$25,000 Reward Offered For Arrest Of Lakewood Attacker


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lkwd thug.jpgA spokesman for the Lakewood Vaad has just informed Yeshivaworld that a $25,000 reward is being offered – for information leading to the arrest of the thug who brutally assaulted (Lakewood Cheder Rebbi) Rabbi Mordechai Moskowitz with a baseball-bat on October 9th. $20,000 has been put-together by members of Lakewood’s community, and $5,000 is being offered by the ADL.

The reward was announced at a press conference – which was attended by Lakewood Township Committee Member Menashe Miller, Police Chief, Prosecutor, Assistant Prosecutor, Vaad Members, representatives of the ADL, & other city officials.

In addition, they announced that the police are following up on some serious leads – which they hope may result in an arrest in this case.


  1. Sounds fishy – if they have “serious leads” – why the reward?

    I personally don’t have much faith that they they’ll find the guy. After a week, they have nothing to show – that can’t be a good sign.

    Also, how come we aren’t seeing increased Police surveillance? Why isn’t there a public outcry demanding that we can’t feel safe in our own neighborhooods?

  2. 1.”PUBLIC OUTCRY”? where have you been? there was friday afternoon for men and saturday night for ladies. plenty of thillim to go around.
    2.its when they feel theyll get a good tip to stick the guy they have their eyes on that they offer the reward.

  3. ofcourse they must catch him but there are so many of them all over lakewood and especially how gutsy they all became ,so mane robberies recently , we have to accept we are truly in golus and not get so comfortable.

  4. i was on clifton ave on sunday i did not seee one cop for over an hour there must have been 200 peaple loitaring around i want to see some steped up security now

  5. Mr. lkwdfellow,

    The reward was a result of some private citizens putting up the money. This was not initiated by the PD so the reward being posted has absolutely nothing to do with the amount or quality of leads that the PD has. This has been in the works since early Sunday morning.

    Secondly, the announcement took place last night, while the press conference was this afternoon…for $25,000 don’t you think some leads may have come in between the posting and the time the press conference took place.

    To whom will there be an outcry, and what should the “outcry” be…that no “alledgedly” african-american male should decide to pick up a bat and strike someone? You’re right we should outcry to Shomayim!

  6. Read carefully, 1.

    “In addition [to the reward announcement], they announced that the police are following up on some serious leads – which they hope may result in an arrest in this case.”

    It would appear that the announcement of the serious leads is intended to impel someone who may be know who the perpetrator is to turn him in, rationalizing that since the guy’s about to be caught anyway, so he may as well get the $25,000.

  7. Public outcry. Whiteoaks and Red Oaks Just had arounf 8 or more break-ins this past week.

    In my area we are working to have a meeting to organize the local residents to contact “unzerer” slum/gang landlords and clean shop now and sell. They and their relatives will be called day and night and if need be signs will be posted in public areas with their names if they dont comply.

    If you want change you must do it area by area.
    if someone is in your development late at night call the police. if they dont belong there tell them its private property. Open your eyes.

    Make your own development’s block watch. if you wan to catch these guys stay up late night and you will catch them. call the police but dont expect them to show up all the time and on time. With crime in Lakewood out of control,they do not have enough resources expecialy on the weekends when most of the break-ins take place.

    dont wait for the police or the vaad to beef up security. the only way things will change is if people stop being so complacent and work together
    in their own area. Light up your house front and back. lock your windows and doors. Get an alarm!!??

    shomrim is nice if the vigalanties stay out and the police would accept them. NOT HAPPENING.

  8. The thing you need to understand about the Lakewood police force is that it’s essentially a small town police force that now has to deal with big city problems. More of the growing pains of Lakewood.

  9. This is a very effective way of finding the guy. All it needs is one person hungry for this money (of which I am sure this guy’s friends are) and the guy will be caught.
    Here is a challenge for the next bloggers – let’s try and keep this blog positive and not become a breeding ground for sinas chinom…

  10. 14 – true that is step 1. step 2 would include a proper arrest with step 3 being the proper trial. not from lakewood, but from what I’ve read (here) re the other incident where the Yid was arrested, it would not surprise me if the offers bothch the arrest and questioning or the judge declares him innocent to “give one” to them

  11. lkwdfellow thank you for your warm comments. i think. fact is my neighborhood has had its ups and downs every year but we try to keep the area safe. if more people would get involved we would have less crime in our area.

    when one joins the township committe they get bombarded by issues for the Rabbim and may be less effective to help the many yichidim who need their help. Ask M.M.

    the official askanim are just bombarded and cant handle the load.

    that is why every neighborhood has to take care of itself. so lets stop blogging and organize something.

  12. By the way, if you’re looking for cops, last night there were 3 groups of 2 patrol cars each sitting and shmuzing along Cedarbridge Avenue. They were probably waiting for some speeders or something. That’s SIX police cars that could have just been driving around and PATROLING different neighborhoods.


  14. As far as police responding to a call, we once called (a few times) regarding a loiterer sitting across the street from us. The police dispatcher said they are very busy and will come as soon as they can.

    Finally, we called Shomrim (who, of course, arrived immediately). And lo and behold, the police arrived right behind them. We were told that the police monitor the calls to Shomrim and will show up quickly so as not to look bad once Shomrim is on the way.

  15. KISHKA,
    Relax. Do you have any leads or info? When you do and win the award and then refuse it because it’s a mitzvah, then you can get all excited.

  16. Standing by my car yesterday on Park Ave between 3rd & 4rth Street I had a heavy metal can aimed for me thrown from a jeep window but it B”h missed.

  17. kishka: The point is to scare the animal to possibly surrender to police if he believes there’s a manhunt after him. Also, people in his circles may have gotten wind of what he did and be tempted by the money, especially if they can remain anonymous. And because we keep the case in headlines, perhaps neighboring police will pay more attention and catch him in their areas, like what happened to the “Trim Gym” animal. In any case, it’s always a good idea to offer a reward and can’t do any harm. Mi ke’amcha yisroel-pulling together in times of need !!!

  18. #23, Sara Yarok:

    Shomrim’s radio is digital and ENCRYPTED and PD was not given one, so they can not possibly monitor shomrim and come before they do. So now you can dump that rediculious theory…

  19. In response to #18 who had the only decent comment on here so far, Rabbi Moskowitz was BH transfered to a Rehab from the hospital. He still needs all of our tefillos to very strongly continue! There is still a long way to recovery but BH there is hope, and with time and everyone’s continued tefillos, all will be ok!


    They will if the facts are such that they are legally required to do so. No reward was given for the arrest of Brandon Fritz. That is because, to be entitled to the reward, one would have to provide information with knowledge of the existence of the reward. The Old Bridge woman whose house was burglarized had no such knowledge. Further, police are not entitled a reward for acts in their official capacity. If someone comes forward now, who is aware of the reward, they can sue if they do not get it.