Trump’s Top Middle East Adviser Removed From Position


One of President Donald Trump’s top advisers on the Middle East has been fired.

Two administration officials with knowledge of the decision said Derek Harvey was fired Thursday for unknown reasons. They were not authorized to discuss private personnel issues and spoke on condition of anonymity

The White House would not say whether Harvey was fired, but confirmed he will no longer serve as the top Middle East adviser.

A statement says national security adviser H.R. McMaster “greatly appreciates Derek Harvey’s service to his country as a career army officer” and that “the administration is working with Colonel Harvey to identify positions in which his background and expertise can be best utilized.”

Harvey was hired by Trump’s former national security adviser, retired Gen. Michael Flynn.



  1. Quite the opposite, you are just not used to the corporate world, when a company is failing and they bring in a new ceo to salvage it there is hiring and firing left and right. Trump is treating the Gov. as a corporation trying to save the corporation known as america. you may not be used to seeing this in gov, but this is how its done and the only way that works

  2. #2- I find your analysis baffling, this the “company” the degenerate draft dodger himself built, he’s hiring and firing his own people, not someone who was in the position from before he got there! He said he hires only the best people, with all the ones fired from his campaign and forward, he picks lots of bad and incompetent people.