WATCH THIS: Frum Rabbi Of Bogus Organizations Defends Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore



Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore had an interesting supporter introduce him at his latest national press conference on Thursday afternoon. A “Rabbi Nosson Leiter” was called to the podium to heap praise on Moore. Multiple women have made serious allegations against Moore in the past few weeks.

Leiter was introduced as being with two groups, the first one was ‘Torah Jews For Decency’ and the second is ‘Help Rescue Our Children'”.

Rabbi Leiter began his statement by describing his Help Rescue Our Children “organization” as an organization that “seeks to protect children from molestation through advocacy and assisting in prosecution.” He then began to announce his full support and how he is “honored to stand with Judge Roy Moore” – who has been accused of inappropriate behavior by multiple women – some of them minors.

Moore has fiercely denied the allegations levied against him, denouncing the initial Washington Post report as “fake news” and disputing the accounts of accusers.

Rabbi Leiter has previously been mentioned on YWN. In 2012, as millions were impacted by Hurricane Sandy, Rabbi Leiter blamed the hurricane directly on same-gender marriage. His remarks caused a tremendous Chillul Hashem, with many people voicing outrage at his actions – including NY Governor Cuomo. Hurricane Sandy left at least 64 people dead in the US, cut power from millions of homes and paralyzed transport on much of the eastern US seaboard.

It’s interesting to note that That Rabbi Leiter has previously claimed to be the the spokesperson for the “Garden State Parents for Moral Values”.

YWN reached out to multiple organizations that are working daily to fight molestation in the Jewish community, and not one of them has ever heard of Rabbi Leiter or his “Help Rescue Our Children” organization.

YWN has attempted to find a contact for any of the three organization but was unsuccessful. It appears that Rabbi Leiter is the sole member of all three of his organizations.

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)


  1. “His remarks caused a tremendous Chillul Hashem, with many people voicing outrage at his actions – including NY Governor Cuomo.”

    How is his comment a Chillul Hashem???? He has a right to express his opinion. This is a free country, remember? BTW, I thought a chillul Hashem meant doing an act against G-d and causing others to follow. From what I have heard in the video he did not do anything to desecrate Hashem’s name. Maybe he may have embarassed Yidden, but that is not a C”H.

  2. What’s the difference if he’s a real rabbi or not. His message is real and we should stand behind him instead of ridiculing him. Maybe people should now start joining his organizations.

  3. Unfortunately ywn has no clue what the definition of Chillul Hashem is. The fact that goyim get angry at a Jew including gov caumo means less than nothing as far as Chillul Hashem is concerned. So maybe ywn should ask THEIR FAKE rabbis that I can be sure don’t exist (because they refuse to furnish their names) before they level accusations.

  4. Dont shoot the messenger!
    And since when is a nobody like cuomo the gauge for a chillul hashem. Just for the record cuomo the ferd is constantly voting against the markey bill.

  5. His words are so true. Unfortunately there are ppl and media (the yeshiva world news included) who don’t want to think about why it’s all being published now and Rabbi/Mr Leiter puts it very well. All the library will be rioting (if not worse) if/when he wins.

  6. i dont know what caused sandy but i do know that is abnormal and against the torah and any body that says its a chillul hashem to stand up for the torah is an apikorus .

  7. Chilul Hashem means to desacrate ( big word, I know..) G-Ds name, causing people to think, are these G-Ds chosen ones? Is this what their religion preaches?

  8. Nebach. The man is a deranged person. Ask anyone in Monsey where he used to live. When the cops would take him in frequently.

    The skeletons will come out soon

  9. Yes. He is a walking chillul hashem. Millions of people were hurting. Thousands of homes destroyed. Why didnt any Gadol make such a sickening statement to the entire world? Just this rocket scientist? What a tipish. A disgusting human being. Kudos to YWN for standing up forward right

  10. Remind me again… Where did YWN say Moore was innocent or guilty? They didn’t. All they did was call out this retard for travelling to Alabama to make a statement on behalf of his non existent organizations.

  11. Rabbi Yehuda Levin and company. Need I say more? (Moore… NO pun intended).

    Of course this is all done in the name of Rav Avigdor Miller Ztzl. What’s amazing how people have the chutzpah to continue doing things in the name of Gedolim 10 years after they have been Niftar. These people have no Rov behind them at all. A bunch of fanatical self-appointed spokespersons for unheard of before organizations.


  12. Good grief…
    I think there are two problems with him:
    1-Employ a minimum of common sense when you share Torah Hashkafa with the general public. Just because the Midrash explained the cause of the mabul, does not mean that any practical toeles will develope from screaming it from a podium.
    2-If the only way to advance a Torah value agenda is to campain for a man who has been swept up in multiple allegations of perversion against underage females, then perhaps the Torah would do better by sitting this one out and forefitting this battle.

  13. Every word Rabbi Leiter said is absolutely true. If you haven’t, listen to the video. It is the first time I have heard a Jew dare to tell the truth in such a public forum, and it is about time. The real chilul Hashem is that he is only one. Why does the community as a whole not call to task these warped individuals and the lawmakers and judges who pander to them, who are destroying our society with their perversion and their support for it? Yaasher kokachem Rabbi Leiter, it is about time. And shame on YWN for ridiculing his message – he is speaking the truth.

  14. I think the main point is being overlooked here. Upon a quick search of this guy and his organization you’ll discover that 1) his organizations appear non-existent and 2) no information about his background is available. This essentially means that he is a nobody with no affiliation that has decided to try to build a name for himself and is using dishonest means to do so. The problem with this is that he will ultimately do more harm than good through his inexperience and lack of consulting Gedolim before speaking. In the eyes of the goyim he will be viewed as a legitimate representative of religious Jews and our values. If he says anything really stupid he could create dangerous animosity towards Jews. He is irresponsible and should be strongly chastised by our community for his reckless acts.

  15. I know for a fact that at least 2 roshei yeshiva supported him in this speech, 1 who would be considered modern Orthodox by much of the public and the other a prominent chasidish rosh yeshiva.

    his Bogus Organization helped put molester Moshe Turner in jail. helped fight to try and put heshy taubenfeld who admited on tape he did it but still got off with just probation because of non bogus organizations

    I doubt yeshiva world will publish this comment since they clearly have a vendetta against this rabbi who was moser nefesh for klal yisroel.

  16. Sick to My stomach reading these comments. Did this empty bag ask one gadol before he did this?

    Kiddush hashem?? You people are demented. This is a colossal chillul hashem. And praise YWN for showing the world that this man represents NO ONE besides his phony fake organizations.

  17. This is no different then when Jews for Morality endorsed Trump as being moral – days after the infamous video tape surfaced. A real moral person this Trump.

    Yehuda Levin talmidim

  18. @divri hayamim Big deal. I know of 18 Roshei Yeshiva thatt said he is a walking chillul hashem.

    I dare YWN to post this. If he doesn’t it means he has an agenda against him.

  19. Bigbatloon – YWN is a she. Please stop calling him a he. I know for a fact. And besides, 2 Roshei Yeshiva said it’s a she. And if YWN doesn’t publish this then she has an agenda against him. And it’s really not tzniyus for the she to be talking to the he anyways. It’s not moral. If u don’t stop then Rabbi Leitner of Authentic Torah Jews Against Immoral People will protest.

  20. The guy is known among several mosdos as having mental issues and shows up at different events claiming to be a “rav” with organizations with made up names and no members. You may recall another lunatic (aka rav) named Yehuda Levin or something like that who also claimed that every natural disaster was the result of gay marriage etc. That a bunch of right wing goiyeshe wingnuts would believe him is not surprising; that several posters here do take him credibly is the real cause of concern’

  21. “Rabbi Leiter blamed the hurricane directly on same-gender marriage.”

    It’s a Medrash Tehilim (Socher Tov) in two places, I believe.

    Is the Medrash also guilty of being michallel Shem Shomayim?

    Putting concerns of freedom of speech and chillul HaShem aside. . . It’s a Medrash!

  22. You can agree or disagree with Rabbi Leiter, but he is a tireless advocate, does real work and helps real people. His organizations may not have fancy offices or donors, but he accomplishes much and is praised by many individuals who know who to come to when they need help.

    As for his comments against wanton hedonism and maaseh Sodom, his comments are no more a “chillul Hashem” than those found in Chullin 92b. Fact is, as Torah observant people we’re commanded to give our lives not to be over certain isurim and many Jews have needed to over the generations.

    Why The Yeshiva World has seen fit to weigh in on Roy Moore is also a mystery. At least have the honesty to print that these are fresh allegations, all pertaining to acts allegedly committed 30-40 years ago. The man has been running statewide for one thing or another for decades with no-one alleging anything, so forgive those who are skeptical. It’s truly shocking that The Yeshiva World would choose to besmirch both a former state chief justice, and now a rabbi as well, for standing up against something that chullin and Midrash Rabba (Breishis) state is detrimental to society.

  23. The reason this guy needs to be ignored, especially by media outlets, is that he is a mechutzaf. There is a trend for every tragic event to be addressed as having been caused by something. Yes, there are many who try to tell us reasons for the holocaust, dramatic weather events, terror attacks, and the like. We may believe, באמונה שלימה, that there are causes for this, and that these are calls to us to improve ourselves. But there is no בעל רוח הקודש among us that can delineate exactly what תיקון is needed. And those who rush to tell us are simply misguided, blinded by their own gaavah, who believe they can inform us of what G-d’s calculations are. It is noteworthy that just a few short years ago, there was a tragic event in ארץ ישראל, and people rushed to Rav Shteinman shlit”a to ask him why it happened. As was reported here on YWN, he responded that this is a call for us to examine ourselves and engage in teshuvah, and that each individual should do this to see where to improve. He refused to ascribe the tragedy to anything universal.

    Every effect has a cause, and every tragedy was preceded by aveiros. Until we have a נביא that received Divine communication to tell him exactly what that aveiroh was, we need to do exactly as Rav Shteinman said. Engage in individual חשבון הנפש, and each person should look for shortcomings to remedy.

    The problem with this Leiter guy is that he professes to be that נביא. Even Gedolei Hador restrain themselves from such statements. This nobody should do that much, at minimum.

  24. He said the truth!!!

    We don’t know what happened 30 or 40 years ago with these girls. BUT, the reasons why it was brought up now (wether it happened or not) is Beccause it’s a fight against Hashem!!!!

    P. S. YWN has become a shrikel chillul Hashem, the amoult of Loshen Horaah and rechilus it has put out is frightening. Please stop!!!

  25. His comments were right on the mark and to the point There was absolutely no chillul Hashem in what he said.

    The entire Roy Moore boondoggle is a giant lie put up by evil McConnell and the leftists that want to push the LGBT and transgender deviant agenda. Even the claims of those against him are ridiculous because any non Orthodox person engages in some level of relationship that we would not allow where there is no coercion. It’s astounding that if anything happened with all those people that absolutely nothing happened in 40 years.

    The polls are also baloney as we have learned from the Trump election

  26. There is nothing wrong again with talking against perversion. There is nothing wrong warning that natural dusaters are a punishment from God for sin. That is not a chillul Hashem.

    The chillul Hashem is the fact that this Rabbi has no idea if Moore is guilty or not. And it is very likely that he is guilty

  27. I’m certain that if this candidate were a Supporter of alternative lifestyles, abortion etc., this Rabbi would be front and center in condemning him and having the accusations leveled at him as being in line with his ill Hashkofas. Really sad too see such intellectual dishonesty.

  28. This Rabbi may stand for Torah Values, but this Judge Moore has his own issues and is not worthy of support. I woder where they found him as I am unable to locate him.

  29. I don’t know his background an I don’t care to know, but what he said now seems to resonate as the truth!
    WHO ARE WE TO PUBLICLY DENOUNCE SOMEONE for what he “maybe should not say” in public?

  30. Every time a politician has people coming out against him with sexual harassments only at voting time, history has proven to take it with a grain of salt.

  31. There are Goyim, including leading ones, throughout the country who admire him,but here. When Someone is in Klal sincerely as much as he has been the are Big forces that will be out to destroy him.
    He is not a Yehuda Levin doppelganger/duo. He has more seichel than Yehuda Levin, and involved in many more areas. Although it may have been wrong to say that Hurricane Sandy happened because of Toeiva chances are it did happen for that reason. There was not a hurricane in NYC for thirty years & about two months after the Toeiva law passed in NY State there was Irene & the next year Sandy. I disagree with him on the Roy Moore comment as he probably did do something if so many people are coming forward. But all in all he stands up for what’s right.

  32. Yeshiva World News has maligned a tzaddick, Rabbi Nosson Leiter shlita by calling him a “bogus rabbi”. He has been a part of the Rabbi Miller Jews 4 Morality team for 30 years. THE YESHIVA WORLD NEWS IS BOGUS!!!!!
    Rabbi Isaac Levy
    Chairman jews 4 morality

  33. It is best to focus on the topics being discussed rather than credibility. As a Torah Jew, representing morality is our position (re: Avraham, Noach). It should be noted that their were views stated by the OU on the to-eiv-a and should be done *tastefully*, we just don’t have any other option.

    In this time of tension and crisis, we MUST remain firm in kosher/true belief, and that morality IS a significant factor in affecting the world. Simple floating of ideas, simple questions: “is it beneficial?” “is it building a better world?” “do they share? (non-selfish)” “What did God say?”

    Please try to share moral ideas, letting the listener take time to consider the points and look UP. HaBa l’hitaher, m’sayin lo mi’lamalah. Please help.

  34. After quickly scrolling through the assorted comments here, I can safely and assuredly feel that the amounts of Ahavas Chinam and Shmiras Halashon in the frum world are clearly at Mashiach levels. Prepare for the Shofar Gadol!… oy, halevai we could all just drop our vendettas and get along!

  35. We cherish and respect Rabbi Leiter and what he has done and wish there would be half a dozen like him within the establishment with a capital if there would be the world would be a better place.
    Having said all that, Rabbi Leiter seems incorrect and mistaken on this. It would be preferable for Conservatives if Roy Moore would drop out quickly.

  36. how is preferable for conservatives if Roy Moore drops out? It is to late to replace his name on the ballot and than a democrat would win making the republican majority razor thin at only 51-49

  37. As rav shteinman said when there is tragedy one should look & examine our own personal actions. And to all that want to blame tragedy on whats going on in the world (behavior) me thinks u have a lot of learning to do and be busy with, as we know there are many calculations when we have a disaster….as it says moshe rabbenu could not understand rav akiva reward, what does our creator answer him look it up it’s a gemara…….we are to be a light on all nations, not preach our way to the world it not relevant to them, however our actions & behavior should entice the world into doing good. We are not here to teach Talmud to the world
    Most of the political in frum communities are pro choice, pro lgbt, same gender marriage , and we vote for them right in, of course the organization that receive government money with these guys and that makes them ok to vote for, and I agree vote for others and the frum community will potentially get a decrease in funding that it can’t afford to loose
    To bee bo its not ywn opinion just a fact check rav yaakove on giving out candy on holloween…….keep on learning u will get there one day
    Please to all that say they have roshi yeshiva viewpoints name names these are public figures who is hiding and why…..
    Not all people should be learning all day,and yes chesed is one of many things the torah commands us to do ,
    Would lke to add , as a member in my frum community for 40+ years I am very happy with the no talking by davening , the problem is at all the get togethers like dinners, simchos, there are lots of people just sit and talk about others , to much info talked about the list is long and all or most nobody business…..

  38. The moral relativism reflect here is breathtaking. No matter how disgusting the actions of a candidate and no matter how flawed a person he is, we should vote for him nonetheless if the opponent is a moral person with good character but holds different political views than we do

  39. Bottom line :
    The truth hurts and this is why everyone is in a tizzy.
    As the saying goes: sunshine is the best disinfectant. Judt remember. Dont shoot the messenger.