EL AL IS BOUGHT BY CHAREIDI! Eli Rozenberg, Son of Kenny Rozenberg From Monsey Is New Owner Of El Al


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Eli Rozenberg, a 26-year-old American living in Israel is the new owner of El Al.

Eli purchased El Al on behalf of his father, New York businessman and Hatzolah Paramedic Kenny Rozenberg, and has now purchased a controlling stake in the beleaguered company from Israel’s Government Companies Authority

Eli Rosenberg now holds the most amount of stock with 43 percent of the entity, making him the person with the most say in the company. The other potential buyers backed out

Rozenberg recently formed the Aviation Eagles Wings company in his bid to acquire El Al and appointed former US envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt as his adviser. Rozenberg said that if he wins the bid, he will appoint Greenblatt to act as his personal representative on the El Al Board of Directives, Globes said.

Kenny (Naftali) Rosenberg, is the founder and CEO of Centers Health Care – one of the largest post-acute healthcare continuum’s in the country (chain of nursing homes). Kenny is also a trained Hatzolah paramedic and is often found responding to medical emergencies in the middle of the night. Additionally, he is one of the owners of Senior Care EMS, one of the largest private ambulance companies in NYC.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Could we, theoretically, have seating arrangements so that people need not be offended by having to be forced to sit next to the opposite gender. It’s not meant to be offensive, rather a צניעות גדר. It would a non-offensive measure!

  2. Mazel Tov!! Sach Hatzlacha to the Rozenbergs!!

    I can’t wait for some organised Minyanim and Davening Zmanim on El Al tablets. It is time we all know when to Daven each Tefilah (it’s sometimes a very short window) and if there is an upcoming official Minyan. The only option today is to download in-flight Zmanim from MyZmanim prior to flying and to follow the departure times. It’s very good but not as optimal as real time.

  3. He only owns 43% of the company, so he may not be able to do all these things if the other 57% of shareholders object. But it would certainly be worth trying.

    It would be so easy to offer passengers the option of being seated next to someone of the same sex, or of sitting in a designated same-sex section.

    Consider that every airline in the world has a policy to seat unaccompanied minors next to female passengers only, never next to male ones. This is incredibly sexist and illegal, and yet all the airlines do it and nobody ever objects to it, even when a man is moved from his assigned seat to accommodate it. But when a charedi person wants a similar accommodation suddenly there are protests and lawsuits. The airline could avoid the whole thing, very easily, if only it were willing. Maybe Rozenberg can achieve this.

  4. Does this mean Yidden who don’t utilize Zionist enterprises, and have been makpid to only fly United or Delta till now, can select ElAl as it is no longer Zionist?