Chabad Av Beis Din Implores Everyone To Get Vaccine Following Triple Tragedy Over Shabbos


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The Chabad Av Beis Din of the Chabad community in Kiryat Malachi, Rabbi Yitzchak Yehuda Yeruslavsky, who is a prominent personage among the Chabad Chassidus in Israel, filmed a video on Sunday beseeching all Chabad chassidim, and Yidden around the globe to get vaccinated against the Coronavirus. The video was published on Sunday following the deaths of three Lubavitcher Chassidim in one day – over Shabbos.

HaRav Yeruslavsky continued his clear and direct stance on the matter that he has kept since the vaccines first became available, that everyone needs to vaccinate and adhere to the regulations set forth by the Health Ministry in their entirety.

“I ask that all community leaders and their followers, in light of the horrible events that took place yesterday, and the recurring tragedies of people who have died because they were not vaccinated, go get the vaccine. This is an issue of Pikuach Nefesh, we are obligated to go and get the vaccine. I call upon all Rabbonim of the community to make sure that each and every person in their community gets vaccinated.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. One of the three was definitely vaccinated and I’m not sure whether a second one wasn’t vaccinated as well. In the majority of cases where the media doesn’t point out a deceased’s vaccination status, It usually means they were vaccinated.

  2. Sara Logan (Fox News) says that the LEFT is now intentionally infecting (a military tactic called a ‘disease bomb’, in this case a ‘Covid bomb’) specific areas. For example, Florida and other Republican states.
    In the past 2 months, many popular media people (4 radio hosts in the past 2 weeks alone) who were urging people NOT to vax suddenly died from Covid! If you know how this reshoim operate it is easy to comprehend that Chabad is being targeted by them.
    So, how to protect yourself? Why not tell people to take the Zelenko protocol? (Alex Jones’ father was saved from near-death, and now he is very much promoting Dr. Zelenko and his hcq protocol, especially if you are not sick.) Why not tell people the truth that the simple hcq medicine that healed hundreds of thousands including President Trump and many, many people I know, is the best way to stay healthy?
    Politics? Fear?

  3. 147
    Rav Kanievsky is pro-vaccine. This is from Times of Israel:

    Chaim Kanievsky is the leader of a large section of the Ashkenazi ultra-Orthodox community, and his relationship with authorities during the pandemic has been complicated. For example, at times he okayed the opening of schools in violation of national rules.

    But he has now unequivocally thrown his weight behind the government’s vaccination push, telling coronavirus czar Salman Zarka late Tuesday that he wants principals to suspend teachers who aren’t vaccinated.

    “A teacher or an educator who hasn’t been vaccinated won’t come to teach,” said Kanievsky, suggesting that vaccines fulfill the Jewish value of safeguarding life.

    Notably, his stance goes further than the government’s position on vaccinations and teachers, which permits regular testing instead of vaccination. Under the government’s plan to reopen schools nationwide on September 1, teachers must present a “Green Pass” in order to enter schools; such a pass is granted to those who are vaccinated, recovered or who present a negative COVID test from the past 72 hours.

  4. 147

    From the Jerusalem Post:

    Prominent Haredi leader Rabbi Haim Kanievsky instructed his followers, as well as the head of the Haredi Department at Clalit Health Services, to administer the third coronavirus booster shot to the target populations on Monday.
    Rabbi Kanievsky met with Dr. Eyal Jacobson, Health Director of Dan PT District at Clalit, along with several others, who presented Kanievsky with details regarding the new booster initiative. After hearing the recommendations, the rabbi decreed that the vaccination should be taken, stressing that the elderly and people at risk must get the shot.

    There was an aseifa in Baltimore where many leading rabbonim from Baltimore and Long Island also threw support behind the vaccine.

  5. Schleper, talks such BS garbage, one word doesn’t even add with the other… BTW, hcq DOES NOT WORK, which is why NO ONE uses it by now.

    And to the person writing that the 3 were vaxxed, I’ve heard before from anti vaxers, that it is okay to lie in other to scare off people. Here you go.

  6. They are not giving Rabbi Yeruslavsky the full story. According to Israeli standards if you do not have the booster you are unvaccinated ! These guys were vaccinated and didn’t have the booster, and now they are deceased and can not defend themselves. אוי מה הי’ לנו

  7. How can anyone say that hcq ‘does not work’, jack596? You obviously have no clue.
    1. It is known that Pres Trump took it.
    1b. Alex Jones’ Father was almost gone, and Dr. Zelenko with hcq brought him back.
    2. The CDC recommended it for 50 years+ as a safe drug for similar diseases. It was on their website until covid politics started.
    3. Tens of Thousands of real Doctors prescribe it, with a 99% success rate. Research American Frontline Doctors.
    4. It worked for ME and I am high risk.
    5. It worked for many of my friends, all over 55.
    6. You obviously don’t know that many Hatzolo members saved many lives with hcq.

    So, jack? Do some research.
    If you respond like an idiot (again) to this, I will refrain from answering.

  8. One good thing that Corona brought was to remove all doubt regarding the true nature of so many an imbecile pretending to have an idea of what they’re talking about… I mean, like…really?? Some of these comments… Under the guise of one’s computer screen it is so easy for everyone to do freely express their nonsensical views.

    In fact, in some ways I might even consider it rather entertaining!