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Crown Heights: Jewish Woman Assaulted, Wig Ripped Off

The following is via CHI:

A Jewish woman walking on Eastern Parkway was suddenly and unprovokedly accosted by a woman, who grabbed her wig off her head and shouted an anti-Semitic expletive at her.

The incident occurred on Monday afternoon at around 2:30pm on Eastern Parkway near Albany Avenue. The victim, a 62-year-old Jewish woman, was accosted by a woman who grabbed and pulled off her wig while yelling expletives at her.

“You f***ing Jew” she yelled, in a completely unprovoked attack, then pulled her wig off and walked away with it.

The victim, who cannot see very well, walked into the police precinct a while later to report the crime but could not provide specific details about the perpetrator. “I was walking and suddenly she was standing in front of me and yelling” the victim said, describing the attacker as a woman but unable to provide other details.

“The incident is being treated as a possible bias crime and will be investigated by the hate crimes task force” a police source said, adding that a search for surveillance footage is currently ongoing. Shomrim volunteers were seen assisting in the search.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Just thinking out loud…

    Maybe Hashem is trying to send us a message that the Wigs of today are forbidden for Frum women to wear, because it attracts much to much attention?

  2. No need to explicitly quote the assalant. We get the idea without hinting the low class language used. One of the main reasons i read yeshiva world instead of secular news is because your reporting uses clean language and you avoid toeva topics.

  3. Warrior, whatever you think of Crown Heights and/or its people, they are still Jews. We are one, all of us. A pain that happens to any one of us hurts us all. That goes for chilonim too, and even a mumar lihach’is.

  4. @chessed If she was wearing a tichel the assailant would probably just grab that. I’m not Lubavitch, but I have read that the Lubavitcher Rebbe was opposed to women wearing tichels because of the real danger that they’d leave hair out in the front (not hypothetical at all – many, many otherwise frum women do leave out hair when wearing a tichel or snood). The women of Lubavitch follow their Rebbe, just like the women in Flatbush follow whomever their Posek happens to be.

  5. motcha11–I completely agree with you. I was pointing out how they react whenever something happens to anyone who isnt chabad. I agree that a pain hurts us all, I wish someone could explain that to THEM, because they dont seem to understand that since they are so “superior”. Only matters if it affected chabad- Just glance at their site.

  6. I agree with cousin Sue. In the merit of using clean language, Hashem wil not allow the monsters to hack our Kosher web sites.
    To warrior: I still remember, this is going back many years, there was a very large tsunami in Indonesia, it affected many countries. Thousands and thousands of people were in desperate need of help. I just looked it up, it started on December 26, 2004. A rabbi from Lubavitch was granted special permission to travel to all the hard hit areas. They gave him a special badge to wear. Maybe he helped one of your relatives. Maybe he helped the family of one of your friends. That area were the tsunami hit, many people went there on vacation.
    Lubavitch does many good things, I only used one example.

  7. Warrior – I am a Litvak and am against certain hashkafas of Chabad. Non-the-less, I find your comment deplorable!

    As far as the clowns are concern – REALLY? Right before Yom Kippur you’re making jokes about an antisemitic act?! What if it was your mother that this happened to?! Think twice before posting!

  8. Re Warrior’s second comment: If the “THEM” you are talking about are the Lubavitchers, I have no idea why you don’t like THEM or think they don’t like you. My experience with Lubavitchers has been nothing but pleasant. One of their rebbe’s primary teachings is an emphasis on Ahavas Yisrael. Maybe you should look that up.

    Now, as for the Schmelnevickers, well … don’t get me started.

  9. 1) second attack on a Jewish woman’s sheitl, the other being done recently in Williamsburg, I hope that the sheitls of other areas and spared, and by the way the negative comments above are disgusting. The Ribbino Shel Olam protects us from the goyim but does he protect us from ourselves.
    2) its the 10 days, Yidden, shame on these comments.

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