Corzine Says Ready To Lose His Job To Raise Tolls


corzine1.jpgNJ Govorner Jon S. Corzine says he’s willing to risk losing re-election by increasing highway tolls to try to resolve state fiscal woes – WCBSTV is reporting. The governor continued to refuse to detail how much he wants tolls to increase, but said he’ll present a formal plan in January. Corzine is up for re-election in 2009, but said, “Make no mistake. I am willing to risk losing my job if that’s necessary to set our fiscal house in order and get New Jersey out from the debt burden constraining our future.”

Corzine has discussed finding ways to make more money off state properties such as toll roads to pay mounting state debt. He wants to form a nonprofit agency that would manage toll roads and issue bonds to bring the state a quick, large cash infusion.

(Source: WCBSTV)


  1. maybe he can make a nedavah from his personal fortune maybe he can also get bloomberg to donate, we would hate to see him loose reelection, maybe it can come out of campaign money since he’s more likely to win reelection if he doesn’t raise the tolls it can be considered part of his campaign

  2. I DR. DRE-KOP Will be the first to denounce this so called gov. and I hereby call for his immidiate resignation. I demand it.

    This man is an abominAtion. He ran on a no tax platform, and for democrat to run on no taxes is like a fish to run out of water.

    He raised sales tax, property taxes ate up 10%.
    fines are up traffic and parking tickets are up.

    but service is down.

    leave ! leave now!

    you lied and now it’s time to go!!!!

  3. even if he tripled current tolls (and I pay 400$ a yr) – it wouldnt equal 1/50th of what John has done for Lakewood….. happy you recovered and thanks again John!!

  4. I dont understand making such a comment,”I am willing to risk losing my job”. EVERY SINGLE decision he makes should be because he believes in it and believes it is for the greater good of New Jersey. Not because it will or won’t risk his re-election. And if he wasn’t willing to risk it he wouldn’t persue it?

    A comment like this just comes to show you where his heart is with other decisions he is faced with.

  5. Marvin K Mooney. You can GO GO GO
    By Train Or By Car (with the added tolls of course) Just Please GO.

    I always wondered who Dr. Seuss wrote the book about. It is clear that from Dr. Seuss’ grave he is referring to our illustrious socialist Gov.

    By the way: I always wondering why did Gov Corzine not just donate his millions of dollars that it cost him to win his election directly to the State of NJ. (And not run at all) He has brought forth no new initiative. (That is working)

    I hate to say it but he has been tax and spend pol. No new ideas. Just the same old liberal bunk.
    Mr. Corzine never would have made his millions
    during these times when the average “middle class” zhlub can hardly make ends meet.

    So Mr. Jon Corzine as Dr. Suess so eloguently put it: you may GO GO GO.

    One final question: Does anyone have any ideas to help this overtaxed State. Anyone? Hello?
    How about you illini 07 you seem to have the answers.