SHOCK VIDEO: NYPD Arrests Black Lives Matter Activist Who Threatened NYC Diamond District


A man identifying himself as “Ace Burns” delivered an ominous threat to Orthodox Jewish New Yorkers Saturday during a live interview on Fox News, warning that protesters could set fire to Manhattan’s storied Diamond District if New York leaders don’t meet their demands.

“Today, I’m leading a demonstration from Barclay’s Center at 6 p.m. to City Hall, and that’s the first stop — and we’re hoping [Mayor] De Blasio and [Gov.] Cuomo come out and talk to us and give the youth some direction,” he told Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich.

“But if they don’t, then [the] next stop is the Diamond District,” he said, referring to a block on Manhattan’s 47th Street known for jewelry shops. “And gasoline, thanks to Trump, is awfully cheap. So we’re giving them a chance right now to do the right thing.”

NYPD arrested the man later Saturday.

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  1. I think Fox News should be called out as well for pointing out for some reason that orthodox Jews run 47th St.
    P.S. let me save you some time, I consider myself a conservative Republican and usually only take news from this channel.

  2. Isn’t what’s more shocking.. that there are so many people marching for no particular policy changes, and even getting down on their knees to bow to a movement that only seems to want to get rid of unspecified “white privilege” in some magical way?

  3. It was unnecessary to mention the district is “run by orthodox Jews.” Can really only add fuel to the already raging fires. He says FOX condemns such speech, but then ignites hatred in others by mentioning Jews, orthodox Jews, run the district.

  4. So, what’s crazier? Setting fire to the diamond district to punish all frum Jews, or setting fire to the barbecue sauce in all the supermarkets to punish the Black Lives Matter folks?

  5. no where did he say that he was going after jew he said he was going to loot the diamond dist.
    the reporters remark is very antisemitic though for insinuating that the diamond dist. is run by the jews
    aka in control of the money