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Israeli Lawyer Demands Israel Halts Arms Sales To Honduras

A group of Israeli activists is demanding that Israel halt arms exports to Honduras amid violent protests there following disputed elections.

A group representative, lawyer Eitay Mack, sent a letter to Israel’s Defense Ministry asking that it freeze or annul the arms sales over accusations of human rights abuses committed by Honduran security forces. The letter, sent last week and obtained by The Associated Press on Tuesday, comes after weeks of protests following Honduras’ Nov. 26 election, in which at least 14 people have been killed.

Israel typically keeps its arms exports classified and Israel’s Defense Ministry had no immediate comment. Honduras disclosed details of a $209 million arms deal last year that includes communications equipment and surveillance drones for the army and cyber security systems for Honduras’ intelligence service.


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  1. Israel provides arms to many mass murderers not just Honduras and is enabling genocide in many countries including Myanmar and Burma. This is a real חלול ה. It is against basic human decency, Jewish feelings and not surprisingly against halachah. See YD 151. Why are the religious silent about this?! We are supposed to be teaching the world how to live. Why are we the only enlightened nation still selling arms to murderers and war criminals? And you wonder why mashiach is not here yet? This is elementary!

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