POLITICAL EARTHQUAKE: Yamina MK Resigns, Leaving Coalition Without A Majority

Coalition whip Idit Silman (Danny Shem Tov/Knesset spokesperson)

Coalition chairwoman and Yamina MK Idit Silman announced early Wednesday morning that she is resigning from the coalition, leaving it without a majority.

“I can’t [continue] any longer,” Silman said. “I attempted unity and worked hard for the current coalition. Unfortunately, I cannot lend a hand to the harm of the Jewish identity of the state of Israel and Am Yisrael. The public is not aware of everything I tried because I did it quietly.”

“I’m ending my membership in the coalition and I will continue to try to convince my friends to return home and establish a right-wing government. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.”

“The Jewish identity of the state of Israel is the zechus of our existence here. This is our heart, this is our essence. Harming it, without any consideration to the public and the values I represent, is a red line for me.”

“We can establish another government already in this Knesset.”

Silman’s move comes on the background of a coalition crisis caused by Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz’s order to allow chometz into hospitals on Pesach, and a day after her husband said in a radio interview that “Idit will not sell her Olam Haba for any payment.”

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett was taken by surprise by Silman’s announcement, only finding out about it via media reports, but at least several senior members of the coalition have been aware of Silman’s decision for at least a week, Maariv reported.

Following Silman’s announcement, former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu responded to the news in a video message: “I was very moved to hear MK Idit Silman’s announcement and I bless you in the name of the millions of people in Am Yisrael who have been waiting for this moment,” Netanyahu said. “Idit, you proved that what guides you is the concern for the Jewish identity of the state of Israel and concern for Eretz Yisrael. And I welcome you with bracha on your return home to the right-wing camp. You proved that true representatives of the public act according to their conscience and there’s no greater zechus than that.”

“I call on every MK who was elected with votes from the right-wing camp to join Idit and return home. You’ll be welcomed with open arms and much respect.”

Former Yamina MK Amichai Chikli, who left the party immediately after it formed a coalition with the left, responded by stating: בְּנִיסָן נִגְאֲלוּ וּבְנִיסָן עֲתִידִין לִיגָּאֵל.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Let’s not delay she deserves our support
    Someone with backbone to stand by her convictions
    Not often found in politics
    First time ever that I would support politics financially
    Idit Silman may you have the strength and support to lead this country
    With integrity

  2. Bibi it’s time to hand her the reigns
    Guide her by all means
    We all owe you Bibi
    This is an opportunity for you too to take a step back
    And still have influence
    Let her lead she deserves it

  3. ZECHUT not zechus it is a mischaracterisation of their lingo and
    zio-bonics (what is ebonics) someone who legitimately says zchus write it that way.. they don’t think or speak this way

  4. Kol Hakavod l Idith Silman.Hashem helpt. There are to many Chilonim who think they cane command and change
    the status of religion in Israel.This Minister Horowithz a left winger thought because he is a tareff eater everbody should go according him.The same as the rasha Liebermann.They could do at home wathever they want put not tell the puiblic what to do..They have no idea ofJidiskeit.and the so called mordern orthodox Bennet and Kahane dit not care at all, they main important for them to be ministers and changed the laws of Jiddischkeit.

  5. Sounds like good news to me. Let right wing take over and bring peace, security, and Torah lifestyle to Israel, including Judea and Samaria!

  6. The prior godless Zionist leader stated:
    ““Idit, you proved that what guides you is the concern for the Jewish identity of the state of Israel and concern for Eretz Yisrael.”

    Notice that with the mention of all those Jewish-sounding items, there’s not a word about G-d or Torah or religion.

    That is, of course, because Zionism is a replacement religion and nation for the Torah religion and people.

    The Zionist State has no “Jewish character”. It has whatever is needed from Judaism to fool people into thinking that the Zionist State is Jewish. That is its character: Zionist, not Jewish.

  7. Whats the excitement? Isnt this supposed to be the norm? I thought everyone expects a “Jewish State” to act in accordance of Jewish law. I guess its a novelty as it unfortunately is. Its a Zionist State NOT a Jewish State.
    They cldnt prove it more.
    Its Israel NOT Am Yisrael. Am Yisrael abides by the Torah. Nothing to commend her for. For a change someone in the Kenesset cares about upholding values of the Torah. Its actually a Disgust to be in there.
    Were talking about Chometz? A horrendous transgression of the Torah but who in the Zionist govt actually cares?!