WATCH IT: Senator Paul Accuses Dr Fauci Of ‘Theater’ And Wearing Masks ‘For Show’ After Being Vaccinated


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At a Senate hearing Thursday, Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) accused Dr. Anthony Fauci – the nation’s top infectious disease expert – of perpetuating “nanny state” policies that unnecessarily prolong mask use among vaccinated Americans.

Kentucky’s junior senator – and ophthalmologist prior to entering politics – has repeatedly clashed with Fauci over coronavirus guidelines. Paul was infected with the virus in 2020 and says there is no need for vaccinated and previously infected individuals to continue public mask use. On Thursday he directly called out Fauci for continuing to wear a mask despite receiving a vaccine.

“What studies do you have that people that have had the vaccine or have had the infection are spreading the infection? If they’re not spreading the infection, isn’t it just theater?” questioned Paul.

“Here we go again with the theater,” retorted Fauci.

“You’ve been vaccinated and you parade around in two masks for show,” said Paul, who repeatedly interrupted Fauci. “There’s a virtually zero-percent chance you are going to get it.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Rand paul is always spreading misinformation. A long time ago when probably less than 20 percent of people got the virus he was suggesting that there’s herd immunity. He was also talking about election fraud. It’s time for the media to call him what he his. A spreader of dangerous misinformation and conspiracy theories!

  2. I have been vaccinated and I wear masks. It isn’t clear how well the vaccines protect against the new variants or prevent me from infecting others.

  3. So many dumb people in this country
    Fauci is an overnight billionaire from his vaccine and he doesn’t even believe in it or he wouldn’t be wearing a double mask
    I don’t get how people are so dumb
    They are running to get experimental gene therapy vaccine and don’t even trust it will keep them from
    Getting ill. Go figure

  4. We know you can get covid again growing in your nasopharynx. Wasn’t there an article about 10 vaccinated doctors in Ichilov who tested positive? Masks also help you from infecting others, so yes, even if you’re vaccinated, and asymptomatic, one small ask, please wear a mask.

  5. At least someone is calling him out.
    Fauci says he’s worried about other variants, according to the WHO investigators who went to China to investigate, there were over 10 variants in Vuahn already, even before it spread to the entire world and still we have almost non reinfections. Even more, the USA has made a very poor job in identifying variants. Who knows how many variants there are around and still, BH, almost no reinfections.

  6. I think people should continue wearing 2 masks, goggles and possibly a face shield to make sure they are safe. The best would actually be if you can get the fish bowl helmet with an oxygen tank and have your head inside at all times with the 2 masks goggles and face shield. And even if you got the vaccine I believe you should get it again just to make sure you are safe and do not harm others.

    Also I believe you should never remove these precautions because you can just never know if you are safe enough without them. Keep the lines at the stores, keep the businesses closed, keep kicking people off flights and ruin the economy more. Come on guys it’s for your own good. How selfish can some people be? It’s for the greater good.

  7. All your comments here are not addressing the real issue. Rand Paul challenged Fauci, and Fauci had no response. That’s scary. The guy who all the morons who control everything listen to has no response to challenges about what he’s telling everybody to do. Doesn’t that frighten you, Stevenn and CharlieHall? Doesn’t that open your brain about your foolish opinions?

  8. Paul went around fellow senators without a mask when he had covid. Talk about theater, Paul is constantly auditioning to be the most radical republican. Fauci fixed his wagon with the scientific facts.

  9. Why even get the vaccine? It will only PROMOTE the creation of variants
    The longer we are sheep
    The longer they will cage us and expect us to follow blindly
    First was the “two week lockdown” then the long term school and business shutdowns and everyone who trusts big gov anxiously waiting for the vaccine so life can return to normal… they don’t allow u to have your life back and thus they are going to keep dragging this out as long as they can in the name of health and “science” of which there is none. They will try to convince everyone to get the vaccine
    Maybe even use threats to make people take it
    And yet they won’t even allow those vaccinated to resume normalcy
    WAKE UP PEOPLE this isn’t about a birus

  10. Not sure about all the politics, but Rand Paul made a point even back then regarding herd immunity. Not that the whole country was immune, but possibly certain areas. What should I say? I live in Borough Park where practically no one wears a mask and the Shuls are packed. Some say “Chillul Hashem”, but practically EVERYONE THERE, knows someone who died or was severely ill from the virus and yet you can cough in Shul and no one will turn their heads. Maybe the new TV immunology science didn’t reach there yet? In most major dense Frum communities in NY/NJ there was first devastation, then MONTHS of practically no one getting seriously ill from the virus, then an uptick (yes, people should’ve been more careful, especially coming back from various different vacations and especially with vulnerable people). Now it seems to be better, especially with the vaccine. But living in Borough Park, I’ve been finding it very hard to reconcile what I hear from the mainstream media and Dr. Fauci with what I’ve been seeing with my eyes over the past year. And of course some of you know better than me, I know, you heard it from some smooth talking newscaster or TV anchor, THEY know.