Woodmere: Hatzolah Ambulance Involved In Crash While Taking Patient To Hosp


A Rockaway/Lawrence Hatzolah Ambulane taking a patient to the hospital was involved in an MVA this morning.

It happened at the intersection of Central Avenue & Woodmere Boulevard at around 7:30AM. A car collided with the ambulance, which then slammed into a parked vehicle.

Thankfully, there were no serious injuries reported.

A second ambulance arrived and transported the patient from the back of the ambulance to the hospital, and a third ambulance transported a person from the other vehicle to the hospital.

Sources tell YWN that the ambulance had it’s lights and sirens on at the time, and the other vehicle failed to yield.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I’m not surprised this happened. It a very common problem where drivers have an attitude that they yield the right of way to NOBODY. This seems especially prevalent in our communities. I live in a suburban community with lots of stop signs and narrow roads. Most drivers don’t believe in stopping at stop signs (many don’t even bother slowing down at all) and it’s rare that another driver will move over on a narrow road to let an oncoming car pass. More often than not, they make the other car yield to them by refusing to move out of the way to let the other car pass.

    It’s disgusting and a huge chilul hashem. So I’m guessing this car saw the ambulance and just refused to yield the right of way. I see this all the time.