YWN Has a New WhatsApp Number


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Yeshiva World News (YWN) has been the leading source for Jewish news for over 16 years now. A key part of why we have become the number one choice for hundreds of thousands of readers each day, is we are always adopting the latest technologies to make breaking news updates available when you need them.

Our WhatsApp status updates had become a go-to for thousands of people bringing people the latest headlines right in the app. Until one day, without warning, our account was shut down. It wasn’t just our number that was banned, but rather multiple Jewish accounts in what appeared to be a systemic targeting on WhatsApp’s part.

And so individuals who were used to getting updates multiple times a day were left in the dark as we tried every possible avenue to get our number restored. To no avail. The company took no regard of our repeated inquiries, decimating the efforts we, and other platforms like us, had taken years to build. YWN was inundated with messages and emails by thousands upon thousands of our 23,000 WhatsApp users, asking for the WhatsApp status updates to be resumed.

So we are starting again. We will not let ourselves be bullied by massive bully companies. We have a new number, 646-599-5820, and are sending out a text to all our old WhatsApp status subscribers notifying them of the change and making it easy to re-subscribe.

If you were previously subscribed to get YWN updates on WhatsApp, simply save 646-599-5820 to your contacts and you will start viewing them immediately,  or message us at this number and we will be happy to assist you.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)