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24,000 Cribs Being Recalled

crib1.jpg(Click HERE for photos of recalled cribs) The Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling about 24-thousand cribs. They include the Majestic Curved Top and Flat Top Cribs, Essex Cribs, Brighton/Sussex Cribs and Captiva Cribs.

They were all imported by Munire Furniture and fail to meet the federal safety standards for cribs. The four support brackets on the mattress support spring are too long and present a fall hazard. The brackets prevent the spring from lowering to the full 26-inch minimum height in its lowest position, allowing children inside to crawl over the railing.

And another warning for parents, the CPSC is reminding families not to put pillows, soft bedding, or stuffed animals in cribs. The reason, 241 children died between 2002 and 2004 from suffocating. Most of them suffocated on pillows or soft bedding. Experts say use the “less is more” idea when it comes to your crib.

The CPSC also reminds parents to always place babies on their backs.

For additional information, contact Munire Furniture Inc. at (866) 586-9639 between 8:00AM EST and 6:00PM EST.

For more information from the Consumer Product Safety Commission click the links below:
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