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YW received an email from a concerned gentleman from Monsey NY:

Missionary groups are mailing a DVD to Jewish homes. The outside of the envelope describes the contents in Yiddish as a DVD that’s “Momesh may-ein Olam Habah”. The DVD is narrated in clear, well-spoken, Yiddish language obviously spoken by one who uses it very comfortably. It is professionally produced, discusses lofty hashkofa ideals and shows beautiful nature photography (wonders of creation) before it gets into its intended message. Please warn others! It speaks volumes of the message, when those who would destroy the Jewish people, having long ago lost on the level playing field of exchange and ideas, must resort to deceit to hope to be persuasive.

Note: Special thanks to this concerned individual for caring about the Tzibur!
(Everyone in Wesley Hills and New Hempstead got this DVD. BEWARE! Your neighborhood might be next!)