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UPDATE 12:58PM EST: (PICS) Lakewood: Major MVA With Entrapment

Photo_022108_008.jpg[UPDATES POSTED BELOW] 9:45AM EST: Lakewood Hatzolah is operation on the scene of a serious crash on Prospect Street at Williams Street. The vehicle is overturned, and they are requesting the Hatzolah Extrication Truck – along with the Lakewood FD Extrication Unit for a confirmed entrapment. At least 4 ambulances and paramedics have been requested to the scene. Extent of injuries is unknown at this time.

UPDATE 10:15AM EST: Lakewood Hatzolah transported four patients to the hospital in unknown condition.

UPDATE 12:10PM EST: Click HERE for photos.

UPDATE 12:58PM EST: A source tells YWN, that Bichasdei Hashem everyone is OK – just minor bruises.


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  1. I saw the accident when I came to work this morning. I was quite far, but it appeared to me that an Hatzalah member removed a car seat with a strapped infant.

  2. Does anybody knows names ?????

    A worried Bubby

    Editors Note: Names are never allowed on YWN. Perhaps you can try calling your lovely Einiklach and see if they are ok.

    FYI: YWN just spoke with the driver of the vehicle, and Boruch Hashem everyone is doing great and released from the hospital.

  3. Sorry for wanting the names……i was loosing my head seeing these pictures.

    Boruch H. that everybody is fine, may we only hear good news

  4. Why when reporting such a story (no matter the outcome) does the title have to sound so over exaggerated and dramatic?

    Is really unnecessary to write ‘Major’ MVA? Maybe. I don’t think so. But that is just my opinion. Thank you for allowing me to share it. May we only hear of simchos! Have a wonderful Shabbos!

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