WATCH: NYC Mulls Plan To Charge For Garbage Collection



  1. Welcome to Communism

    We pay real estate taxes, which should include these vital services. But will force you to pay separately when you actually use the services you pay for. And check your tax bill. It just went up again.

    It’s like local Yeshivas. They charge tuition. And then they charge registration fees, and then recharge security fees, and then they charge Insurance fees, separately. And don’t forget about lunch. Also separate. Bussing? Forget about it. Books? Nope. Trips? Nope.

    Just don’t forget to tip your teachers a few times a year.

    And they’ll also make sure that there is at least three weeks off throughout the year due to curriculum days, mid winter vacation, Chanukah. Don’t worry, you can send your son or daughter to school for extra fee during those days.

  2. Yitzchokm, you are right on the nose! Next they will charge for toilet paper and paper towels Cups. You’ll even need to provide your kid with his/her own hook for their coat/hat. This is just the beginning.

  3. I just came back from E”Y and every night I could smell smoke in the air where I was staying next to Kiryat Sefer. So I was told that there is a arab village nearby and they burn their garbage so they shouldn’t have to pay for collection. Well Brooklyn get ready to close your windows cuz the city won’t say anything when our arab / muslim neighbors start doing that here. Our Mayor will see to that!