1 Dead, Dozens Sickened From Romaine Lettuce After E. Coli Outbreak In U.S. & Canada


The Center for Disease Control is investigating an E. coli outbreak in romaine lettuce that has sickened at least 58 people in the U.S. and Canada.

At least 17 people in 13 states, including New York and Connecticut, have been infected. So far, five people have been hospitalized in the U.S.

Officials said one person has died in Canada, where at least 40 people were sickened.

Here’s a list of all 13 states where people have been infected: California, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Vermont, and Washington states.

Consumer Reports says people should stop eating romaine lettuce until the cause of the outbreak is identified and the tainted product is removed from store shelves.

Neither the CDC or Canadian health officials have provided any information on where the romaine lettuce potentially involved in the illnesses was grown or processed, so for now, assume that any romaine lettuce, even when sold in bags and packages, could possibly be contaminated, Rogers says. Don’t buy romaine lettuce and don’t use any that you may have in your refrigerator until there is more information on the source of contamination. In their warning, the Canadian health officials noted that romaine lettuce can have a shelf life of up to five weeks, so lettuce you purchased a few weeks ago could still be contaminated. Check salad blends and mixes, too, and avoid those that contain romaine.



  1. It’s ez for Consumer Reports to decide something but there is probably a tzad ha’shoveh here. They probably ate the same lot numbers from the same company OR it’s organic produce and all bets are off because they use REAL fertilizer.

  2. Moderator, please verify if PosiTiv, Kosher Gardens and Bodek, all companies with special product growers, are included in this recall? It’s important to know.

  3. El rushbo. You seem to know what your saying so why dont you lead us by example and taste the various brands you think are ok. Keep us posted on your health condition.

  4. there is NO recall. the source of contamination has not been verified. it is SUSPECTED that it MIGHT be romaine lettuce. nobody can answer anything about any specific brands or lots since everything is speculation, unless somehow a particular brand can prove their romaine is not infected in any way all we have is speculation, suspicion and an over abundance of caution.

  5. funny article in local “Jewish” weekly about the romaine health concerns but assuring readers that packaged lettuce and greens certified by a reputable hashgacha “are free of kosher insects”. Presumably, the have a heter to include treif insects etc. Pushata yid’s point is correct….romaine is seemingly always among the suspects for some reason but in many cases, they’ve never ID’d the specific cause.

  6. yaapchik: That is not the job of the Moderator. YWN reports the news. Now it is up to you to do your own research. If you can navigate to YWN you can navigate to the FDA or CDC website.