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Jewish Man Says He Was Threatened With Anti-Semitic Words In Manhattan

Rabbi Mendy Steiner saya he was the victim of a hate crime in NYC.

He was on his way to work around 10:30 a.m. Friday at his office on 39th Street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan when he says a man on a bicycle verbally assaulted him.

“He pulled out an Israeli flag and he said to me ‘you see, they’re killing my innocent children, you’re killing my innocent children, and I’m going to kill you,’ those are the words he said to me,” Rabbi Mendy Steiner said.

Steiner ran into the nearby Chase Bank for help only for the man on the bike to follow him inside. The rabbi said some of the bank employees rushed to his aid and called 911.

Rabbi Steiner returned to the Garment District on Monday to bring a platter of food to the Chase Bank where he sought refuge Friday. He said he wanted to thank the workers who helped protect him.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. they’re killing my innocent children shielding very guilty adults A.K.A. savages who murdered 13 innocent Israelis הי”ד

  2. This is new normal in deblasio’s new york and in democrat run america in general. Western europe is a time machine showing the future yet to come to america for as long as america is ruled by traitors and criminals.
    First blacks were given a green light to assault without recourse, and now muslims were given a green light.

  3. No need to be alarmed. Democrats, Letitia James and Cy Vance are keeping us all nice and safe by vigorously investigating & searching searching searching former President Trump’s personal tax return from 1988! There is nothing that threatens the lives of New Yorkers like Trump’s personal tax returns! Letitia should get a medal of honor from the white house. A real true hero.

  4. You forgot to add the word “allegedly threatened” in your AP style title.

    Does he say he was threaten or is it a fact that he was threatened?!

  5. During the height of the period when people were screeching about Asian hate. Which is a fraction of what Jews receive (not that Asians should be hated of course), a Jewish baby was slashed in her stroller by an antisemitic African American at random. I don’t know if this site even!!! reported on it.

    With the Muslim immigration going to go way way up, under the worst president in US history, expect them and the 29% of African Americans who are antisemitic (and the roughly 8% of whites who zealot Nazis) to make life for poor Jews quite uncomfortable in NYC in the coming decades only to get worse. Once Islamists smell the stench of cowardice and ownership of the political system which has already begun, it will get totally bad mind bogglingly quick. Then you’ll turn to the Christians to respond, because that will be the only possible recourse. And that won’t be an improvement. Because the type of Christian that goes after non-Christians is called a Nazi. I actually do not think any possible good outcome can come for Jews in the next 50 years. It’s off limits to call to end Islamic immigration, and suicide to not call for it.

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