Bill DeBlasio) is not responsible for the speeding and other traffic violations of his driver (police officers specially trained in high-speed driving on low-speed roads), or (b) the security requirements of the mayor of a major US and world city, I suspect that his/her failure of understanding is not honest ignorance but unfounded dislike of the mayor. There is nothing hypocritical about a mayor who follows the instructions of his security detail.

    Now for the halachic question: Can one daven in the presence of a copy of the New York Post? And does the answer depend on the content of the particular edition that is present at davening, or should we “build a fence” and never daven in the presence of the Post?