Another Eruv To Be Built In Manchester


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eruv.jpgAccording to a report in the Jewish Chronicle, plans are underway to establish an eruv in the Greater Manchester town of Whitefield.

Whitefield Hebrew Congregation has told the JC, that although plans are underway for the Eruv, and stressed that it is “still in the planning stages”, as negotiations with local authorities are yet to begin and halachic details still to be ironed out. He declined to give a time scale for completion.

The boundary will cover almost all of his community’s 700 households, and is likely to attract new young families to the area, he said.


  1. Why do you say “another eruv”. There isn’t a first eruv yet in Manchester and Manchester still seems to attract young families even without an Eruv

  2. yeapb – I don’t think the small eruvs you refer to create the same problems that a city – wide eruv could, hence the reluctance of some Rabbonim to approve a city wide eruv.
    As you rightly point out there are a number of small ones but these are set up with all hiddurim which is almost impossible with a city wide eruv.

  3. Abba Englander – I was referring to the word ‘another’.

    Rav Mechel – Could well be, so many people think that Manchester is IN London that they wouldn’t think to clarify by saying ‘another Eiruv IN THE UK’