Well Known Chief Of Staff Of Queens Councilman Leaving His Post


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yl.jpgJeffrey (Yanky) Leb, who has been the chief of staff for Queens Councilman Jim Gennaro is leaving at the end of the month – the Daily News Blog is reporting. He has been a real asset to the Jewish communities in Queens and Brooklyn and has been a tremendous behind the scenes force. He will be taking a job as policy director at the Sephardic Community Federation.

Leb told the Daily News Blog that the move is “an exciting opportunity for me to work with an organization that is one of the leading advocates on behalf of the Jewish community.”

(Picture from NY Daily News Blog)



  1. I was involved with this guy in a few behind the scenes issues involving the NY frum community. A very fine Yid. Worked tirelessly on behalf of klal yisroel with absolutely no recognition.
    a true 1 of a kind !!!!

    Hatzlacha !!!

  2. Yanky is a quality bochur. His scope of power is so great that he has literally dominated the blog velt today. He is a true asset to the frum community and he should have much hatzlacha in all of his future endeavors. I nominate Jeff as the new mayor of KGH.

    -Dick Hertz