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Czech Town Treating Neo-Nazi March Like Natural Disaster

ss2.jpgA controversial neo-Nazi march has driven a town in the western Czech Republic to adopt crisis planning on a scale used for natural disasters, the EJP is reporting.

The Czech news agency CTK reported that Saturday’s scheduled march in Pilsen, (population 170,000,) is being treated on the same scale as catastrophic flooding in 2002 and a severe storm in January 2007.

The rally – expected to draw hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of Czech and German extremists coincides with the 66th anniversary of the beginning of Jewish deportations from the town by Nazis in 1942.

Neo-Nazis tried to march in Prague’s old Jewish quarter in November 2007, coinciding with the anniversary of a Kristallnacht, but police prevented that march from going ahead – as reported HERE on YW.

Organizers of Saturday’s march want to go through the quarter of Prague’s Great Synagogue where the local Jewish organization has scheduled to rally at the same time.

(Source: EJP / AFP)

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  1. This is Shabbos Shiro- BESHALACH
    The enemy will be defeated like the Mitzriyim were in the Yam Suf! H’ yilocheim lochem,v’atem tacharishun!Say cap 83 Tehillim Shabbos morning

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